American McGee’s Alice and more by Bruno

2013-07-16: Everybody knows the story of the cute, young Alice that falls down a rabbit hole and ends up in a wondrous and magical place called “Wonderland”!

But Bruno likes American McGee’s version of the story of “Alice” better, where she is a bit older and Wonderland is much darker and more… evil…

So that’s why he decided to build my papercraft version of American McGee’s Alice as you can see! ;o)

He was a little bit dreading having to do the hands and the fingers because they looked so difficult, but then he was able to focus himself on the job and he managed to finish them!

If you’re impressed by Bruno’s build of American McGee’s Alice, have a look at his DeviantArt gallery, where you can see many other papercraft models he built already, including my own Kingdom Hearts Sora and the Koume and Kotake witches and Midna from the Zelda series: link

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!


2 thoughts on “American McGee’s Alice and more by Bruno

  1. American McGee’s Alice was actually my first papercraft fig. I used the much thicker style of cardstock, so her fingers weren’t perfect, but I still love how she turned out. Now a few years later, I’ve considered making her again, as well as Twilight Princess “Link” to stand next to each other and look bad ass.

    1. I don’t know what kind of paper Bruno used for his build to be honest, but I always use pretty thick paper as well (200 gsm, or “grams per square meter”, about 2.5x as thick as regular printer paper) but that’s really just a personal choice; I like how it makes the final paper model nice and strong, but you can really use any thickness you want of course if it works better; some people even use different thicknesses for different parts! ;o)

      I’m happy that building your own papercraft Alice was fun enough to be considering making her a second time, to try and use your experience now and see if you can improve on the parts that were a bit difficult the first time.

      And I’m sure Twilight Link would be happy to stand next to Alice, as long as he doesn’t turn his back on her while she’s holding that knife… ;o)

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