Contest winner + LEGO Bane and Captain America repaint by Charles

21-12-2013: Those who think contests are a waste of time and you never win anything, guess again!

Charles actually won 2nd prize in the Lotus F1/Burn Energy Drink #MyKimiRobot contest that he found through my papercraft weblog: a real, signed Lotus Formula 1 team helmet:!

It took quite a while before the prize was ready to send out, but after three months, Charles finally got the helmet he won: picture ! ;o)

The contest was to build the papercraft Lotus F1 team robot supplied, and then take a funny/cool picture with it, and Charles’ entry had the robot racing a can of Burn Energy Drink, leaving the competition in the dust: picture ! ;o)

It’s a very smart and cool entry given it was for Burn Energy Drink of course, you can see the other prize winning entries here: link, and all the rest of the entries here: link

Congratulations on winning such a cool prize! ;o)

17-04-2013: Good news for everybody that likes Charles’ papercraft LEGO Captain America and Bane repaints!

Charles has sent me the files he made to build them, and allowed me to upload them here so you can download and build them too! ;o)

Charles says Captain America’s shield was kinda made on the fly as he built it, but he included the basic parts, so you can make it the same way he did. ;o)

14-04-2013: Repainting my papercraft LEGO minifigs into Captain America meant the first time for Charles using Adobe image software.

But it looks like he’s gotten a taste for it, because as you can see, he made another great LEGO minifig repaint already: Bane, from the LEGO Batman series: picture

04-04-2013: There have been repaints of my papercraft LEGO minifigs before, and here’s another really nice one: Captain America, made by Charles Hulbert: picture ;o)

Pretty much every part was repainted to look like Captain America, and as you can see, Charles even made a custom shield!

Charles did a great job I think, papercraft LEGO “Cap” looks really good!

Thank you for repainting a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

About ninjatoes

I love papercraft - so I made my own for you to download, print and build! :o)

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  1. Alvaro Gonzales

    Esran perfecto los legos

  2. can you send me the template

  3. Well done. That was a very creative idea.

  4. Charles Hulbert

    Just seen the replies on my picture! Thank you for the comments.
    The PDF was edited on Adobe and drawn directly onto the already existing template Ninjatoes has created.
    Its not that easy (id never done it before) but the hard work has already been done on creating the template anyway!
    Hope that helps?

  5. Hello,

    Do you know the method he use to repaint your model ? Did he make it with painting the PDF before printing ?


    • He didn’t mention it in the message he sent me, but from the way it looks in the picture, I think he repainted it in a computer program before printing, yes; PDF files can be opened with programs like Photoshop or Gimp and then you can use them as a normal image that you can edit and colour (one of my papercraft LEGO minifigs, the LEGO Castle Ghost, has many blank parts so it’s not so difficult to repaint it pretty cleanly, or you could trace the lines for an even better result ;o)

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