Scaled down LEGO minifigs by Kiyomhing

17-03-2014: Kiyomhing from South Korea sent me a really nice e-mail about my papercraft LEGO minifigs that he built: the Forestman Leader, the Black Knight, the Ghost and Captain Redbeard! ;o)

The ship you see behind them is not the official 1989 LEGO set 6285 (re-released in 2002 as 10040) “Black Seas Barracuda” from The LEGO Group, but a clone called “The Black Pearl” from the Enlighten Brick company.

The ship is the same size though, so it still tells you the scale of the papercraft minifigs: they are quite a bit smaller than normal, because Kiyomhing printed 4 pages of the templates on 1 sheet of paper!

So his Captain Redbeard for example is small enough to hold in your hand:
picture 1 | picture 2 | picture 3

Because of the extra small size, Kiyomhing made some detailed parts (like the decorations of the Black Knight’s  helmet and the arrow quiver of the Forest Man) a little bit simpler, but as you can see in the pictures, they still look really fantastic! ;o)

picture 4 | picture 5picture 6 | picture 7

In some cases, it was even too difficult to use the original cutting lines, but Kiyomhing just used his own judgment to make the parts the way he thought they should be (and it turned out great! ;o)

All the parts are more difficult when made smaller of course, but Kiyomhing found that the hands and legs were especially extra difficult…

But I think when you look at the pictures, you will agree that he did an amazing job!

And some advantages to making the papercraft LEGO minifigs smaller, is that it’s okay to use regular printer paper, and you need less room to display them of course.

And they’re just more cute, Kiyomhing says. ;o)

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!


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