Sora by introvertvirtuoso

(click for bigger image)

22-03-2014: Nica (a.k.a. introvertvirtuoso) from the Philippines built my papercraft Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora!

As yo ucan see, she did a great job, and because she didn’t glue the head to the neck, her paper Sora can still look around in different directions! ;o)

Because of Sora’s fingers, it’s difficult for him to hold the Keyblade (that’s the same on my build too); but for Nica, that just means she can put Sora in a different pose like you see in the picture! ;o)

You can see another picture of Sora in his standard pose (and lots of Nica’s drawings!) in her DeviantArt gallery: link

It’s definitely worth checking out! ;o)

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!


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