About me

I love paper models! ;o)

So I made my own for you to download and build right here on my papercraft webpage and feature lots of other people’s models and my own works in progress on my papercraft weblog!

Have fun building!

  1. Thanks for sharing the result of your skill on paper-crafting. I really appreciate having them!

  2. Jacob Kuykhoven

    hi ninja toes I was wondering if you could do any videos on how to do these or if you do send me a link but please, PLEASE help me find this paper because I have looked everywhere and were wondering if you could send me some (ill pay) or have seen it on ebay or anything???

    • I don’t have instruction videos of specific papercraft models, but for most of my papercraft models, I include a PDF file (or a ZIP file with JPEG images) with pictures and written instructions for each step (except maybe some of my very oldest ones, which only have some directions on the sheets themselves).

      Still, it can be difficult, so always be sure to take your time, and examine the parts closely: often when a part doesn’t look like the instructions, it’s because you forgot to fold a fold line (sometimes it’s difficult to see all the fold lines on the printed version, so compare it with the PDF file to see if you didn’t miss one).

      Second, to make it easier, you should always fold/”pre-shape” the parts without glue first before trying to glue them together. That way the tension goes out of the paper, and if you try it one way, and then find out it doesn’t fit the way you thought, you can still check again with the pictures in the instructions and the PDF version, and try a different way (often when you tried it one way wrong, it’s easy to see what the mistake is and get it right the second time ;o)

      I do have some “general” instruction videos:

      But I really made them just out of silliness. ;o) A very good site explaining the most basic papercrafting techniques in a very clear way is this website:

      As for the paper: you should really choose what kind of paper you want to use yourself, because there is no one, best answer…!

      It really is a personal choice, but almost everybody does agree that it’s best to use “thicker paper than regular printer paper”. But whether you want to use 1.5x as thick, or 2x (many people use this), or 2.5x as thick (which is what I use) is really everybody’s own choice.

      Some people don’t like working with very thick paper, and other people find it too expensive (the thicker the paper, the more expensive of course!) or they ask for a brand name but then they just don’t sell a specific brand in the country that they live in…

      If you’re from the Netherlands like me, I can tell you that I always use Fastprint paper, 200 gsm (that stands for grams per square meter):

      And I just get it from the same stores where I get my regular printer paper too. Maybe the best thing you can do is to go to the store where you get your regular printer paper, and ask if they also sell thicker paper. Most stores like office supply stores or departments stores have a variety of paper, thicker or thinner, glossy or matte (I never really use glossy paper but again, some people do) or even photopaper. Even if they don’t have any, they can probably order it for you.

      Please don’t worry if you can’t get the exact same paper that somebody else uses: many papercrafters use many different brands and types of paper, and you can always get a good result as long as you take your time and have fun papercrafting! ;o)

  3. Where do you get your paper for these projects? I really want to make them but I can’t find any stores that sell that kind.

    • I always buy my thicker paper for papercrafting from the same shops where I get my regular, thinner printer paper, like department stores or office supply stores.

      Even if you can’t find any in the store, you can always ask the people that work there if they have any of course, and if they really don’t have any right now, they can usually order it for you if you ask them.

  4. I was wondering how you make some of your game based models. Do you rip them directly from the game and turn them into paper craft from there? I’d like to work on some of my own faves but I have no idea how to find the right programs. 3d ripper dx doesn’t seem to work for me.

    • Some of my papercraft models are made just by drawing the parts by hand directly on a piece of paper and colouring them with magic markers or aqaurel/water colours, and for some of them I made the 3D models by scratch (usually with the SketchUp and/or Metasequoia 3D program, but you can basically use any (free) 3D software you want and/or are familiar with ;o)

      But for many of my papercraft models that are based on video games, I usually do start with the actual game models, but they usually need *a lot* of work before I can unfold them the way I want (using a tool called Pepakura Designer) so they can be made in the papercraft models I imagined in my head (because 3D video game models were never really meant to be made into papercraft models directly of course, they will have lots of issues that should best be fixed first…! ;o)

      Although 3D Ripper DX can be used to extract the 3D models from many different video games, there is no 1 tool that works on every video of course; almost every video game developer will have their own way and file formats to create and compress the 3D models for their models.

      Sometimes some smart fans of the game might have been able to figure out how to de-compress the file formats and how to make a tool to open/read them, but not for every game of course. But there are a lot of tools out there, for many different video games.

      So the best thing to do, is go searching around on fan forums of the game; if there are tools that let you extract the 3D models from the game, the tools to do so are usually easy to find, and often there will be many posts from fans that are talking about it, how to get it to work exactly if you run into trouble and what you can and can’t do with it (they explain it much better than I ever could here of course…!)

      So try searching around on fan forums, and if it’s possible to extract the 3D game data, I’m sure the fans will be playing around with it, and you should be able to find the links to the tools you need and much more information there!

      Good luck and have fun!

  5. Can you create an Enterprise-E from the Star Trek?

    • I’m a big Star Trek fan, but I’m afraid I can’t promise you which papercraft models I will do in the future, sorry…!

      There are lots more papercrafting Star Trek fans though, so there are lots more papercraft Star Trek ships! ;o)

      There is a papercraft Enterprise-E that you can download from MTK’s Cardcraft page: http://mtkcardcraft.blogspot.com/2013/02/11000-sovereign-project.html

      And there used to be a papercraft Sovereign-class starship on Zosho’s papercraft webpage as well, but unfortunately it looks like he took down the download links: http://www.geocities.jp/ikenohata2005/papermodel2-e.html :o(

      There’s an e-mail adress on his “about” page though (link; just replace the [at] part with @) so maybe you can contact him and ask if he would be willing to send you the paper model…?

      The model is actually from the Yamato, the Enterprise-E’s sister ship, but I seem to remember him having a version with the Enterprise-E’s markings as well; or maybe somebody else made those alternative parts (which you could do too of course!) you’d have to ask him about that… ;o)

      Like I said, there are lots of Star Trek fans that like making paper models from their favourite starship, so there might be more papercraft Enterprise-Es, but those are the ones I can remember right now; I’m sorry I can’t help you better than this, but I hope you can find a nice papercraft Enterprise-E to build! ;o)

  6. Hey Ninjatoes’,How do you get papercrafts if you don’t have you’re printer hooked
    P.S. Thank you for getting me reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealllly great papercrafts :D

    • If you can’t use your own printer, you can look for people/companies that offer to send their paper models to you as a printed kit (normally for a fee of course).

      You can also sometimes still find papercraft kits in physical stores and shops, but not nearly as many as you can find online nowadays unfortunately…!

      You can also try looking for a copy/print shop in the town or city where you live: sometimes you can e-mail the files you want to print to them, or you can put them on a USB-stick, and then they can print it for you (for a small fee of course).

      So there are other options, but nothing beats having a good printer of your own, so I hope you can get yours working soon again! ;o)

  7. man, i built so many papaercrafts that have “ninjatoes” sign :D

    • I’m very happy to hear you like my paper models so much! ;o) I saw on your own website that you made a lot of funny papercraft toys yourself, I put a link on my weblog for others to see too: http://ninjatoes.blogspot.com/2013/03/metro-trains-melbourne-dumb-ways-to-die.html

      Thank you for your message, have fun papercrafting! ;o)

      • ohhh man dammit thanks for that! i am really apreciate it. haha. now im in fire to make more tube-papercrafts.
        i’ve ever build cloud strife papercraft and many more, but it is a 2 years ago. now im bussy in college :(

        • You’re welcome, I think many people will like the “Dumb Ways to Die” series, they’re very funny! ;o)

          I can totally understand the “lack of time” problem: papercraft is just a hobby, and there are other important things too, and college comes first of course.

          But I hope you can find some time for your hobby again, have fun and do well in college!

  8. interesting web site and im sure im gonna have fun makeing some of these. Being a sci-fi fan ive afew to choose from star trek and battlestar . Thankyou for hosting and publishing your designs and look forward to others soon….. like the Battlestar raptor ;)

  9. I think if you end up making a papercraft dragon I might weild-bend metal and use one of your designs to make a life size dragon. I love dragons. So it would be an awesome idea to see. c:

  10. i love the world of papercrafts and i will always check for new ones i really love the ones u made and enjoyed building link and epona.

  11. Just wanted to say, you have an AMAZING website. I happened to come across it a while ago and now am completely hooked on the world of Papercraft. LOL. Your models, especially the Zelda, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts ones are so good and I just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work :)
    All the best!

    • Thank you for the compliments! I’m glad to hear you like my paper works. I still have a lot of ideas for new models, so I hope to make many more in the future! ;o)

      Have fun building!

  12. Sean Fogarty

    i didnt just make those two links i made the zora link (even bofore the twilight princess link) and a fierce diety made after the young link

  13. Sean Fogarty

    So thanks for putting me in the hall of fame ninjatoes CWACOH out

  14. Sean Fogarty

    Hey ninjatoes remember me from YouTube CACOH

  15. Hi. I was wondering if you had an ordon link papercraft because i need one to make a papercraft twilight princess. And make it the same size as [Hero Of Twilight]. ok, thats all i wanted, Ok, Bye.

    P.S. love the zelda papercrafts, all of them


    • No, I still haven’t made one, and although I have to admit that I didn’t really search for it very hard last time (link) I wasn’t able to find one from somebody else either… :o(

      I do like the Zelda series very much though, and I’d love to make many more models of it in the future! If I make a new Twilight Princess model, I will make it the same scale as Zora armor Link and Twilight Link I think, but like I said, I can’t promise you if/when I will make a papercraft Ordon Link, but it definitely won’t be very soon, sorry…!

  16. I love your paper Zelda Models, but you missed two characters. Zelda (Adult) and Navi! Right now I’m making Link (adult) and Ganondorf. But what would we do without Links comrades?

  17. awesome got addicted two years ago trying to finish one of the zelda’s you have… awesome website btw :P

  18. These are the best , I am still trying to make Zelda ( I’m a little slow).

  19. Very , Very Very Very good papercrafts and i’m THE best fan of Zelda please continue your papercrafts ^^

    • Thank you, I’m glad you like my papercraft models! I’m a big Zelda fan myself as well, so I’m planning to make lots more papercraft Zelda models in the future! ;o)

  20. You should do a link from majoras mask but with the gilded sword and mirror shield that would be awesome

    • I’m a big Zelda fan, and I’d love to do more paper Links with different equipment, but I can’t promise you when I’ll get around to it! ;o)

  21. Wow! I’ve been looking for the Alice papercraft for ages and here it is!!! Thank you so much! I am going to do it right away!
    Please continue the amazing work and i look forward to making more papercrafts.

  22. Hi Ninjatoes, I just finished the Going Merry model, i´m glad with you , because you shared this to the people.
    Thank you

    Atte. Felipe Ruiz

    • I got the pictures you sent me, I’m happy to hear you liked the model!

      I’ve added the pictures to the hall of fame, I hope you like it: link

      Have fun building!

  23. Hello Ninjatoes you have such great quality models. I just made your sora papercraft model and it was fantastic. I was wondering if you’ll ever make a roxas papercraft model (about the same size to go) with it. If you do I’m sure I will definitely build it. :D Thanks.

    • Thanks, I’m glad you like my papercraft Sora so much! ;o)

      I plan on making many more Kingdom Hearts models, and when I do Roxas, I think I’ll make him in the same scale as Sora, but I can’t promise when that will be, sorry!

  24. my question is: How do you fold fairly large pieces of paper? at the moment for an example i guess. i’m on cremia’s wagon… and hopefully you can understand me since it’s hard to explain? is…

    the way i fold the large pieces is….. make the bend of the old little by little…. until it basically fold itself… and just put pressure on the bends i made in order to get the fold…. but obviously…. that isn’t very accurate with the old itself to show minimill white line…..

    so… I’m asking is… how do you do it in order for it t be a perfect fold i guess? basically like the little ones… you fold and it’s fine…thats what i want for a large fold… hopefully i made myself clear :/

    • To make nice, straight and crisp folds, it’s best to “score” the fold lines first.

      This simply means making a little dent or groove along the fold line. You can use a blunt object like an empty ballpoint or a special embossing tool, or you can simply use your knife and only apply a little pressure (but some people don’t like this technique because you can get white lines on your model this way).

      In Yamaha’s papercraft tutorial, they use a mechical pencil without the actual pencil lead (the video is in the folding part of the basic instructions).

      Most people just score the fold lines by hand, but you can use a ruler to guide your tool of course. You can score the backside of the paper to avoid any marks on the printed side, but most people just score the front.

      Once you have properly scored the parts, you will only have to apply a little pressure to make the paper fold along the fold lines.

  25. Choaslegion

    I guess this is a stupid question. But i really need to know. How do you build a model without the ‘white line’ showing. My guess it’s the glue tag showing? Which if im right. Worked extremly well on my Ganondorf model, compared to my other 4 at the time. Since there is NO white showing. Example: Where the pieces conect from one to the other.

    BUT, in the model im doing now “Twilight Princess Link” i’ve been doing basically the same s i did on ganondorf. Is it my lack of skill? Or is it the thikness or my paper? (I’ve only been able to find 2 types of thickness where i live. (Mexico) And the more expensive paper isn’t really accepted by the printers. Or it it simply the type of model which in this case…ther pieces are curved and not folded?

    Also…. above explanation. How do i measure the thickness or paper. Since in SOME models it basically specifies what thickness i should print like in Paper Mario Model/ Diorama. It says “Print on > 160g/m2” Any advice? And thank you in advace :D! I am also starying to ENJOY paper modeling. EXCEPT, cutting the pieces *cries!) :”(

    • All the glueing tabs *should* get covered up by the parts you have to glue on top of them of course, but sometimes when you’re trying to go a bit too fast, it’s easy to misalign the parts a bit, and then you can get a little bit of white showing…

      But the most important factor in “white lines” showing, is the actual crossection of the paper: when you cut out the parts and glue them on top of eachother, you can see the edge of the paper, which is basically the white “inside” of the paper. And of course: the thicker the paper, the thicker the “white line” will be.

      There’s not much you can do about that beforehand (since you can’t reach the inside of the paper yet ;o) but after you’ve cut out the parts, you can colour the edges with a pencil or marker in the appropriate colour (I made a small video tutorial about it on my YouTube channel here some time ago).

      You can also colour part of the glueing tabs, so you can afford to make little mistakes, although the real “trick” to avoid white lines because of the glueing tabs showing, is to just take your time aligning the parts properly (you should always do that anyway of course ;o)

      Papercrafters don’t usually measure the thickness of the paper in its thickness, but in its weight because you can’t really acurately measure the thickness without special tools.

      Many countries use the metric system, which measures the paper weight in “grams per square meter” (gsm or g/m²). The paper weight should be on the package, but if it isn’t you could weigh 1 square meter of sheets of paper (if it’s ISO A4 paper that means you can just weigh 16 sheets ;o) and see how much it weighs. ;o)

      But you really shouldn’t worry about it too much: it’s much more important to use the kind of paper that you like using and that you can easily get in a shop nearby than using the exact same paper just because somebody else uses it; I use 200 gsm paper myself, but a lot of people like using thinner paper like 160 gsm (regular printer paper is about 80 gsm).

  26. andrew richards

    you should make a Wind Waker Link model

  27. please!!!
    batman perfect papermodel!!!
    don´t have in internet!!!!

    • You mean of Batman himself? I’m a big Batman fan, so he’s definately on my to do-list! But with all the other ideas I have, it might be a long time before I get around to making him…

      Most Batman models on the internet are simple hako’s, and boxheads… But I do know of one made by Kezn on the Zealot hobby forums that is much bigger and much more detailed (although it hasn’t got any textures unfortunately…).

      The thread made by Kezn is here, and some pictures can be found here.

      The lack of colour is a real shame, but it looks very challenging! ;o)

  28. Hey Ninjatoes’,

    I just built my first model (not one of yours :( , cthulhu: http://www.onemonk.com/Products.html).

    You have some awesome models here, and I’m definately going to try one of yours next – probably Buffy or Link. I need to get some heavier paper first – the 24lb I had didn’t work great. Cthulhu’s a little wobbly.

    Can I ask how you go about creating these models? I’d love to take a run at it some day [Unless 3D printers drop in price before I get around to it ;)].

    Do you start with models or textures from the games, or from scratch?

    Most game models (newer ones anyways) have too high a poly count, so if you use game models, do you reduce them somehow, or redo them?

    Is Buffy from scratch or from the gamecube game?

    What CG software do you use/recommend for modelling? I use solidworks at work, but I doubt that it would

    Thanks for this AMAZING site!

    • I’m not really familiar with Solidworks, but really any 3D software that with the basic functions of creating and editing 3D shapes and textures will do just fine (especially if you already have lots of experience with it ;o)

      I use Metasequoia and/or Sketchup myself, and then Pepakura Designer to unfold the model.

      For most of my videogame papercraft models (including Buffy ;o) I use the original game model as an underlying “layer” to get all the basic shapes and proportions right, and on top of that I make a simplified model that (I hope ;o) will be more fun to build out of paper in the end.

      Especially newer games with more detailed 3D models like Kingdom Heart’s Oogie Boogie for example often have a lot of parts that would become too small or just too awkward too build otherwise…

      I hope that answered your questions, I have some more examples on my DeviantArt but other than that, it’s really just a matter of building lots of paper models and getting some feeling for what works, and what doesn’t.

      Have fun!

  29. Prachtig werk zijn de papercrafts die je maakt! Komt er binnenkort weer een nieuw Zelda model?

    Groeten uit het koude kikkerland

    • Ik ben toevallig net al weer een tijdje bezig met Twilight Princess Link (maar hij is nog lang niet af hoor… ;o)

      • Hej Ninjatoes, couldn’t find my original post, thought you deleted it cause it was in Dutch. Keep it in english this time.
        Great link you gave me there. I always wondered what process you went through. Great work and I’m looking forward to seeing your next work!


  30. Hey ninjatoes, you come from the netherlands right? And where can I buy an x- acto knife and where can I buy 200 g/m2 cardstock. I’d like to make link ( n64)

    • Yep, I’m a kaaskop! ;o)

      A sure place to find an X-Acto knife is any arts- and crafts shop, or one of those shops where they sell a lot of those plastic “Revell” kits or model trains.

      But any big department store with a decent size crafts section might carry them, or at least those small breakaway blades, which will also do of course.

      Thicker paper can be bought at the same places, at an office supply store, or from the same place where you buy your regular printer paper (if they don’t have it in stock, I’m sure they can order a pack for you if you ask nicely ;o)

      Good luck finding supplies and have fun building!

  31. Yeah, I’ve seen those before. I usually don’t bother making a paper model unless I know it will come out looking particularly awesome. (like most of your models) Thanks anyway. If you liked the first ace attorney game, then you should check out the second game: justice for all. Maybe you didn’t care for the first one all that much. (Reading text non-stop through an entire game can be really annoying. And if the game didn’t appeal to you through its story, then there is absolutely no reason to play it) I myself am playing through the first advance wars game, and I am really enjoying it. I plan on building a few of your tank models pretty soon.

    • Haha thanks for the compliment… ;o)

      The first Ace Attorney was okay, but pretty straightforward… Not nearly as addictive as Advance Wars though! Have fun playing it, and have fun building it! ;o)

  32. hay ninjatoes how old are you?

  33. Hey ninjatoes, are you a Phoenix Wright/Ace Attorney fan? I’m wondering if you are into this great series because if you are, then I would expect that you would eventually make a papercraft of one of the characters as a tribute.

  34. i want to make a collection of these but can you make a model of more fighters (Orange star Blue moon and Black hole) can you make them and maby some paper boats?

  35. Congratulations on finishing your KH Cloud model, I can’t wait to get to work with it! He’s my favorite model yet. If you ever do a Sephiroth model, I can have an epic duel of good and evil XD

    • I was thinking about doing either Cloud, Leon (Squall) or Sephiroth when I had to choose a new project, and just because I chose Cloud first, doesn’t mean I’ll never do Sephiroth (or Leon ;o)

      Might be a while before I get to it, though… ;o)

      • Don’t worry, whatever you choose, I’m sure it will come out awesome! I loved your Auron model, and a Leon would be pretty badass, too.

        I was wondering, do the PDF parts files need to be scaled down when printing them, because I need to bring them down to 89% to get them to fit on the page. Or, is that the size you intended them to be printed?

        • My models are made to fit on ISO A4 sized paper. With my printer settings, it prints at 97%.

          It might also be that you are using US Letter sized paper? It is a bit shorter than ISO A4 paper, so to fit the pages on a shorter sheet, your PDF reader sill also scale down the pages to avoid cutting off parts.

          It’s not a problem, as long as you print every page at the same scale. But because it’s one PDF file, your PDF reader should do that automatically for you. ;o)

          Have fun building!

  36. How do you make the papercrafts? I’m just wondering. the Zelda ocarina of time models look very accurate. Do you use the game models from the game ROM or something?

    • What I usually do, is take the model from the game ROM and use it as an underlying layer in Metasequoia (or any other 3D software of course). Kinda like you would do in Photoshop or other image software. With N64 Zelda models, some parts don’t need a lot of work, but when I look at the game model, there are always many things that I think would work better in paper if they were done differently, so I remodel those parts.

      On the Schnauzer I made earlier, all I did was make the legs and body less parts, reversed the ears and fixed its snout, but on the Ganondorf I’m doing right now for instance, there’s not much left of the original model anymore…

      Especially on my later models, if you really were to study the original game model and the 3D model I finally used in Pepakura, you would see many differences I made to make the papercraft model easier and more fun to build (at least that’s what I hope ;o)

  37. nice biography lol I cant wait till the site is finnally finished off it will look sooo spiffy :) :)

    • Haha, I don’t know if I’ll put a whole lot more here, the “about me” is not very high on my priority list and all the important stuff is already here. ;o)

      I need to remake the links section though and then I’ll focus on making more new paper models again.

  38. i like your paperwork, could youhelp me downloading the parts, it leads me to this wierd page that i dont understand, plz help

    • I am in the process of reorganizing my website, and some of the links are broken now.

      If you find any broken links, just tell me and I’ll fix them (I already fixed the Advance Wars series, so you can try to see if they work right now).

      greetz ninjatoes

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