About me

I love paper models! ;o)

So I made my own for you to download and build right here on my papercraft webpage and feature lots of other people’s models and my own works in progress on my papercraft weblog!

Have fun building!

  1. Thanks for sharing the result of your skill on paper-crafting. I really appreciate having them!

  2. Jacob Kuykhoven

    hi ninja toes I was wondering if you could do any videos on how to do these or if you do send me a link but please, PLEASE help me find this paper because I have looked everywhere and were wondering if you could send me some (ill pay) or have seen it on ebay or anything???

    • I don’t have instruction videos of specific papercraft models, but for most of my papercraft models, I include a PDF file (or a ZIP file with JPEG images) with pictures and written instructions for each step (except maybe some of my very oldest ones, which only have some directions on the sheets themselves).

      Still, it can be difficult, so always be sure to take your time, and examine the parts closely: often when a part doesn’t look like the instructions, it’s because you forgot to fold a fold line (sometimes it’s difficult to see all the fold lines on the printed version, so compare it with the PDF file to see if you didn’t miss one).

      Second, to make it easier, you should always fold/”pre-shape” the parts without glue first before trying to glue them together. That way the tension goes out of the paper, and if you try it one way, and then find out it doesn’t fit the way you thought, you can still check again with the pictures in the instructions and the PDF version, and try a different way (often when you tried it one way wrong, it’s easy to see what the mistake is and get it right the second time ;o)

      I do have some “general” instruction videos:

      But I really made them just out of silliness. ;o) A very good site explaining the most basic papercrafting techniques in a very clear way is this website:

      As for the paper: you should really choose what kind of paper you want to use yourself, because there is no one, best answer…!

      It really is a personal choice, but almost everybody does agree that it’s best to use “thicker paper than regular printer paper”. But whether you want to use 1.5x as thick, or 2x (many people use this), or 2.5x as thick (which is what I use) is really everybody’s own choice.

      Some people don’t like working with very thick paper, and other people find it too expensive (the thicker the paper, the more expensive of course!) or they ask for a brand name but then they just don’t sell a specific brand in the country that they live in…

      If your from the Netherlands like me, I can tell you that I always use Fastprint paper, 200 gsm (that stands for grams per square meter):

      And I just get it from the same stores where I get my regualr printer paper too. Maybe the best thing you can do is to go to the store where you get your regular printer paper, and ask if they also sell thicker paper. Most stores like office supply stores or departments stores have a variety of paper, thicker or thinner, glossy or matte (I never really use glossy paper but again, some people do) or even photopaper. Even if they don’t have any, they can probably order it for you.

      Please don’t worry if you can’t get the exact same paper that somebody else uses: many papercrafters use many different brands and types of paper, and you can always get a good result as long as you take your time and have fun papercrafting! ;o)

  3. Where do you get your paper for these projects? I really want to make them but I can’t find any stores that sell that kind.

    • I always buy my thicker paper for papercrafting from the same shops where I get my regular, thinner printer paper, like department stores or office supply stores.

      Even if you can’t find any in the store, you can always ask the people that work there if they have any of course, and if they really don’t have any right now, they can usually order it for you if you ask them.

  4. I was wondering how you make some of your game based models. Do you rip them directly from the game and turn them into paper craft from there? I’d like to work on some of my own faves but I have no idea how to find the right programs. 3d ripper dx doesn’t seem to work for me.

    • Some of my papercraft models are made just by drawing the parts by hand directly on a piece of paper and colouring them with magic markers or aqaurel/water colours, and for some of them I made the 3D models by scratch (usually with the SketchUp and/or Metasequoia 3D program, but you can basically use any (free) 3D software you want and/or are familiar with ;o)

      But for many of my papercraft models that are based on video games, I usually do start with the actual game models, but they usually need *a lot* of work before I can unfold them the way I want (using a tool called Pepakura Designer) so they can be made in the papercraft models I imagined in my head (because 3D video game models were never really meant to be made into papercraft models directly of course, they will have lots of issues that should best be fixed first…! ;o)

      Although 3D Ripper DX can be used to extract the 3D models from many different video games, there is no 1 tool that works on every video of course; almost every video game developer will have their own way and file formats to create and compress the 3D models for their models.

      Sometimes some smart fans of the game might have been able to figure out how to de-compress the file formats and how to make a tool to open/read them, but not for every game of course. But there are a lot of tools out there, for many different video games.

      So the best thing to do, is go searching around on fan forums of the game; if there are tools that let you extract the 3D models from the game, the tools to do so are usually easy to find, and often there will be many posts from fans that are talking about it, how to get it to work exactly if you run into trouble and what you can and can’t do with it (they explain it much better than I ever could here of course…!)

      So try searching around on fan forums, and if it’s possible to extract the 3D game data, I’m sure the fans will be playing around with it, and you should be able to find the links to the tools you need and much more information there!

      Good luck and have fun!

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