87 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi. I was wondering if you had an ordon link papercraft because i need one to make a papercraft twilight princess. And make it the same size as [Hero Of Twilight]. ok, thats all i wanted, Ok, Bye.

    P.S. love the zelda papercrafts, all of them


    • No, I still haven’t made one, and although I have to admit that I didn’t really search for it very hard last time (link) I wasn’t able to find one from somebody else either… :o(

      I do like the Zelda series very much though, and I’d love to make many more models of it in the future! If I make a new Twilight Princess model, I will make it the same scale as Zora armor Link and Twilight Link I think, but like I said, I can’t promise you if/when I will make a papercraft Ordon Link, but it definitely won’t be very soon, sorry…!

  2. I love your paper Zelda Models, but you missed two characters. Zelda (Adult) and Navi! Right now I’m making Link (adult) and Ganondorf. But what would we do without Links comrades?

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