About me

I love paper models! ;o)

So I made my own for you to download and build right here on my papercraft webpage and feature lots of other people’s models and my own works in progress on my papercraft weblog!

Have fun building!


87 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi. I was wondering if you had an ordon link papercraft because i need one to make a papercraft twilight princess. And make it the same size as [Hero Of Twilight]. ok, thats all i wanted, Ok, Bye.

    P.S. love the zelda papercrafts, all of them


    1. No, I still haven’t made one, and although I have to admit that I didn’t really search for it very hard last time (link) I wasn’t able to find one from somebody else either… :o(

      I do like the Zelda series very much though, and I’d love to make many more models of it in the future! If I make a new Twilight Princess model, I will make it the same scale as Zora armor Link and Twilight Link I think, but like I said, I can’t promise you if/when I will make a papercraft Ordon Link, but it definitely won’t be very soon, sorry…!

  2. I love your paper Zelda Models, but you missed two characters. Zelda (Adult) and Navi! Right now I’m making Link (adult) and Ganondorf. But what would we do without Links comrades?

    1. Haha yes, without the help of his friends, Link would have no idea where to go next most of the time! ;o)

      I will definitely make more papercraft models from the Zelda series in the future, but I can’t promise you which ones…

      There are a lot of papercrafters that are Zelda fans, and you can already find a lot of papercraft Zelda models online on other sites too:

      http://nintendopapercraft.blogspot.com/2008/03/navi.html has a papercraft Navi for instance (and lots more of course! ;o)

      And because princess Zelda has been in so many games of course, there are several versions of her already:

      http://www.papercraftmuseum.com/zelda/ (a very detailed Twilight Princess version)

      http://daredevilbr.blogspot.com/2008/08/princesa-zelda-wind-waker.html (Wind Waker version, but only the Pepakura *.pdo file link works)

      http://icthus7-papercraft.blogspot.com/2008/12/navidad-con-zelda-christmas-with-zelda.html (a special Christmas Zelda)

      Icthus7 made a regular OoT Zelda too, but unfortunately the download has gone dead: http://icthus7-papercraft.blogspot.com/2010/09/adult-zelda-from-legend-of-zelda.html :o( But maybe you can still find it on some other site! ;o)

      And of course there may be more that I just can’t think of right now! ;o)

      I hope you’ll find one you like, have fun building Link and Ganondorf!

  3. awesome got addicted two years ago trying to finish one of the zelda’s you have… awesome website btw :P

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