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Tomb Raider IV Mummy Attack vignette

147012 Mummy Attack vignette (31-10-2013)
from: Tomb Raider The Last Revelation video game / size: ± 9 cm x 9 cm x 24 cm (mummy ± 18 cm)

Mummy Attack parts (2,53 MB PDF file)
Mummy Attack instructions (1,05 MB PDF file)

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Tomb Raider young Lara Croft vignette

113010 young Lara Croft vignette (21-12-2011)
from: Tomb Raider The Last Revelation / Chronicles video games / size: ± 11,5 cm x 9 cm x 37 cm (Lara ± 13 cm)

young Lara parts (912 kB PDF file)
young Lara instructions (1,24 MB PDF file)

vignette stand parts (1,64 MB PDF file)
vignette stand instructions (628 kB PDF file)

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