Whether you want me to add your picture in the hall of fame, or you found a broken link, or you just want to tell me how much you like my papercraft models (right? ;o) you can send an email to or use this contact form:

  1. hey ima big fan of your work can u make a lego spartan i love greek soilders that will be a birthday gift thank you

    • Hi there! I’m happy to hear you like my work, but I’m because papercraft is only a hobby of mine, I can’t promise people to make specific papercrafts that they want, sorry… :o(

  2. Hello , i am fairly new to paper crafting after i wrecked my back , really liked the Egyptian new year masks by which you gave a link to but the website doesn’t seem to work on any browser i try and none of the links work , someone has posted a comment about it under your link from last year but it seems you haven’t responded yet or did so privately , Do you know of any links that do work or if they are available at all , would love to make them for my daughter so she can use them in her school project

  3. Hi Ninjatoes !
    Oakusan here (Lionel Cousseau , i don’t if you remember me , i buildt some of your models ).
    Can you promote/publish my blog on yours ?
    I design 2d pixelcraft and build some of them .
    Here the blog !

    Thank you !

  4. Grojband characters, Great Dane, lego lord sinister, sky lane, pug, snidely whiplash, Johnny thunder would be good idea for this.

  5. Do you know anyone who sells these? I really want a Guinness can Batman to give as a gift. If not, I’ll have to give it a shot on making one :)

  6. can you try to make the lines on adult link VISIBLE

    • I’m sorry, but my papercraft adult Links was especially made with lines that would be very difficult to see on the printed version, so they wouldn’t be so apparant on the finished model as clearly visible lines would be.

      To build it, use the PDF version on your computer as reference like this: or use a graphics program to edit the template yourself to make the lines more visible (for info on how to do that, you have to know/learn some basic image editing skills of course, and for that, you can find many tutorials online for all the popular (and even not so popular ;o) programs).

  7. How do you print em out on 4shared

    • All the papercraft models on my website are direct downloads from my personal webspace, so for my own papercraft models, you needn’t bother with websites like 4Shared. ;o)

      Other papercraft websites did use 4Shared in the past though, when it was a lot easier to use than it is now…

      There have always been a lot of advertisements on 4Shared (and other “free” filehosts of course ;o) and it looks like they’re really trying to push an ad for the Citrio browser now… To get rid of it, use an ad-blocker, or change the zoom-level of your browser window so you can actually see the button to see the “X” close button for ads that fill your entire screen.

      Next, on the actual 4Shared page, there will be a lot of big “Download” buttons, but most of them are advertisements again. There will be a line with a couple of buttons “Download”, “Share”, “Add to my account”, and Twitter and Google+ buttons: that’s the “Download” button you want to click.

      Close the window that pops-up (it’s just ads again…), and on the 4Shared page, you may have to get rid of the Citrio ad again, and then click the “Waiting time: 20 seconds FREE DOWNLOAD” button (the other ones are ads again, and the “PRIORITY DOWNLOAD” is for paying 4Shared users.

      You’re still not there, though…! A while ago already, 4Shared made a change so that you now need to log in before you can download anything from 4Shared. You can use a Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram account, or you can create a new, separate 4Shared account.

      Once you’re logged in, you may have to get rid of the Citrio ad again to get back to the 4Shared page, and you will see that the timer has begun to run, and after 20 seconds, your download should finally start…! ;o)

      Then, papercraft models downloaded from filehosts will be packed inside ZIP or RAR archives, which you will need to unpack first with “ZIP” tools that may already be on your computer, or that you can download from the internet like

      Inside the ZIP or RAR archive will be the parts and/or instructions, often in PDF format, or just simple Jpeg images, but often also in Pepakura PDO format, which you can open and view with the free Pepakura Viewer you can get here, but which will only on Windows computers though…!

      There are many different file hosts that papercrafters use of course, the trick is just to recognize the ads and steer clear of clicking them to avoid dozens of annoying pop-ups. Some filehosts require you to register an account, and some don’t. It’s a good idea to make a separate e-mail account that you can use to register with on sites like 4Shared, so you can keep your main e-mail account safe and clear of spam.

      If you have trouble navigating websites like 4Shared that are really set up to trick you to click the wrong link, ask a family member or a friend that is knowledgeable about computers and the internet to help you; they can sit down with you and show you exactly how to work with websites like that and how to recognize the right buttons and links…! ;o)

  8. Here’s a list of papper crafts I’d like to see not to ne a dictator take your time on these. Girahim, white Wolfos and? A dead hand

    • Hi there! A lot of people often ask me this, but because papercraft is just a hobby that I can only do in my scarce spare time, I really can’t promise anybody to make a specific papercraft model that they’d like to see… :o(

      So although I’m a big Zelda fan, and I will try to make many more Zelda models in the future, it might be a long time before I make a new Zelda model, and I can’t promise it will be one from your list, sorry…!

      But don’t forget I’m not the only papercrafter that likes the Zelda series! ;o) If you look on, you can find a Dead Hand made by Xenonray already for instance! ;o)

      Another person called Paperlegend also made a White Wolfos:
      and a Ghirahim: but to download those, you need to have a free 4Shared account; a lot of people find that troublesome, but maybe you can try leaving Paperlegend a comment on his weblog or contact him some other way if you can, or try and find it on another website.

      I’m sorry I can’t help you better, but I hope you will keep enjoy papercrafting with the many other paper models, have fun building! ;o)

  9. NinjaToes!! Why didn’t I find your blog sooner?! You have no idea how excited I am about this!
    First, I have to say that your site is amazing! I have been doing a papercraft as a hobby but haven’t found my niche just yet! Your Lego collection is one of my favorite and I was wondering if you would be so kind and teach how to change the design. (Such as the program you use, or how to build different parts like you have done!). If you would be willing to offer classes, I am sure lots of people will love to see how you do your magic! It would be great to see “behind the scenes” of designing your own Lego :)

    • Thank you for all the compliments, I’m happy you like my papercraft works! ;o)

      Papercraft is only a hobby for me too, so I really don’t give classes, haha… Some of my papercraft models are made by hand, but many of them are also made using the computer, including my papercraft LEGO minifigs.

      In those cases, I start by making a digital 3D model: for my LEGO minifigs, I use Google Sketchup: but you can use really any 3D program you like.

      After that, I use a program called Pepakura Designer: to unfold the 3D model into flat parts. Pepakura Designer is easy to use, and i fyou play around with it a bit you can easily learn how to use it.

      Like I said, papercraft is only a hobby of mine, and making a dedicated tutorial would take up so much time, while there is no real “right” or “wrong” way to make a paper model anyway… ;o) I always say: the best way to learn how to make your own papercraft models, is to make your own papercraft models; don’t be afraid that they won’t be good, take your time to keep adjusting them until *you* are happy with it, and most importantly, have fun! ;o)

      I also have a weblog where I often feature my “works in progress”, and if you browse through the old posts in the LEGO section, you can see a lot of examples of how I work:

      Some people remade a few of my papercraft minifigs into other minifigs by opening the PDF files in Photoshop or Gimp (or another image program that can open PDF files) and then simply drawing over the parts so that’s another simple way to make other papercraft LEGO minifigs:

      I’m sorry I can’t really give you a step-by-step guide, but like I said, I’m afraid that would just take up too much of my already scarce spare time… :o(

      • Thank you so much for your reply!!
        Those steps you have mentioned are already enough answers for me!! Thank you for taking your time :) — You are right, since this is a hobby it does make me happy while working on it. I will try to make my own though~ Definitely!!
        I can’t wait to share your site with my friends!

  10. Jacob Kuykhoven

    thx ninjatoes and I would like to meet U one day unless U have Skype???

    • I’ll be happy if you can use some of my tips for the papercraft models you want to build. ;o)

      I really like papercraft too, but really just as a solo hobby on my own occasion in my scarce spare time, so besides my webpage and some social networks, “ninjatoes” never appears as a person or real life or on Skype, no… ;o)

  11. Jacob Kuykhoven

    oh and ninja
    sorry for messaging so early in the morning and your blacktron II instr is the mtron instr
    plz fix

    • I’m afraid I can’t send you a sample of paper or anything, but

      As for the transparant “paper” I sometimes use, that’s actually a plastic sheet, the kind they used for presentations in overhead projectors.

      There are different kinds though: normal ones that you can only write on with felt tip pens, but that you *can’t print on*! (the printer ink will wipe off very easily!)

      Then there are the printable kinds (the ones you *can* print on) in two types: for inkjet printers or laserjet printers (so which one you need depends on what type of printer you have).

      For models that only use the transparant sheets as windshields or windows, you could also use some scrap packaging material though of course, instead of expensive printable overhead sheets…!

      And for the LEGO astronauts, the visors are transparant yellowish/greenish, so you can also try to find some yellowish/greenish plastic sheets, instead of buying a blank sheet and printing the colour on it.

      Note that you will need *very* glue (superglue/hotglue/on-second-glue/etc, experiment a bit to find what kind of glue works for you!)

      The double instructions for the M:Tron and the Blacktron II minifigs is not a mistake: except for the colours, the actual parts themselves are exactly the same, so the two minifigs go together the same way as well, so you can use the same instructions for both of them. (I actually only built the torso for the Blacktron II minifig, and then used the head, helmet, airtank and legs of the M:Tron minifig for the pictures… ;o)

      Again I’m sorry I can’t help you personally with finding the paper, but like I said, it’s really just a matter of asking around at the same place where you get your regular printer paper whether they sell thicker paper too, and if you ask for 120 or 160 gsm paper (or ask for “1.5 – 2x as thick as regular printer paper”), I’m sure they can help you (often the gsm is on the package too). Maybe they will even let you try out a few sheets if you ask them and tell what it’s for?

      The same goes for “transparancies” (transparant sheets): if you ask for printable transparant sheets in an office supply store or the office supply department of a department store, they should know what you mean, and they should be able to give you the right kind. They can be expensive though, so often they’re only packaged by 5 or 10, and sometimes even separately.

  12. Jacob Kuykhoven

    hi ninjatoes I was wondering if you could send me a sample of your paper and transparent paper?? plz reply and if you can plz send me blacktron II with it!!!

    thx bye

  13. Hi Ninjatoes

    I was wondering if you’re planning to build the LEGO cowl/mask for batman or Ironman, i think that it would be really cool to build Batman or Ironman as a paper model.
    One other thing, you are not going to share the actual 3D model of your legos right? I mean the actual 3D file, by the way which program do you use the make them Sketchup or Max?!?!
    Any way, your models are really fantastic, i’ll build reallysoon some Lego Starwars for my kids
    Thank you to exist and to share your models with us

    • Although there’s a good chance I’ll make a papercraft LEGO Batman and/or Iron Man (and lots more! ;o) minifig, I really can’t promise you that it will be anytime soon, sorry… :o(

      Because most parts are pretty simple, I use SketchUp to make the 3D parts for my papercraft LEGO minifigs, because it’s very easy to make simple geometrical shapes with SketchUp. But it can be difficult to make more complex shapes… (but I guess that’s the same for each 3D program)

      If you browse through the LEGO section on my papercraft “WIP” and features weblog you can see the “works in progress” updates and examples of the papercraft LEGO minifigs I made so far:

      But you’re right, I’m afraid I don’t want to share the “raw” 3D files I used to make my first papercraft LEGO minifigure (there are so many things that I fixed afterwards, that they’re not the same as the parts on the final templates, so they wouldn’t fit together if I used those)

      Because since the basic parts (arms, legs, torso, etc…) are the same each time, I don’t keep unfolding the 3D model for each new papercraft minifig I make of course! ;o)

      I just change the colours of my earlier models in Photoshop, and you can do the same if you want to make a different version (some people already did: ;o) The ghost for example has nice, blank parts to use:

      And then for the new parts, you just have to make sure they fit the old parts, because they are the same size every time of course. ;o)

      I’m sorry I can’t promise you to make a papercraft LEGO Batman or Iron Man anytime soon…! :o(

      • Hi Ninja
        thank you so much for answering me … and so quick, thanks for the advise, the links, everything, I am a novice with G SketchUp, but I’ll give it a go
        Keep up the good work
        Have a nice day

  14. Good friend! In the first instance I would like your headshot works are very good, then I would like to inquire if you have templates of the anime “Medabots” or you know where I can get them.
    Since already thank you!

    • Thank you for the compliment! ;o) I’ve made many different papercraft models myself, but no Medabots yet. But I do remember a person called “storml” did make some in the past, you can find them on their DeviantArt page:

      I don’t know if there are many papercraft Medabots, and these are only the few I remembered from the top of my head right now of course; but if you search around you might find some more! ;o)

      Have fun building!

  15. can you make ashe and rasler papercraft ? please?

    • Although I’m a big Final Fantasy fan, I’m afraid that I really can’t promise which models I will make in the future or when; papercraft is only a hobby of mine, and I simply don’t have the time to do specific requests for other people, sorry… :o(

      I’m sorry I can’t help you…! :o(

  16. Hello ninjatoes. I just started (yes i know im late XD) playing kingdom hearts 2, and i wanted to do a papercraft project related to it. I have done many of your models, and i LOVE them. So, i wanted to build a kingdom hearts Mickey mouse model, and the first one came up on deviantart but it did not include a download. I was hoping that you could either make a Mickey mouse KH2 model, or send me a link.

    Much Appreciated, keep up the good work.

    • Oh, I’m usually late playing the “newest” games too, haha… I’m sure the papercraft KH Mickey is the one from ? I’m afraid I don’t know if it was ever released, or whether TouchFuzzyGetDizzy ever sent the templates to the people asking for it on his DeviantArt page so anyone else might have them…?

      His last update seems to be from a while ago already, so I don’t know if he’s still active as a papercrafter…? So I’m afraid I can’t help you there; and I also can’t promise you to make a papercraft KH Mickey myself… :o( I’d like to make many more papercraft models of course, including from Kingdom Hearts (because I really like those games too ;o) but papercraft is only a hobby of mine so I don’t always have a lot of time to work on it… :o(

      I’m sorry I can’t help you better, but I hope maybe you will find a way to contact TouchFuzzyGetDizzy or that you will find another paper model you’ll like! ;o)

  17. Good idea. Make Nutri Ventures character such as Theo, Nina, Lena and Ben. Make Lord Sam Sinister and Johnny Thunder.

  18. Nutri Ventures Characters, More Lego Minifigures (Lord Sam Sinister, Jing Lee, Johnny Thunder, Pippin Reed, Dr. Rodney Rathbone, Mad Scientist, Dr. Kilroy and Billy Bob Blaster), Vanellope, Snidely Whiplash and as well as Captain Hook.

  19. I just saw the new Captain America movie and really enjoyed watching it. I thought to recommend a different comic book superhero named Sam Wilson, yet who is best known as “Falcon.” He played a significant role in the movie.

    Here is a very good page on the movie version:

    Here is a page in Wikipedia on the character:

    • The Marvel movies are definitely spectular! ;o) And the Marvel Universe has so many characters, they’ll be able to keep making movies forever!

  20. Olá tudo beleza?!
    Gostei de seu site muito bacana mesmo e parabéns por reunir estas coleções para montar.
    Gostaria de sugerir mais um do batman a bat-nave que tem para montar confira neste site aqui:
    Caso encontre será bem legal!

    • I’m happy to hear you like my paper models! ;o) I’m a big Batman fan, so I’d love to make a papercraft Batwing sometime to go with my Batmobile, but I can’t promise you when I’ll finally get around to it…!

      I don’t know if anybody already made one, but there are many papercrafters that like Batman too, so keep an eye out on other papercraft websites too! ;o)

  21. Can you please make a Roxas (from kingdom hearts) model

    • I’m a Kingdom Hearts fan too, and I’d love to make more papercraft models from the games, but papercraft is only a hobby of mine, and I really can’t promise which models I will make in the future, sorry…! :o(

  22. model some wrestling as Mil Mascaras, mexican werlesting? thanks

  23. did all the model can be download.? and how to download

    • Naver is a South-Korean company, and they host many different blogs from lots of different people, just like Blogspot does.

      So I can’t say that all the paper models from Naver blogs can be downloaded or not: some papercrafters that use Naver to make their weblog make their paper models available for download, and some people don’t…

      If the paper models are available, sometimes they have a separate “Download” button or link so then it’s very easy of course. ;o)

      But sometimes the papercraft files are attached to the blogpost itself, and then it can be difficult to find if you don’t know where to look on…

      If that’s the case, you should look in the top-right corner of the Naver blogpost, and look for a small button with some Korean text (“첨부파일”, it means “attachments” in Korean) and a small, green arrow pointing down: that’s the symbol for attached files that you can download.

      If you click that button, you will see the actual download links, saying “내PC 저장” (it means “save to your PC” in Korean). So click those links, and it will download the attached files! ;o)

      Usually when I find a nice paper model on Naver blogs that I want to share, I will explain in the pictures in my blogposts where to click, here are two examples:

      But like I said, not every papercrafter on Naver makes their paper model available of course, so sometimes there just isn’t any way to download the model you see… :o(

      I hope I explained it okay like this, and that you can download the model you want now, have fun!

  24. It would be so completely awesome if you made anything from Firefly. You have such a great talent. Can’t wait to see what you will do next! :)

  25. please make a roadrunner bugs and coyotee!!!!!! like some nice 3d ones

    • Hi there, thanks for sending me a message! ;o)

      I’m afraid I really can’t promise which paper models I’ll make the future though, sorry… (I simply have too many ideas to promise people to make the specific paper models they’d like to see… ;o)

      I haven’t seen many papercraft Looney Toons made by other people either, to be honest…? There are some simple, cubic papercraft toys, but really the only more detailed papercraft Looney Toon I can remember from the top of my head right now is Marvin the Martian from BazookaJo:

      Even if he wasn’t on your shortlist, I hope you’ll like him anyway! And who knows, maybe the other ones will get made too in the future! ;o)

  26. I am such a big fan of your craft. can you make Ponyo papercraft? More power to you.

  27. hi, yor papercrafts is very good!!
    and do you have the Rurouni Kenshin papercraft?
    I very want to do it, but I can’t surch and build it….

    • Thank you for the compliment, I’m happy that you like my papercraft works! ;o)

      I can’t promise you I will ever make a Rurouni Kenshin model (there are just so many ideas I would like to make and so little time…!) and I don’t remember any detailed papercraft Rurouni Kenshin models yet, only simple ones that you probably already found yourself, like or

      But don’t give up looking, because I don’t know all the paper models that people made of course and there might be many more that I just don’t know about! ;o)

      I hope you can find some Kenshin paper models that you like, have fun!

      • Thanks for your surch!
        I already found it

        • I found this
          but I don’t know how to download or leave a message…:(

          • Ooh, that’s a good find! ;o) Sometimes people only make the paper model for themselves so there is no download link, but maybe the creator is still just test building it now…?

            The post seems to be from August 25th, and after I translated it with Google Translate, at the very bottom it says something like “Released after end of testing, the color version will be released later …”

            I can’t promise that the creator will really release it of course (I can’t read their mind ;o) but I would definitely bookmark the website, and keep checking back from time to time to see if there’s a download yet?

            I can’t really find an e-mail adress or comment form (maybe you need to be Naver member to leave a comment?) so quickly either unfortunately to ask if they are really planning to share it; maybe you can still find some way to contact the creator if you search a little better, but otherwise I would simply wait and see.

            Sorry I can’t help you better than this, I hope the creator will share the model so you can build it too! ;o)

          • Hello again!

            Maybe you already know, but I found out Librehong released his papercraft Kenshin some days ago: ;o)

            Finding the download link on Naver blogs is a bit tricky, but I tried explaining it in the image on my blogpost:

            (it’s not very difficult really, you just have to know where to look. ;o)

            Have fun building!

  28. hey i just noticed on your twitter a computer generated layout of yuffie from final fantasy VII does that mean you’re working on a model for her?

    • Yes, that’s right; on my Twitter feed, you can see the paper models from other people that I feature on my weblog, but also the new papercraft models I’m working on, in my weblog’s “Work in progress” section:

      I started working on a paper model of Yuffie’s Final Fantasy Battle model only recently, so right now I’m working on re-doing the few textures it has (I felt they were just *too* pixelated…) and re-modeling the 3D model.

      • awesome. cant wait to assemble it. oh and i have a question. im working on the ssbm link and when it comes to the jewel on the master sword i cant figure it out. could you maybe send me an email with a little more help on it?

        • I’m not sure if I can explain it very well in words: the gems should really just be made into small “pyramids” and be glued to the sides of sword.

          Make sure you scored all the fold lins on the part itself and on the glueing tabs. On the parts, you’ll see a small, white “diamond”-shape, that will be the bottom of the pyramid.

          First, follow the small black arrow on the template to glue the small glueing tab underneath the opposite edge, this will create the “pyramid”-shape. Then fold over the remaining the small glueing tabs along the bottom of the “pyramid”, so you can close the white, “diamond”-shaped bottom (as indicated by the other black arrow).

          Do the same for the other gem, and then use the white bottoms to glue them to either side of the Master Sword (there’ll be matching “diamond”-shaped outlines when you glued the blade (part 168) and the guard (part 171) together to show you where).

          Papercraft is very difficult to explain in words, but I hope that with the parts in front of you, you’ll be able to follow me. If you follow all the fold lines and the arrows on the templates, I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out!

          Good luck and have fun!

          • ok that helps a little bit. oh and for some reason i cant get any of your papercrafts to load on Pepakura Viewer. any reason why it wont work?

            • A very simple reason really: none of my paper models are in the Pepakura “PDO” format! ;o)

              There are only two different file formats for my paper models: one is “ZIP”, and to open those ZIP-files, you need an “un-zipping” tool. Most computers nowadays already have one, but if you don’t have an un-zipping tool yet, you can download one for free like 7-Zip (but there are many other ones you can choose from!).

              Inside those ZIP-files will be JPG image files, and those you can open with almost any image viewing software.

              The other file format is “PDF” (not “PDO”!). To open PDF files, you need a PDF reader. Again, most computers nowadays already have a tool to open PDF files like Adobe Reader, but you can also download a different one if you don’t have a PDF reader already.

              I hope this clears things up! ;o)

  29. Im afraid I do not have any of my own papercrafts to share. All the papercrafts I have, I found on the internet. Papercrafting is a new hobby for me. I download the models and build them, I dont have the proper software to create my own.

    • Although many people nowadays use the computer to create their own papercraft models, you don’t necessarily *need* special software of course! First and foremost papercraft is about shaping paper, not about making digital 3D models on a computer or anything. ;o)

      I guess it depends on what kind of models you like to make: especially with models from video games, it’s extra fun of course if you can make them almost exactly like they look in the game by using the actual textures and 3D models as a start, while with other models, I think it’s less important to make a detailed, digital 3D model first (or at all ;o)

      But there’s nothing wrong with just building models you find online of course, that’s what they’re there for! ;o) There are lots of people sharing their fan-made papercraft models on the internet nowadays, so there are all kinds of paper models to enjoy for people that just want to build stuff (I hope even a new, more detailed Arwing fighter someday! ;o)

      Just keep having fun! ;o)

  30. Would you happen to know if anyone has produced the Arwing from StarFox Assault yet?

  31. did you have any zelda boss paper craft like biababa (twiligth princess) or moldarg (skyward sword)?

    • I do like the Zelda series, and I definitely want to make more paper models besides the heroes. Papercraft is just a hobby of mine though, so I can’t work it on all the time, and because I have so many different ideas, I can’t promise you which ones exacatly I’ll end up making or even when I’ll make a new Zelda one, sorry…! :o(

  32. hey i just noticed a very small detail about twilight link that u left out. in the game link has his ears pierced. no big deal or anything just throwing that out there. other than that i LOVE the sight. LOVE the papercrafts. keep at it and one more thing…..add more kingdom hearts papercrafts.

    • You’re right of course, but because the earrings would have become so small at this scale, I left them out. If you want to add some, I would make them as simple small, blue 2D rings/hoops from a piece of scrap paper and glue them to his ears.

      I really like making paper models, so I definitely plan on making many more, including ones from Kingdom Hearts! ;o)

      • yea thats a good idea. im not going to worry about though. i just thought i’d bring it up because i didnt know if you noticed it.And may i suggest a Riku from kingdom hearts. i have been all over the internet and i CANNOT find a Riku anywhere.

  33. Hi! I saw in another blog that you have the files of the Black Waltz 1 and 2 from Final Fantasy IX, but I can’t find them here… Could you please upload them here? I really want those models!!! By the way, cool models! Or could you send them to my email account?

    • I’m afraid the papercraft Black Waltz model wasn’t made by me (my own papercraft models are here: )

      It was made by a person called “saya” (or saya2091), who made several more Final Fantasy models in the past! I found them and shared the link to Saya’s own papercraft weblog for other people to enjoy the model too, but unfortunately, it looks like Saya has removed her papercraft weblog… :o(

      With the “Wayback Machine”, you can see an archived version of the site, but unfortunately, the Mediafire download links seem to be dead as well… :o(

      I’m afraid I don’t have an e-mail adress of her, but maybe if you google her name (saya or saya2091) you can find a way to contact her and ask if she still has the files?

      Or maybe you can find somebody who uploaded saya’s papercraft models to their own website…?

      Sorry that I can’t help you better than this, I hope you can find a way to contact Saya or find her models on another website…!

  34. Hi I was just wondering who is the woman on the top of the screen next to wolf link?

  35. Hi ninjatoes. i havent been doing much papercraft but I’ve been in a bind for a while now looking for ironman life-sized hemet templates, i know there’s a lot out there, but i need one in the form of .png or from a paste-bin because i am on a mac PLEASE help. much appreciated- Samy

  36. Can you make a Bart Simspon Papercraft???:)

    • I really like the Simpsons, so I would love to make some more Simpsons papercraft models including Bart of course; but because I have so many other ideas as well, and only so much spare time to work on my papercraft hobby, I can’t promise you when I’ll finally get around to a specific model I’m afraid…

      But there are other papercrafters that like the Simpsons too of course, and you can already find a big Bart Simpson riding his skateboard made by Warzonefury here for example:

      I don’t know if you can find more models like that, but you can find a lot of simple but neat paper toys like these cute ones from Mini Papercraft:

      Or from CyberDrone:
      Or TheFlyingDachshund:

      And I’m sure you can find a lot more neat little Simpsons paper toys! ;o)

      I know there were some pre-printed papercraft kits of Homer from Hasbro / Milton Bradley MB Creation “Paper Art” (“Foldin Art” in some countries) series a few years back and Bart (leaning on his skateboard), but I don’t know if you could still find them in toy stores. You can still find the kits sites like Amazon or eBay, but be careful what you buy there! (sometimes people get a picture of the box from internet, but in reality they are really only selling digital scans of the templates they found online…)

  37. Hi, i was wondering if it would be good to use 110 pound paper. I finally got card stock, so i was making sure that it was a good thickness, so far its been good for crafting :). Thanks, Samy

  38. I’m glad that you liked the model of the Flash based upon Batman. I may use one of the models of Lara Croft to make a model of Wonder Woman if I don’t use the Trucy Wright model instead.

    Here is my request: My brother wanted a model of Apu from “The Simpsons” series. I request that one. Apu is the Indian-America who ran the Kwik-E-Mart. Thanks

    • I always like it when people can have fun with papercraft! ;o)

      But as for Apu… I do like the Simpsons and Apu but I really can’t promise you if/when I’ll ever make a paper model of him… I know Cyberdrone made a Cubee of him: but I can’t remember seeing more detailed paper models of him yet (that doesn’t mean there really definitely aren’t any of course! ;o)

      I’m sorry to have to disappoint you and your brother, but I’m afraid I really don’t have the time to do specific requests for other people, sorry…! :o(

      • Hello,

        That’s okay. I like modifying other models to make something else. Already I used 2 of your models to make other items: Lara Croft was used to make Black Widow and the shoes for Paprika and Batman was used to make the Flash. I considered using Homer Simpson to make Apu, but Homer Simpson is just too obese.

        I was looking at Captain Linebeck from The Legend of Zelda here:

        The legs can be lengthened and the face can be altered via coloring and the clothes of course can be altered and magically: Apu appears!

        Hence you already provided assistance anyway. Okay, Captain Linebeck seems like the key toward Apu.




        • I’m happy to hear you enjoy working on your paper models so much, and I think it shows in the results! I don’t think Homer would make a good Apu either… ;o) Linebeck will also need a lot of changes I think, but you’ve shown that that isn’t a big problem for you, so I hope you can get your plans to work again, have fun!

  39. What type of glue would you recommend for doing these models? I’ve been really wanting to do some of these, but i’m unsure what glues will hold. Also, will 120gsm thin card support the models (higher gsm is really hard to find here)?

    On a final note. These models are excellent and I can’t wait to build them

    • I always use “TESA All-purpose” hobby glue myself (90 grams bottle as can be seen on the TESA website here: link) but just like with paper, it’s best to find a glue you can easily get instead of searching high and low for a specific brand. ;o)

      Many people use “white PVA” glue, which is basically “kid’s school glue”, like “Elmer’s Glue” or “Aleene’s Tacky Glue” (two very popular brands in the US) or “Uhu” (another popular brand in Europe).

      You can also use simple wood glue / carpenter’s glue, because it will also glue two pieces of paper just fine. ;o)

      Whichever you choose though, the most important thing is not to use too much glue. Use only a small amount and spread it out or else it will take ages to dry… But after you’ve made a few papercraft models, you will get a feeling for how much glue you need exactly.

      Just like with glue, there’s not really one, definitive answer on which paper you “should” use. I always use 200 gsm (grams per square meter) paper, which is quite thick (about 2.5x as thick as regular printer paper which is usually about 75-80 gsm) simply because I like working with it and I like how it makes the final paper model nice and strong.

      But other people often tell me they use anything from 120 gsm or 160 gsm or even 220 gsm sometimes, and others like using regular printer paper or even special glossy or photo paper.

      So it’s really a personal choice, and the best way to find out if you like 120 gsm is to try it out on a simple model! ;o)

      Then if you do want to try some thicker paper, normally the store where you got the 120 gsm should also be able to order thicker paper if you ask them about it if they don’t already have it, and maybe they will even let you try a few sheets first if you explain them that you just want to try it out first before having to buy a whole package.

      I made a “papercraft FAQ” some time ago with basic tips (link) and the Yamaha company has a really neat tutorial with video clips about basic papercraft building techniques that’s definitely worth a look: link

      But like I said, most of it is really just personal preference depending on what you have to work with when you first start, and once you’ve put together a few paper models, you will quickly come up with your own ideas I think! ;o)

      Have fun! ;o)

      • Thanks, I’ll give PVA a try as there aren’t many hobby shops here (I live outside a major metropolitan city) and paper here pretty much comes in heavy cardboard or standard printer paper (I live in Australia), i’ve been building a basic model and it looks like the 120gsm will hold fine. Thanks for the tips!

  40. can you make skywardsword zelda the one from skyloft with the pink dress

  41. i woul like that you make a papercraft of the neubri of link (skyward sword). can you do it?
    thanks :)

  42. Emi the Hylian Elf

    I feel bad to keep bugging you, but I’m having another issue ;__;
    I don’t understand how part 27 and part 28 are suppose to attatch on the Fierce Deity Link paper craft ;-;
    Don’t hurt me for my ignorance Dx -hides behind a brick wall-

    • To make the face, it’s important to make sure you make all the valley folds and mountain folds correctly.

      First fold and glue together the ears on part 27 by following the little black arrow on the templates: the ears will be like very sharp “pyramid” shapes if you follow all the fold lines correctly.

      There is one valley fold where each ear is attached to the rest of the face so they point outwards a bit, and two small valley folds on each side of the nose, so you get kind of a triangular nose shape like you can see in step 41 of the instructions.

      Then, on part 28 you can see the nostrils on the little triangle shape above the mouth: that little triangle should be glued to the bottom of the nose, as shown in step 41.

      Keep following all the fold lines and examine the step-by-step instructions closely, and everything should fit together automatically. Try it without glue first to make sure it does before you glue it together.

      The face, hat and especially the hair of Oni Link are the trickiest parts I think, so take your time to make sure you folded all the fold lines correctly and check with the PDF version if the fold lines are hard to see on the printed version.

      For the hair and cap, there is some extra help again in my Picasa webalbums if you click the numbered links in the Fierce Deity Link post:

      Take your time making sure you got all the folds right and I’m sure you can do it! ;o)

  43. Emi the Hylian Elf

    Hello! I’m having some trouble with the Fierce Deity Link papercraft :c
    I need some help attatching parts 16 and 17. I don’t understand how I’m suppose to assemble part 17, and how I’m suppose to attach it to part 16 Dx
    I had a simmilar problem with parts 7 and 8, but I managed to figure that out.
    I’ve tried lots of different ways to assemble and connect parts 16 and 17, but none look right!
    Please help. ;~;

    • Hi there! I’m happy to hear you were able to solve the problem with parts 7 and 8 by trying out different ways without glue first, because often if you try a few different ways, you will find the right one quickly enough. ;o)

      But sometimes it’s a little bit more difficult, but the first thing you should do is always to make sure you scored and folded all the fold lines on the parts the right way: sometimes they are very difficult to see on the printed version, so check them next to the PDF file on your computer so you can zoom in and see them more clearly if needed.

      I think what may be confusing you part about parts 16 and 17, is that you don’t have to “close” them at first: the backside is still open until later, when you have to glue the arm to the body (in step 33 of the instructions).

      For parts 16 and 17, all you have to do is fold/shape them a little bit following the fold lines so that part 16 is is kinda like a little dome, and then you can glue on part 17 in sort of a “U”-shape with the open side on the same side as part 16 with just two of the glueing tabs (the other ones aren’t connected to anything yet!)

      Part 18 is a “normal” part again, with 4 closed sides and closed a “bottom”. You can glue it to part 17 like they are positioned on the template, so the “backside half” of part 18 won’t be glued to anything yet in step 26 of the instructions!

      It’s difficult to explain papercraft in words (maybe I’m only confusing you more… :o( but I hope you can understand what I mean when you have the parts in front of you, and because I had a little bit of time, I’ve made a small schematic here: link

      Later in step 33 when you can glue the arm to the body, I think you will understand why the top part of the arm is left open (maybe it will help if you make the body from step 31 to step 33 of the instructions first?)

      So keep trying, and then I’m sure you can do it! In steps 33, 34, 39, 52, 55 and 56 of the instructions you can see what it should look like if the arm is attached to the body, maybe seeing those pictures will help you understand it better too?

      If I remember correctly, there are only a few parts that are like this, so I hope you can get past them and finish your papercraft Fierce Deity Link!

      Good luck and have fun!

  44. I was wondering, if you had a strategy for attaching the hat to Mario’s head. I tried, and i had to scrap his hat, so im trying again, but if you had a strategy for attaching it, plz tell me.

    :0 Im stumped

    • Do you mean on the papercraft Mario that I made: link ?

      The most important part of course, is to first make sure all the parts are shaped and glued together properly. The head has a flat top (on part 1) and you can cut out the piece with the orange “scissors” icon, so you can put your fingers inside the head while assembling the rest of the head.

      The bottom of Mario’s hat is open, so you can also put your fingers inside the hat to shape and assemble it. Pre-shaping is important, so the open bottom of the hat (part 24) is almost a circle: the mirror/opposite of the big, flat white top of the head.

      If you can pre-shape the bottom of the hat to be the opposite of the top of the head, all you have to do really is to apply some glue to the glueing tabs on the bottom of the head, and gently but firmly push on top of the hat (it helps if you use strong, thicker paper, so the hat won’t crush when you push it) to put it on top of Mario’s head.

      When the glue has almost dried but you can still move the parts a bit (don’t use too much glue or it will take a very long time to dry enough…) you can gently push against the bottom of the hat to make it fit the top of the head even better.

      The back and sides of the head/hat are the parts that are most visible, so start there and get that as good as you can, and because the front of Mario’s hat has a flap, it won’t be so noticable if that’s not 100% perfect (but still try your best to shape and glue it on the best you can of course! ;o)

      In the end, it really is just a matter of shaping the bottom of the hat the best you can, and working out where to push exactly to shape it while you’re glueing it on until the glue dries and you can let go. Take your time and try to see if you can shape and get it to fit without glue first, and when you’re satisfied, apply some glue and take your time to put it on there the best you can! ;o)

      • you mean piece 28 right as the “scissors”?

        • Haha, now that I look at it, the shape of part 28 on the template does look a bit like a pair of scissors! ;o)

          But I guess you already understood that I really did mean the “scissors” on part 1? The orange scissors icon means you can cut out the circle, so you have a hole that you can use to put your fingers through when you’re trying to assemble the head.

          It’s not absolutely necessary to cut it out, but it helps a lot I think, and it will get covered up by Mario’s hat so you won’t see the hole later on.

          Have fun building!

  45. I really thank you for including instructions with your papercraft models! it helps me a lot. it is nice that you spend extra time to make the instructions! Thank you very much once again.


  46. i really like your lego models and was woundering if you have tought about a batman or one with boy hair?

  47. Could you recommend a papercraft project plz? i need a new one, the helmet was actually really hard without instructions like the ones you make, so do you have a papercraft recommendation? thanks

    • It’s really impossible for me to say what kind of things other people like and don’t like of course, and what they find difficult or easy… :o(

      If you have a video game or series you like, you can try looking for paper models of it: there are many papercrafters with their own website or weblog nowadays, or you can browse through sites like or (or my own of course) or one of the many other papercraft link collection sites.

      After you’ve downloaded them and have a look at the templates (sometimes they’ll even show a preview of what the templates look like, or in the case of PDF files, you can see them before downloading), you can usually tell quick enough if it looks easy or not to try out. Especially paper models from video games are made with Pepakura Designer nowadays so Mac users can’t open or print them unfortunately, so you’d have to find a site that has PDF files or JPG files (sometimes in compressed file archives though like ZIP or RAR so you can’t always tell beforehand unfortunately).

      Even when there are both Pepakura PDO files and PDF files for people who don’t have Windows, many people treat the Pepakura PDO files as instructions, so if you’re on a Mac, they won’t have made separate instructions, but again, it’s different for each site of course: sometimes the paper models are simple enough to make without instructions, or sometimes people made simple instructions in another form.

      Big, official company sites like Canon Creative Park: or Club Epson: or Yamaha: usually have a lot of models in PDF format with instructions, but they are usually not from famous video games or cartoons of course.

      Sites like Paper-Replika also have a lot of different paper models in PDF file format ranging from simple to more difficult with instructions:

      Or you could even try Japanese sites like Kirin Beverage: or Nifty Kids or one of the many others, because usually the instructions are in the form of images so you don’t really have to know Japanese to understand them. ;o)

      There are some people that also make picture instructions like I do, for instance I know that Sabiediet made step-by-step pictures for his version of young Link: and but I dont remember everybody of course, and a lot of sites do have step-by-step instructions but the models are *very* difficult, like Uhu02’s paper models:

      But I think if you take your time looking around, you will be able to find a lot of paper models that you might like and that are not too difficult; have fun!

  48. Hey I saw your work and think it is untimly awesome. I was wondering if you could come up with a couple of sephiroths. The kingdom hearts version where he has kind of a bat like cape and the ffvii sephiroth. Im a big sephiroth fan and would be a bigger fan of yours if you could do that. I hope you will. Thanks for reading. ^^ -Inzi

  49. Hi! i was wondering, if you could make a dragon, from skyrim…? if you can thats awesome, if not its ok… thanks a lot ninjatoes for being such a great resource!

    • Hi there! Because I have so many ideas for paper models and I can only make them in my spare time, I really can’t promise you which ones I will make in the future I’m afraid… :o(

      But in the case of a papercraft Skyrim dragin, somebody made one you some time ago already:

      It’s very detailed and difficult to build, but maybe you’ll like it? I hope so anyway! ;o)

      • Oh! hi, so, that papercraft looks difficult, so i may do it later…. but i am building this one…… it doesnt seem to hard : ) thank you:

        • Yes, I think the one from Daishi is really quite difficult too… If you like dragons, there are many papercraft ones to be found online if you look around a bit, some very simple and some very difficult, and anything in between of course, but not from Skyrim I’m afraid…

          But I’m sure with all the paper models available nowadays,you can find one you will like to build, have fun! ;o)

  50. GwendolynSkye

    Do you use the Pepakura program? I started doing papercraft with your designs and I loved your step by step pictures, but I have found that using the Pepakura Viewer program makes it so much easier to see where each piece goes together in a 3-D view. I was looking to do the King of Red Lions and looking through your instructions seems a little confusing. I was wondering if you had a way to view it with Pepakura. Thanks for all the cool papercrafts :)

    • Hi there! ;o)

      Many of my papercraft models are simply done by hand, but for my paper models like the ones from the Zelda series I do use Pepakura Designer to unfold them.

      But because of the way I make them and I always copy+paste the fixed parts of several Pepakura *.pdo files into one paper model and I do a lot of last fixes and finishing touches in Photoshop after that, there are a lot of things that aren’t in the Pepakura *.pdo files…

      So although I do use Pepakura Designer, there aren’t really finished, complete *.pdo files for the paper models I make and I only release them as complete PDF of Jpeg files that have all the fixed and complete parts.

      The King of Red Lions really is quite tricky model, especially the figurehead; in my Picasa picture albums there are some schematics and 3D views that might help you, you can find the links to them in the King of Red Lions post (the numbered links):

      But it is still a difficult part! Be sure to take your times, and make sure you don’t forget any folds and that you fold them the right way (up or down). Fold lines can be difficult to see on the printed version (or maybe you are even building the version without lines) so often it helps to check the PDF file on your computer to see if you didn’t forget any fold lines.

      Then if you’re still not sure you got it right, you can try fitting the parts together without glue first, and sometimes if it doesn’t fit correctly, you can see what you did wrong that way, and fold the parts the correct way without having to print a new sheet because you already glued it together…

      The King of Red Lions is a challenging model, but if you take your time (don’t feel bad if you have to leave it alone for a while because it’s getting too annoying because it’s so difficult…! ;o) I’m sure you can do it!

      I’m sorry I can’t really help you better, but I hope that if you keep trying, you will be able to figure out the difficult pieces so you can build your own papercraft King of Red Lions!

      Have fun building!

  51. So… i was one during if you could make a small papercraft figure, but make him completely blank… just with lines. Because i would like to have a paper craft, but kind of like draw on it to make my owlish……?

  52. when i download the finn, and jake, it opens the folder, but there are no accual templates : (

    • I tried the Mediafire link, and the templates do seem to be there when I unzip the ZIP-file… Maybe you’re confused by the *.png image files? They look a bit like an unfolded Finn & Jake, but they are only textures, not papercraft templates!

      The papercraft templates are the *.pdo files, and there’s a version with fold lines (“- con lineas.pdo”) and a version without fold lines (“- sin lineas.pdo”). You can open *.pdo files to print with Pepakura Viewer (you can download it for free here), but Pepakura Designer will only work on Windows computers… (there’s no Mac version I’m afraid, if you’re using a Mac computer…? :o(

      I hope you can find and open the *.pdo files! (if you’re not on a Mac computer…!)

  53. the second link is weird….. it is spanish, and there are no acual print outs?

  54. Halelulah! (i dont know where the j goes XD) Thank you so much. i will most likely use the second link! thanks!

    • I’m glad I could steer you in the right direction! ;o)

      There are lots of papercraft sites in foreign languages on the internet of course, but navigating websites really isn’t that difficult even if you don’t understand the text:

      If you move your cursor around, you will see it change whenever you hover a link (don’t forget that images can be links too!) and then normally you can check the status bar at the bottom of your browser window where that link will take you.

      The X3darts site two download links actually, just below the word “Download” in red: one option if you want to use the Mediafire download site, and the other option is for when you want to use the 4Shared download site (that one needs you to have account thre, though…)

  55. Can you make finn from adventure time? sorry i keep requesting stuff, but i cant find a good finn template, there are only the wierd blocky type templates :(. its fine if not :)

  56. OK. Thank you for your help, and happy new year!
    : )

  57. Can you please make a slenderman papercraft?! i would love it alot :)

    • I never know what kind of models I will make in the future, but because I have so many ideas already, there’s not a very big chance that I’ll make a papercraft slender man, sorry…

      I don’t remember if anyone else ever made one already, but it never hurts to search around a bit of course, or maybe somebody will make one in the future, so keep checking back on the papercraft link sites from time to time! ;o)

  58. Thanks a lot! im making mt own now!!! :):):)

  59. Thank you so much! im so happy i can have fun with my own models now!!!!!! :)

    • Oh!!! wait, will sketchup work?

      • There are two versions of Sketchup (a free version and a Pro version) which should work both on Windows and Mac computers; if you’re having trouble installing or running it, visit the Sketchup website Help section website or the Help forums (there’s a separate Help forum for Mac users) so hopefully they will answer your questions and help you with your problems.

        If you want to use an unfold plugin, you will have to put it in Sketchup’s plugin directory yourself, and then if all is well, you can use it after (re)starting Sketchup from the Plugin menu (usually it’s explained how to do this and how to use the plugin from the website where you got it.

        Good luck and have fun! ;o)

  60. OH! i finnally download pepakura!!! (now how the heck do i use it) XD i remembered my familky had an old windows pc computer, i downloaded it and it is cool….. (what does this button do?) so im trying to make my own projects thanks!

    • I’m happy to hear you found a way to use Pepakura Designer! As you’ll see, it’s really not very difficult to use: it works by opening a digital 3D model (you have to make one in a separate 3D program of your choice or find one in a 3D format that’s supported by Pepakura Designer (link) first of course!) and then you can play around with the buttons a bit to find out what they all do.

      There is some info on the Pepakura Designer website on how to use the program: link and like I said, just by making and opening a simple 3D model first and then playing around with it in Pepakura Designer, you will quickly learn how to use it so you can make more complex models too. ;o)

      Good luck and have fun!

  61. Thank You very much, so far im still working on my Sora, because i haven’t been Crafting in a while but i my try it once i get more ink ;) Thank You for your guidance youve been a lot of help lately :):):):):)

    • The good thing with papercrafting as a hobby, is that you can take all the time you want! ;o) Just keep everything in a safe place until you want to to papercraft some more. I often take breaks too because sometimes you just want to do something else fun of course, but I always come back to papercraft! ;o)

  62. I was just wondering if you’ve ever thought of making a Jack Skellington paper craft. I’ve seen some of your work and I think if anyone can make one, you can! I’d be really grateful!

    • I do like Tim Burton’s style so anything is possible, but because I have so many papercraft ideas, I really can’t promise you which models I will make in the future, sorry…

      But I’m not the only papercrafter one who likes Tim Burton, though! ;o) Aside from some simple and chibi Jack Skellingtons (like this one or this one or this one), Chamoo232 also made a “normal” Jack Skellington:

      (she actually made a lot of models, including some other Nightmare Before Christmas ones, and because she doesn’t really maintain her website anymore, she put them all in one download package on 4Shared; so you’ll have to make a free account there if you don’t already have one)

      • Alright, thanks a lot! Oh and do you recommend using normal printing paper for the crafts or just cardstock, like in your instructions?

        • I always use thicker cardstock myself, and I think most other people do too, because it makes the final paper models stronger and it holds its shape a bit better then thinner paper.

          But of course which paper to use is really everybody’s own choice, and you can always try different thicknesses of paper, to feel the difference yourself. ;o)

          Have fun building!

  63. one more question.. would you recommend kurt zisa for a paper craft model? i looked through it and it looked kind of hard…?

    • I really can’t tell you which models will be easy for you and which ones won’t of course; what some people find easy, others find almost impossible and the other way around! ;o)

      Most parts of Kurt Zisa aren’t really much more difficult than most models I think, as long as you pre-shape/curve them properly before glueing them together (you should always do that of course! ;o) but some parts might be bit more challenging.

      The most important part, is to get it right right from the beginning: because of the way he’s standing on his legs, it’s very important that they’re very strong and built well. The six arms can all be glued on as the last step, so you can work out the balance with them (the best way is to glue on one arm on the left side, then one on the opposite side on the right to correct the balance, and so on.

      So like all models, Kurt Zisa has “easy” parts and “challenging” parts, but it’s really not my most difficult model. The trick really is to do your best on each step, but you should always do that of course. ;o)

  64. ;( i didnt work :( sorry

    • I’m sorry to hear you couldn’t get Pepakura Designer running on your Mac computer under a virtual Windows environment… Several people on the Nintendo Papercraft forums told there that they did manage to get it working. I think there are some threads in this board about how to get Pepakura Designer working on a Mac, but I don’t know which ones exactly, so you will have to search for that yourself: Like I said, I’m afraid I don’t know much about Mac computers, so there really isn’t much more help I can offer, sorry…

      There are other alternatives of course to make your own papercraft models instead of using Pepakura Designer that don’t require Windows (by hand, using an unfold plugin for a 3D program like Sketchup or Blender, a CAD program, some people even just use the shape tools from a Word program!):

      Every method requires time and practice of course, but so does Pepakura Designer. Some methods are easier for some people, other methods are easier for other people. There’s not a “best way” to make paper models, you really have to find out for yourself which method works best for you if you want to try! ;o)

  65. thank you! i will tell you later if it worked! :) THANKS AGAIN NINJATOES!

  66. ninjatoes, i know this isnt really about papercraft but it is kindaaaa, nut i was wondering if you could please tell me a link to download pepakura for mac, yesyes i know about wine, but it dies not work on my computer so IF YOU COULD and only if you could, please send a link to pepakura designer for a mac os x. if not it is alright. THANK YOU and have a nice day ;)

    • I’m afraid the creators of Pepakura Designer/Viewer simply never made a MAC version, and I don’t know if they ever will: :o(

      I’m afraid I never used a MAC OS, so I can’t help you set up a Windows emulator like Boot Camp, VMware or WINE, but there should be plenty of tutorials online.

      For just building Pepakura-made paper models in *.pdo format, you can ask a friend to open them in the free Pepakura Viewer program (or you can do so at school/work yourself) and print them for you (or make a PDF file out of them; if the creator of the model didn’t include separate instructions, it might be difficult to figure out how to build the model though…!) but for making your own papercraft models if you can’t use Pepakura Designer, you could also try making them simply by hand, or with an “unfold” plugin for programs like Blender or Sketchup:

      I’m sorry I can’t really help you better than this, but Pepakura is a Windows-only program I’m afraid…! :o(

  67. For a craft knife I would strongly recommend getting a Swann Morton number 3 handle and some no 10 (curved) and 11(straight) scalpel blades. These are easily obtained on that famous auction site (E-something!). These blades are much sharper that any craft knife and will cut with greater ease and accuracy, and work out quite cheap so you won’t try to keep using them when they are past their best for sharpness.

    • Thank you for your suggestion! I think everybody should make their own choice of course, and they can see that a crafts knife doesn’t have to be very expensive to be good. ;o)

  68. can YOU make a clone trooper papercraft PLZ!!!!!?

    • I’m happy to hear your paper model is turning out so well. ;o)

      Although I haven’t made many Star Wars models yet, I’m actually a big sci-fi fan, and I would definitely like to make some more papercraft Star Wars models in the future, both vehicles and characters. But with all the ideas I have, I can’t promise you if or when I’ll make a papercraft clone trooper of my own, sorry… (I’m sure you already know about Noturno Sukhoi who make many papercraft Star Wars models, including clone troopers!)

  69. im using gloss paper and it looks boss THANK YOU SO MUCH NINJATOES!!!!!!!!

  70. I thought to suggest modifying the figurine of Batman to resemble Flash instead. there would be some alterations to the arms, but from there it would mostly be changes in the color instead.

    Perhaps one of the figurines of Lara Croft can be modified to resemble Wonder Woman.

    I have had these suggestions made to me in fact. The characters Flash and Wonder Woman are quite popular among women.

    • I don’t know if I’ll ever make an original papercraft Flash and/or Wonder Woman really, so re-colouring and modifying existing templates is a good idea if you like those characters (you know how to do that of course! ;o)

      I think there are only simple, “chibified” paper toys of Flash and Wonder Woman right now (although I could be wrong of course! ;o) The details often make the character but like you say, as a start, you can definitely make use of existing templates, yes!

  71. WoW! this is awesome! the tutorial is VERY helpful thank you so much im making one right now!

  72. Hii..i really love this site..actually there is a lot of my favorite characters here.. I’m noob..but i wanna try to make some of papercraft. I have downloaded a lot of model here..and it’s FREE!!!thanks a lot..
    Btw, is there any suggestion for me which one is the easier for The Legend of Zelda.. this is my first time.. I gonna buy papercraft tools..really exited!!
    I wonder when I am able to make wolf link..
    I really need ur help in some part of the instruction.. I will be glad if you wanna help me for the certain part of the instruction that I still confuse..thanks!!:D

    • Hi there! I’m happy to hear you like my papercraft models and are so enthustiastic to try them out! ;o)

      For most models you really don’t need a lot of special tools, but I do recommend getting a good crafts knife, a rubber cutting mat, and a good glue.

      It’s difficult to say which models are the easiest, because what’s easy for one person, might be difficult for somebody else, and even “simple” models can have some tricky parts. But if you take your time and pre-shape and fold the parts properly before you try to glue them on, you should be able to figure everything out I think.

      If you’re not sure how to fold a certain part, try it without glue first, to see if it fits that way and if it looks like the instructions. That way if it doesn’t fit, you can always change it and fold it a different way (you can only either fold a fold line up or down ;o)

      Most people that built my Zelda models, say they started with Majora’s Mask or princess Zelda, or even young Link (but it’s a bit tricky to attach his cap to his hair). Most of my newer models aren’t too difficult I think, but some of them from Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, have separate fingers that are quite small!

      I think the most difficult ones are Super Smash Bros. Melee Link, wolf Link, and the King of Red Lions, because they have some very small parts. You can probably tell by looking at the parts and instructions which models would be very difficult, and which ones are easier for you.

      I’m always happy to try and help people who are having trouble, but of course I can’t help everybody all the time, so I help you’ll be able to figure most thing yourself with the instructions and your own logic thinking of course. ;o)

      Here’s a good papercraft building tutorial for beginners, it explains the most basic techniques very well (although I don’t recommend using your finger to apply the glue…):

      Take your time when building a paper model, and I’m sure you’ll be amazed at the things you can make already!

      Have fun! ;o)

      • where should i get a cutting board?

        • I was able to buy a rubber cutting mat from the same office supply store where I get most of my office supplies. Usually, big department stores or even toy shops will also have a “crafts department” where you can probably find craft knives, glue, cutting mats and all kinds of other crafts supplies too.

          At specialized hobby or crafts stores they will normally have cutting mats too of course, but specialized stores are usually a bit more expensive, and a cheap rubber cutting mat from a department store or toy shop is usually just as good. ;o)

          If you can’t find it in the shop, ask the people from your local department store or toy shop if they sell rubber cutting mats, or where you could buy one.

          You can also look around online in webshops of course, but I hope you can find one at your local toy shop or department store. ;o)

  73. Ok. so i love your site. Ive made just about all of them at some point or another…I have even downloaded pepakura and metasequa so i could make my own paterns, but im pretty fail at figuring out the metaseq program. Im wondering, and really really hoping, if you could maybe do the “Dr. Horrible” characters…Dr horrible, cpt hammer and penny primarily… Maybe could you please? ^_^ Pretty pretty please ^_^

    • Thank you for the compliment, I’m glad you like my paper works so much! ;o)

      Making a paper model from scratch, can be very difficult, especially if you want to make a famous character… I’m afraid I really can’t promise you which models I’ll make in the future, and I must admit that I don’t really follow Dr. Horrible, so the chance is not very big, sorry… :o(

      The only Dr. Horrible paper models I know are these paper toys from Spitefuls:

      They’re just simple paper toys, so they’re not very detailed or anything, but that’s what makes them so cute I think. You probably already found them, but so far, they’re the only ones I can remember from the top of my head…

      • Is ok, at least you have other fun stuff! Oh? And if you have netflix? I strongly recommend Dr horrible, its on instant queue. Or watching its first tv appearance on oct 21 (?) on the CW ^_^ Lol

        And keep the fun times coming! You do rock for that!

  74. Hello! Sorry for my bad english ^^ i’m french . I love papercraft and yours are very beautyful i have do the pirate of LEGO and the result is amasing. I will downloading the knight

    • Thank you for the compliment, I’m glad you like my paper LEGO minifigs! ;o) If you already did captain Redbeard the Pirate captain, then many of the parts for the Black Knight will be familiar. Some of the new parts like the dragon feathers are a bit difficult, but if you take your time, I’m sure you can do it! ;o)

      Have fun building!

  75. I’d like to make a request could you send me colorless versions of the parts because i really only have enough for 4 more black and white pages so if not, its understandable

    • I’m afraid I never keep the uncoloured parts, sorry; after the release, I only keep the finished templates…

      You could simply print the parts in greyscale of course; if you want to colour them yourself after printing, you can opt to build them “inside out”, so the colour (grey) side is on the inside. You can even set the print quality to the lowest setting to save ink this way.

      The models will come out mirrored if you build them “inside out” though, if you don’t like that, you can mirror the templates before printing.

      Sorry I can’t help you any better…!

  76. could you email me on any updates to the advance wars series

    • Hi there, I’m glad you like my papercraft Advance Wars series! ;o)

      I’m afraid I can’t promise people to keep them updated individually, because I’m afraid that in time I would probably simply forget… :o(

      But I’ve added a “Subscribe to e-mail newsletter” widget to the sidebar on my papercraft webpage:

      If you scroll down, you will see the box on the right side of the screen: enter your e-mail adress, and click the “Subscribe” button (if you’re a user yourself, they will already know your e-mail adress and you only have to click the “Subscribe” button ;o)

      After that, you should receive any new updates on my papercraft webpage to your e-mail. Not only about my Advance Wars series though, but from all the categories, and any new entries in the papercraft “hall of fame”.

      My main webpage doesn’t update very often though, so it won’t overwhelm your inbox. ;o)

      It should give you the same updates as the RSS feed, to which you can subscribe in your browser:

      You can also subscribe to the news feed from my papercraft weblog with my works in progress and daily features from other people:

      You can subscribe to it in your browser, but it also has a link to receive the updates by e-mail.

      This feed will update much more often though! Not only when I release a new model myself, but also whenever any works in progress on them, and more importantly, I try to feature several new or old paper models from other people each day too.

      So that means you would get about 5 or 6 e-mails every day, by far most of which won’t be about my Advance Wars series, but maybe you’ll like the models from other people as well. ;o)

      I hope this helps, now you can choose which you want! ;o)

  77. the instructions I’d prefer to download them because they don’t work properly

    • Downloading the instructions is always a good idea, because that way, you will always have the instructions ready in case there’s a problem with my papercraft webpage, you have an internet outage, or whatever. ;o)

      Most PDF readers’ default settings are to open PDF files directly in your browser window when you click them, and it shouldn’t cause any problems (always make sure you have the latest version and update of your PDF reader software). Some people find it convenient, others rather download the files first, whether they’re having troubles with the files or not. ;o)

      • no i mean when i try to open them they open adobe reader my browser stop working and then it just closes both
        but every thing you make is still awesome
        i actually prefer them to be JPG pictures but PDF’s are fine I’ll try and figure out whats wrong

        • figured everything out
          but you’ll never be less awesome ever!!!

          • I’m happy that you were able to sort out the trouble you were having with the PDF files.
            Although you can work your way around it like you said, it’s just nicer when everything works the way it should. ;o)

            Have fun!

  78. for the advance wars series will you ever make infantry because that’s something i would download and make all day well id make all you advance wars stuff all day if i could but I’ve got limited ink so
    soldiers would be nice

    • I plan to make all the units from the first 3 Advance Wars games (the GBA ones and Dual Strike) so I will definitely make the infantry units too! ;o)

      I can’t promise you when though, because I have so many other ideas (and other Advance Wars units) as well… I think the little soldiers are always the hardest ones to make though, so I don’t know if it’ll really be fun to make a whole army of them… (I’ll probably only build one of each army myself ;o)

      • about the infantry you could use the soldiers from the tanks add a machine gun you could just use one from your tanks and the bazooka could be a tube with to nozzle type things at the ends just a suggestion to help out

        • Those are all good ideas! ;o)

          I can’t promise you when I will make the Infantry units for my Advance Wars series, but I have thought about it already: like you say, the soldiers and will be in the same style as the ones artilley units, and I will make the guns the same way as the machine guns from the tanks.

          The tricky bit will be to get them in the correct position to hold their weapons, so that will take a bit of fiddling, but I’m sure it will work out okay!

          I think they’ll be pretty challenging to build though (the soldiers are usually the hardest part of the units I made so far ;o) so I don’t think I’ll build a whole lot of them myself, just one of each army. ;o)

  79. Hey i just wanted to inform you that the TP Link’s instructions file is “damaged” according to adobe. Which kinda sucks because im trying to build all your zelda models XD. anyways keep up the awesome work

    • Hi there! It might have been a temporary problem, because when I checked it myself just now,the file opened and saved fine.

      Make sure you have the latest version and update of your PDF reader, and before trying to open/download the PDF file again, clear your browser cache and temporary internet files, then close all your browser windows, then open a new browser window and try left-clicking the PDF link again.

      Normally, the PDF file should then open in your browser, but you can also try right-clicking the PDF link, and schoosing “Save as…” to download the file directly to your computer to open it offline.

      I hope this helps, let me know if it still won’t work.

  80. David Penso

    Thanks for the feedback on the Black Widow per Lara Croft model that I made. I really appreciate it.

    I used the parts from the model of “Tomb Raider Legend Lara Croft” for the remodeling, but the “Tomb Raider Underworld Wetsuit” model may also work. However I suggest using the boots from the “Tomb Raider Legend Lara Croft” regardless.

    The hair of course was made with orange and the body below the neck and part of the neck was made black. I recommend adding orange strips of paper to add more hair on it as well.

    I also recommend using the model of Black Widow from the blog here: to get the bracelets of bullets and the insignia belt.

    • Yeah, Underworld Lara is barefeet of course, but she’s the same scale as Legend Lara so you with some work you could use the boots; the stance is a little bit different though, so it might be a little bit tricky to get it exactly right…!

      I’ve added the part about adding some more hair and using the pieces from the Paper Heroes Black Widow to your hall of fame listing, they’re good tips! ;o)

  81. I have a question. How would ZI go about downloading and printing the king of red liions papercraft in life size version?

    • Whew, a life-sized King of Red Lions; my papercraft King: is quite big for a paper model, but it really is nowhere near life-sized…!

      First you’d have to work out how big a life-sized King of Red Lions boat would be (I’m afraid I have no idea, so you’d have to guestimate it by looking at how big Link would be in real life, and then look at screenshots or artwork how big King is compared to him).

      Then you need to know how big exactly the paper model is: my build on ISO A4 paper is about 50 cm tall (from the bottom of the hull to the top of the mast) and about 40 cm long (from King’s nose to the back of the rudder), but it will be a little bit smaller on US letter paper, or if you use different printer margins etc…

      Then you can work out the scale of the paper model version, and how much bigger it would need to be (*a lot* bigger…!) Regular printers won’t be able to print the parts at that size, and probably large format printers / plotters still won’t be able to either.

      You can open the PDF files in a program like Photoshop or Gimp so you can scale up the sheets just like regular images, and cut them up and copy/paste the pieces on separate sheets if they are bigger than a single sheet of paper, so you can make a better lay out for such a big size King.

      If you make the boat that big, I think it won’t be very strong even if you use thicker paper, so you will probably have to reinforce it on the inside with a lot of cardboard frameworks or even wood, especially if you want to be able to stand in it too.

  82. David Penso

    I thought to make a request. With the “Avengers” movie having come out there will be people who want to make figurines based upon the various characters.

    I thought to request that a model of Black Widow be made. That can be done by modifying one of the Lara Croft models which would include changing the clothes to black and the hair color to orange.

    • Yes, I think the Avengers movie will be very popular too! Although you could take another model like Lara and recolour her to look more like Black Widow, I don’t think I will do so, sorry… It would simply take me too much time I think, and of course there are so many other new models I like to make! ;o)

      But because the movie is so popular, I think people will definitely make paper models of it! In fact, a lot of simpler papercraft toys have already been made (including Black Widow) like these chibi ones by Gus Santome: link or these a bit more realistic ones (but still very simple) by My Paper Heroes: link

      BlueDragon already made a more detailed model from Captain America once (not specifically from the new Avengers movie, though): link

      And MarianoDG made the Hulk, Thor and Hawkeye: link, link and link

      So I think it’s just a matter of time before somebody makes a more detailed Black Widow too! ;o)

  83. semor butes

    can you try and do toystory crafts

  84. I was referred to your site via Cubeecraft and I must say, I’m impressed by how your paper crafts are designed. I’m dying to put together some for myself. I know that you are busy with many ideas and cannot provide any promises, but as a suggestion, I would love to see you create designs for Resident Evil. I would all over that! Anyway, keep up the great designs and I look forward to the future designs that you create.

  85. Hi there!
    I was thinking of sending an e-mail to you, but perhaps this form is more feasible. If not, I can get in contact. My question was regarding a particular craft. Can you create a model of Disney’s Aladdin? If the request is not practicable, is there a place you can direct me to that has it available already? I have done a search for the character, but nothing has turned up at all. Thank you in advance for any help or advice

    • Of course’re welcome to leave me a comment on my webpage here, but sending me your questions or remarks by e-mail is fine too. ;o)

      I’m just not sure if I can help you in this case I’m afraid… I don’t remember somebody making a papercraft Aladdin already, although that doesn’t mean it really doesn’t exist of course…! ;o)

      I do know that Disney Family made a simple Jasmine once: link

      And Tektonten made Eden’s and Jafar’s magic lamps: link and link

      TouchFuzzyGetDizzy made an Aladdin monkey statue: link

      But no Aladdin yet as far as I know… :o( Of course it is possible to make one, but although I like many of the Disney stories and cartoons, I’m afraid I can’t promise you if/when I will do so myself…

      I’m not the only papercrafter who likes Disney though, so maybe somebody will make Aladdin some day! A good site to keep an eye on is (link) because it will almost certainly be featured there if somebody makes it! ;o)

      I’m sorry I can’t really help you better, I hope you can still find a paper Aladdin or that somebody will make one soon!

      • Okay; thank you for trying to help. I will try the site you provided. I was just surprised that this character model does not exist readily already.

        Just a curiosity (I am not asking for any extensive explanation): what would be involved in making a pattern for a model like Aladdin?

        • I think there are just so many things that you can make a paper model out of, it’s just a matter of having too many choices unfortunately… ;o)

          I’m sure Aladdin will get made eventually, but it might take a long time before somebody gets around to making him I’m afraid…

          Many people nowadays that make paper models, use a program called Pepakura Designer (link) to unfold a digital 3D model into 2D templates. You can make a 3D model yourself with one of the many free 3D modelling programs available online (like Blender, SketchUp, Metasequoia or GMax) or sometimes you can find one already made online, or sometimes you can even extract one from a videogame with special tools.

          The Kingdom Hearts game had an Aladdin level and it is possible to extract the 3D model from that game (if you Google around a bit on 3D and Kingdom Hearts forums a bit, you will find lots of information on how to do so, much more than I can possible tell you here) but 3D models that are already made by others or for video games often need a lot of work in a 3D program too before you can unfold them into a proper papercraft model, and that is something you really just learn by doing.

          Good luck and have fun if you want to try it! ;o) (it isn’t necessarily very difficult, but it can be a lot of work, especially on pretty complex models of course)

          • Thank you. That does sound interesting, but to be honest however, I will likely just wait (maybe not long?!) expectantly for now for a craft to appear.

  86. Thanks for the Batman items.

    I thought to tell you that I decided to try to make my own from scratch.

    It will be a figurine of the character, Paprika, from the movie, “Paprika” done in 2006.

  87. Hey men, I love your work. Not too long ago I built your majora’s mask in greyscale and It looks pretty good. Im waiting to get my hands on a better printer to build Sora, Homer, Cloud and Oogie Boogie. I really like your papercraft cuz you keep em simple and yet they have a very good detail and the final results are great and plus they are not huge monsters where we have to spend toons of sheets and ink.

    I have some free time on my hands and Instead of requesting some papercraft model I want (not that there’s anything wrong with requesting, just saying xD), I would rather learn how to do it myself and add the 3d modeling to my skill list

    So, straight to the point. What software do u use for 3d modeling and ripping the models from the games? Do you know of any guides or tutorials to learn all this?

    I’m completely new to this and I’d like to make me a Kratos from the God of War cuz the ones out there are like cubees and I would like a more detailed model.

    Thanks In advance!

    • Many of my models are just made by hand, but for the models I made with Pepakura Designer (link) I normally use a 3D program called Metasequoia (link) to (re-)create a 3D model that to be unfolded, and sometimes SketchUp (link).

      But you can really use 3D program you like and/or familiar with for this step of course! ;o)

      Sometimes you can extract the actual 3D model from a game as a starting point to make a paper model from, but it usual requires a lot of work in a 3D program first before it will make a good papercraft model.

      The method to extract a 3D model from a game is different for different games of course, because every game developer uses their own method to compress and encode the game data. A good place to start looking is fan forums of the game, because if it’s possible to extract the game data (it’s not possible for every game of course!) the fans will know about it. ;o)
      (and usually it’s a knowledgeable fan that makes the extraction program anyway ;o)

      3D Ripper DX (link) is a good program that works with man DirectX9 games instead of just one game, you can find a lot of info about it on its site and forum.

      There are a lot of 3D tutorials to be found online, but you have to take in mind the difference between making a 3D model for a game or to make a render, and to make one for a papercraft model, because it has to be made out of paper later on of course.

      It’s really just a matter of experience, though. Not only will it become easier to use a 3D program the more you do it, but the more paper models you make, you’ll also get a better idea of the things that work and the things that don’t work so well, and what kind of shapes you need to make for that in a 3D program before you unfold them. ;o)

      Most papercraft tutorials really only focus on the 3D modelling part because people nowadays use Pepakura Designer to make a paper model, but like I said, there are hundreds of 3D tutorials out there for pretty much anyy program you choose, and the rest comes with experience I think.

      I think the most important thing is to just have fun, keep playing around, and keep improving yourself! ;o)

      • Thanks! You are awesome for taking the time to write a very good reply to everything you’re asked. All my respect goes to you for that! :)

        • I hope you can have a look at some of the sites and forums of the possibile subjects that you have in mind, and find the tools you need; you can try Pepakura Designer for free (you can print but not save your work) so you can see it’s very easy to work with.

          Making a good 3D model is really the most time consuming part, but as long as you’re willing to take the time to get used to tools, the more you do it, the easier it gets. Good luck and have fun! ;o)

  88. hey my girlfriend wants to know if u ould make a mermaied paperraft modle

  89. Hi there! Would you ever consider doing a Donald Duck papercraft for your Kingdom Hearts collection?

    • Yes, I definitely want to make more papercraft Kingdom Hearts characters in the future, like some of the Heartless enemies but also the heroes like Goofy and Donald!

      I can’t promise you which paper model I’ll do next or when I’ll make Donald, but if you don’t want to wait for that, there’s a “regular” Donald Duck here: link

      (and here‘s a finished picture ;o)

  90. I really appreciate the work you put into making the Lego minifigs! Great job!

    I’m wondering if you’d be willing to create and publish a version without colors, so we could print them on colored cardstock (and thus saving money on printer ink!), and then we could come up with our own color schemes to mix and match (just like Legos!)

    If not, I’m sure I can find a way to work it out, but since you have the files, I figure it shouldn’t be too hard for you to do.

    Thanks again!

    • Hi there! I’m glad you like my papercraft LEGO minifigs: I find them a lot of fun to make, and I hope to make a lot more of them in the future! ;o)

      The LEGO ghost I made a while ago (a href=”” target=”_blank”>link) is pretty much a blank version, so you could use that to print on coloured cardstock. The fold lines can be hard to see, especially on coloured cardstock, so use the digital version for reference.

      I didn’t make a blank head yet (the one for the ghost is black), but you can open the PDF file in a program like Photoshop or Gimp and edit it like a regular image file, so you could blank out the head of the ghost (or that of one of the other minifigs of course) so you’re left only with the cut and fold lines.

      Have fun!

      • Thanks for the pointer! Yes, the ghost will fit the bill just fine for the basic minifig, and printing out the yellow head(s) from the other figs should be OK.

        Keep up the awesome work!

  91. Have you considerred making figurines based upon other characters from the Simpson’s? My brother requested on for Apu, the Kwik-E-Mart Clerk. The other members of the Simpson family have also been inquired about.

    • Yes, I still like the Simpsons, so maybe I will do more famous Simpsons models in the future; but I really can’t promise when or which ones, sorry, because I don’t have a lot of time to make all the papercraft models I’d like… :o(

      It’s strange that there aren’t that many papercraft Simpsons models already! There are a few simple ones like a Duff beer can, and there used to be a Simpsons living room here but the download link is dead… (but maybe you can find it on other sites)

      And there was a Simpson house on this site but now, you can only visit it with the Wayback Machine (the downloads sometimes still work, though! ;o)

      Evan was doing Apu’s Kwik-E Mart, but I don’t remember if he ever finished it: link

      Of course there might be other models that I don’t know about, so don’t give up looking! ;o)

  92. I thought to ask. My mom asked me to make her a model of Elvis Pressley.

    I was looking at the model of Indiana Jones. Perhaps that model can be modified to resemble Elvis Pressley?

    • I don’t think there are very detailed models of Elvis yet, but people often make hako/boxy models of celebrities, like this one: link (here’s a picture of the finished model)

      And with a bit of recolouring of the hair (either on the computer before printing or with a magic marker after printing) this guy from the Zelda series kinda looks like him: link ;o)

      • I wasn’t looking for a hako/boxy model. Thanks anyway though.

        The model from the Zelda series may work with some modifications.

        • Yeah, hako/boxy models are much easier to make of course, so there are a lot more of them then more detailed models… The Zelda model isn’t an exact Elvis copy, but it was obviously inspired by him, so I hope you can get it to work; have fun! ;o)

  93. What kind of paper do you use? what is 200gmc or w.e it was called? sorry new to this but i want to test this out! it look AMAZING!

    • I always recommend using thicker paper than regular printer paper for papercraft, because it makes the final paper model stronger.

      There are all sorts of different thicknesses of paper of course, and in most countries, it is measured in “grams per square meter”, usually abbreviated to “gsm” or “g/m2”.

      I always use 200 gsm, which is about 2.5 times as thick as regular printer paper (which is about 75-80 gsm).

      But like I said, there are all kinds of different thicknesses, and other people use 120 or 160 gsm paper for instance. I made a webpoll about it once: link (sometimes people even use different thicknesses for one model! ;o)

      Usually, paper comes in a pack of many sheets, but if you’re not sure you’ll like the thickness, maybe you can buy a few separate sheets of the same thickness to try them out first?

  94. hey! I’m a HUGE Advance wars fan and i love your work!
    I am also an Advance wars custom spriter and I’m wondering if you do requests.
    if you don’t, you can ignore the rest of this.
    i have made a couple of sprites and it would by so cool if i could have them in paper craft form!
    I currently have three requests,
    my first is of my first and favorite custom sprite, my ELITES. (sprites are at the bottom)
    second, my epic Gega tanks. (sprites are currently at the top, but if i added stuff after posting this, they would be at the bottom as well)
    and third (not as important as the other two), my custom team, white nebula.

    • Thank you, I love making my little Advance Wars units, so I’m glad you like them!

      I started them several years ago already with the plan to make all the units from AW1, AW2 and AW Dual Strike, and that’s really what I have to focus on of course, I still have a lot of “official” units to go! ;o)

      I don’t know what other Advance Wars models I’ll make besides the official units. Some of the terrain would be a nice idea of course, and maybe non-official units would be nice too. Some AW fans are really good spriters, and they made some very nice new units. I can’t promise you anything, though…!

      I make my AW units by hand with a lot of trying, fitting and fixing, and that’s really something anything can do I think! The little soldiers themselves are probably the most difficult ones to make, but with some patience and imagination, maybe you can make your own, papercraft “unofficial” AW units?

  95. Thanks for all of the cool crafts! I’d love to see a Gerudo! How hard would it be to create that one?

    • Thank you, I’m glad you like my paper works! ;o) Making a Gerudo isn’t really any more or less difficult than any other character I think, and Gerudos are definately on my to do-list!

      The only thing is, that with all the other ideas and projects I have as well, I’ll need to find the time to do them! ;o)

      So I might not make them very soon, but I think I’ll definately make them in the future!

      Edit: oh hey, look what Hyrule Papercraft released yesterday: Aveil, the Gerudo leader from Majora’s Mask! ;o)

  96. Hey..
    I just want to ask..
    How do you make the models?Did you rip it?
    Did yoi ripped Sora,Cloud, from ps2 games??
    How did you rip it from ps2 game??
    Thanks before…

    • For most of my video game models, I start with the the original game models and then make a new model on top of them to make them more suited for papercraft.

      I got the original game models for my Kingdom Hearts models using a KH Model Viewer; there is lots and lots of information on the subject in emulation and KH fan forums, a good place to start is here

      Not all the links will be working anymore, but if you look through the forums (not just this one) and search around with Google, you will find everything you need.

      Good luck and have fun!

      • Ok thanks…
        But the I think the viewer can only view for KH games.
        I want get models from other games.Any sugestion??
        BtW how do you make the papercraft?Do you use pepakura designer only?Or with other applications?
        Thanks before..

        • Yes, the KH Model Viewer is specially made for KH games (the newer version is called ModelViewerWX, though, and it also works for Final Fantasy X).

          So for other games, you would need a different model viewer, but I’m afraid that for a lot of PS2 games, there simply aren’t any model viewers, though…

          I don’t know all the games for which you can and can’t find model viewers, but if you’re looking for a specific game’s model viewer, a good place to start are any fan forums of that game.

          If a model viewer for that game does exist, you will probably find some information on it in the fan forums, because fans love to play around with it of course! ;o)

          Good luck and have fun, I hope you can find what you’re looking for!

          • OK.Thanks a lot.
            But you haven’t answer my other question..
            How do you make the papercraft?What software do you use?
            Thanks before..

            • Sometimes I just draw the parts by hand, but for computer-made models I use Metasequoia to make the 3D model and sometimes SketchUp.

              To unfold the 3D models into 2D papercraft parts, I use Pepakura Designer, and to make the final templates, I use Photoshop.

              Pepakura Designer is the most important tool, though: for the other steps, you don’t have to use the exact same software as me of course, you can really just choose any program you like that can do the same. ;o)

  97. Hi, I have just stumbled upon this site while searching for help on a project I want to do.

    I want to do a model of the 2 female characters from the “fear effect” video games.

    So I’ll start by BEGGING you to make one up. I want this so bad.

    Please please please

    • Haha I’m afraid begging won’t help, papercraft is just a hobby of mine so I simply don’t have the time to do requests…

      For many of my papercraft video game models, I use a tool called Pepakura Designer to unfold a 3D model into a 2D template.

      It’s a really easy to use tool, so really anybody could do it! ;o) You could create and use a 3D model of your own of course, but for a lot of games it’s also possible to extract the actual game model and use that as a basis (those aren’t created for papercraft purposes of course, so you will still need to use a 3D program like Metasequoia or Blender or whichever one you’re familiar with to fix/optimize them first).

      I’m not really familiar with Fear Effect, but the best source for information on 3D models for games are fansites and fan forums. You might have to spit through dozens/hundreds/thousands (not kidding! ;o) of “useless” posts to find that one piece of information you’re looking for, but if there is a way, they will know about! ;o)

      Good luck and have fun!

  98. Great models. Just an idea but I have always had trouble making card cylinders. My solution was to buy a cheap set of drill bits to use as formers. This way I can now easily make cylinders with diameters from 1mm to 10mm in 1/2 mm stages.

    • That’s a good tip! I also find pre-shaping curved shapes like cylinders around the back of my X-Acto knife or a toothpick helps a great deal assembling them, and with different size drill bits, you can pre-shape them to pretty much the exact size. ;o)

    i want that u(master of papercraft creations XD) make some weapons from the game S4 League that is very great game if u play it

    • Thank you for the compliment, haha… I saw your Sora in your DeviantArt gallery, I hope you enjoyed making it! ;o)

      I must admit that I didn’t know about the game S4 League, but it looks like kind of an anime-inspired game, which always have nice characters and textures and such. ;o)

      I’m afraid though, that I can’t promise you that I will make some of the weapons from that game… :o(

      I’m afraid I simply already have so many other ideas and only a limited amount of time to spend on my papercraft hobby, that I already can’t do all of them, sorry…

  100. Hi! Ive just finished my viper! thank you very much for that, although some parts were too small I’ve had to improvise…but anyways, its awesome! are you considering Raptor? Because I’d like one standing next to my viper :] also a heavy cylon raider would be cool…Im about to start building the cylon raider youve already made…keep up the good work! I really appreciate it :]

    • Hi there, I’m happy to hear you like your paper Viper! ;o)

      I have a lot of other papercraft ideas as well so I can’t promise you when exactly I’ll make which ones, but I really like Battlestar Galactica, so I’m definately planning on making more models, like the Raptor and other ships, yes.

      Have fun building the Raider!

  101. What kind of printer do you use and would you recomend it for papercraft making?

    • Well, my first printer was a HP Deskjet 3820, and my current one is a HP Photosmart D7160.

      Most modern printers are quite well suited for papercraft, though, but here are some pointers that you might consider when buying one and you’re planning on doing a lot of papercrafting:

      Personally, I like inkjet printers, but a lot of people say laser printers are no problem for papercraft (they work by melting a very thin of layer of plastic powder onto the paper which some people say might crack when you bend or fold the paper…)

      Ink is expensive, so you can have a look around for a brand with a good value for money; nowadays a lot of inkjet printers have seperate ink cartridges for all the seperate colours.

      Most paper models build best when printed on thicker cardstock (I use 200 gsm/110lbs paper, which is about 2.5 times as thick as regular paper). Most modern printers won’t have any problems printing on thicker paper nowadays, but if you’re not sure and can’t find the info, don’t be afraid to ask a salesperson! ;o)

      You probably already thought about these things, though, and I’m sure you will find a printer suited for your needs; printers nowadays can print very good quality pictures, and most of them are perfectly suited for papercraft! ;o)


    Do you have any 3D models of aircraft. I am looking for the Lockheed Electra 10. Thanks.

    • I made some SD aircraft for my Advance Wars series (link) which are based on real life counterparts like the japanese Zero, A-10 Warthog, B-52, and F-117 stealth, but no Lockheed model 10 Electra I’m afraid…

      There are many paper modellers that make papercraft airplanes, though, and I do know there’s an L10 Electra here: link

      On the second page of that gallery, you can find the parts for an Electra model 10A (I think Amelia Earhart flew a modified version, though) but with only a plan view for a rough indication where all the parts go, it’s a very challenging model…!

  103. axelpatachula

    Do you have the version of link Ocarina Of Time, I need it for mac an adult link

    • I made an OoT adult Link riding Epona earlier (link) and I might make one seperately in the future, but I can’t promise you when I’ll finally get around to it, sorry…

      Icthus7 made one as well, though, you can download him here: link

      Have fun building!

  104. Hey,
    Recently I have seen and made your Going Merry ship from One Piece, and it is awesome! XD Is it possible if you can make a Thousand Sunny ship template?

    Thank you :D

    • There’s definately a possibility that I might do some more papercraft One Piece characters and/or ships in the future!

      I have so many other ideas for paper models as well, though, that I really can’t promise you when I might make a new One Piece model right now, sorry…!

  105. Hi, love the advance war stuff, is it possible to create some of the buildings for it when you get the chance? Thanks!

    • It would be fun to make the bases, ports, cities, etc… I think, so I definately might end up doing so! ;o)

      I still have so many units and other paper models that I’d like to do some time, though, that I can’t promise you to do so anytime soon…!

  106. Exceptional work on American McGee’s Alice. Big fan of the game.

    Have you thought about papercrafting the Cheshire cat ? With its half chewed and pierced ears, ribs popping out, etc ? With its tattoos and yellow eyes. Just like in the game. Proportional height relative to Alice, if possible.

    Thank you.

    • Thanks, I’m glad you like my paper Alice!

      An American McGee Cheshire cat to go with Alice is definately on my to do-list, but with all the other ideas I have as well, I’m afraid I can’t promise you when I’ll get around to it…!

  107. What about some of the new things from Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, like that giant tank that has like 5 or 6 cannons?

    • I don’t know about units from Days of Ruin to be honest, it was a real break from the first three Advance Wars games, especially from the graphic style that I liked so much…

      So right now, I’m planning to make the original units from Advance Wars and Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, and also the units from Advance Wars Dual Strike (including the Megatank with 5 cannons ;o)

  108. Well if you get the chance you totally should do the twilight Darknut. It is the most badass lokking character in the series! Imagine building one of these:

  109. Hey, you know what model you should make, the first Darknut from Zelda twilight princess. Is there any chance you’ll ever make that model?

  110. A request

    By any chance could you make the reaverbots from Megaman 64 (Also known as Megaman Legends) There are some amazing things you could make that would make awesome papercraft models, if you need a copy of the game, I can email you the file. (You might have to play it to see some of them, but it’s entirely worth it) I and a lot of fans out there would love those models, I can also provide reference pics.

    The models I would like the most are The Flutter, some of the Bonne’s machines, and some of the reaverbots.

    • Here is a website with the textures, I hope it helps!

    • Sorry for the triple, but here is a site that has pics of the reaverbots, should be useful for assembly, should you decide to do it.

    • Forgot to mention, once I put them together, I’ll take some pics of battlescenes using your Advance Wars Models.

    • Hi there!

      Thanks for the links, I agree that the Mega Man series can be a great source for lots of nice papercraft models!

      I would certainly like to make some Mega Man models in the future, maybe I will do some Reaverbots, but I can’t promise you when I will get to make some Mega Man models right now, sorry…!

      • Quite alright, it’s understandable, in the meantime, I’m trying to rip them out of the emulator and put them in pepakura, I only just learned it yesterday, but I did manage to create the Flutter. It’s not great, but I hope it’s good for a first try, I actually had to paint it myself. XD Here’s the ling to the blog I started to put up some stuff I do.

        • Pepakura Designer is a very userfriendly program, the best way to learn how to use it I think is just by trying it out like you did!

          If you right-click in the development area, there are several extra features to finetune the development. As you play around more and more with Pepakura Designer, you can use your experience to always keep improving on your work! ;o)

          Have fun!

    • Thank you, I hope I do well! :D

  111. hey, i’m sorry for the question but…. are all these papercraft downloads for free? i love them, and really want to build some of them

    • All the papercraft models on my website are free to download: you can use the categorie links on the right or the buttons on the homepage to find the subject that interests you, and underneath each picture you will find the download links for the parts and instructions of that particular model.

      Have fun building!

  112. Hey!
    I love your papercrafts.
    I made all of kindom hearts saga ^^
    I want to obtain a 3D model of an armor of the game Monster Hunter Tri for Nintendo wii
    The armor is the lagiacrus armor.
    I want this 3d model for do a cosplay (costume play) of this armor

    I will be bery happy if you answer me and explain how you can extract the model.

    I think that is possible because you make papercraft of link version of super smash bros brawl.

    Sorry for my bad english

    • Although I made several Links, including one from Super Smash Bros. Melee and one from Twilight Princess (which is pretty much the same one as from Super Smash Bros. Brawl) I haven’t really made the one from Brawl yet, so I can’t tell you how to extract the 3D data from that game…

      I have heard that it is possible to extract the 3D data from certain Wii games on the Nintendo Papercraft forums but they have lost a lot of posts due to problems so I’m not sure if the info is still there (and you’ll have to sign up to access the member only forums).

      But maybe you can find the info elsewhere on the internet as well, or I’m sure somebody can help you if you can’t find it on NP and ask again.

      Sorry I can’t help you any further, good luck and have fun!

      • Thanks!!!!
        Now i am making the cosplay of monster hunter drawing the piece how a papercraft!
        Thank for your help and sorry for my bad english again

        • Do you mean you want to try and draw the parts by hand? If so, then you will first need to find good reference images for all the sides.

          Then it is pretty much “trial-and-error”: you will need to try out the pieces on a 1:1 scale, cutting, curving and folding pieces of paper into the shapes you need, and when you are happy with one part, use tape to temporarily secure it into place.

          You can cut, tape and change the parts until they fit the way you want them to. Do this for all the shapes/parts you need, and then you can carefully take them apart again and draw them again only this time as neat as you can, for the final build.

          For simple shapes it’s not so difficult, but for more complex shapes it’s really a matter to keep trying and fixing the parts until they fit.

          Good luck and have fun!

          • I finished the helmet. I want to post the patron in the website.
            If you want i can to send you images and the drwas

            • You mean the Monster Hunter Lagiacrus armor helmet? I’m afraid I can’t upload it here on my main website, but maybe I could feature it on my weblog. In any case, of course I’d love to see pictures! ;o)

              Have fun!

  113. Hi,
    Can you make any videogame character? For example Tony Montana from ScarFace:The World is Yours
    Or you can only make pc game characters?
    The Scar Face game is from xbox

    • In theory you can really make anything out of paper of course! ;o)

      If you want to make a videogame character using Pepakura Designer, it’s faster if you can use the actual game model as a starting point, but I don’t know if it’s possible to extract the game data from the Scarface game, though, sorry…

  114. hello do you think you could find other legit papercrafts from other anime/video games?

  115. Majikkusakuras

    Omgosh these are soooo adorablely fun!
    It would be awesome if there was a Dalek roaming around the random section! XD Lol but I wants to see if Im even a quarter-awesome at paper like you X3

  116. Hey hello again,

    I’d just like to know what a good cutting tool is for cutting paper for papercrafting.

    I know that you use an x-acto knife in most of your models, but I’m in Australia and I don’t think it’s available here. It seems all the knives that I have aren’t sharp enough to cut through 200gsm paper.

    Any suggestions on a popular brand of knife fit for the job?

    • Although X-Acto knives are sold all over the world, so I’m sure that you could find some in Australia, it’s really just a brand name, and there are many other craft knives of course.

      All of them should be able to cut through 200 gsm, though! Otherwise it’s time to replace the blade, because it is probably dull… ;o)

      Many people use those cheap, break-away blades that you can find in any department store in the hobby section, while other use specialized cutting tools like scalpels.

      But like I said, any craft knife should easily be able to cut through 200 gsm paper. If you’re using a rubber cutting mat, maybe you’re using too much pressure? You only need to cut through the paper, not the cutting mat as well of course, maybe that’s why it’s so difficult to cut?

      I hope you can find a good knife, don’t worry too much about brand names though, in the hobby section of any store you’re likely to find a good, affordable blade!

      Have fun building!

      • Actually, because I don’t have a good knife to cut with (or any craft knife for that matter), I use scissors. I mean it’s all very well, but to cut out some of the circles in the parts sometimes can be difficult. I have to poke holes in them with another sharp object. And some other things like small glueing tabs are a pain to cut out as well.

        Thanks for you help nevertheless. :)

        • Personally, I do prefer a knife above a pair of scissors, but more people use scissors, so don’t worry you’re not the only one! ;o)

          Using a knife is very different from using scissors to cut out papercraft parts, but whether it is *better* different, that’s something only you can decide!

          So I would say: try it out and see what you think of it! ;o)

          Have fun building!

  117. Hey, it’s me again,

    I just wanna inquire about the Advance Wars models.

    I find very frequently that when I’ve done the head and the helmet of the person that the helmet is too big, and therefore hard to glue.
    Any suggestions on how to avoid this?


    • Well, the helmets are supposed to be placed over the heads a little, so if *should* be little bit bigger. Apply a decent amount of glue to the top edge of the edge and then simply place the helmet on top.

      If the helmet is really too big and ends up covering most of the face, maybe you can try making the two ends of the helmet overlap a little more when you glue it together, and/or the two ends of the head a little less.

      That way, the helmet will end up a little smaller and the head a little bigger. ;o)

  118. Hi, I download the MilkShape3D program and I was wondering if you can help me doing my characters, they’re not too difficult because they are like 64 characters, I’m new in this and I just can make a face but I cant’ add textures prettu well and I want to make a game.


    P.S. I wrote my E-mail in the box so you cand send me an e-mail or something.

    • I’m very sorry, but I really don’t have the time to help you with that I’m afraid… But I think since you chose Milkshape as your 3D program, that you can already find lots of tutorials that can help you online, because it is a very popular program!

      There will undoubtedly be many people that have asked the same questions as you before on forums, and many people that will be able to answer your questions. Don’t forget about YouTube either: a lot of people upload free video tutorials there, for Milkshape 3D as well!

      And of course, after all that, don’t forget that it will always be a matter of practice and experience, learning from your earlier tries and improving every time. If you want to learn a skill, you need to invest a proper amount of time of course, so don’t feel bad if you don’t succeed right away!

      Sometimes it can be very frustrating if you know the solution is probably something very simple, and then often, you get *so* frustrated that you can’t get the simplest things to work straight anymore and you start to think that you will *never* succeed and just give up or ask somebody else to do it… ;o)

      Then it is often better to take a break from your project, and then a week or so later, when your head is clear again you can search much more systematical for an answer to your problems, either online with a search term that you never thought of before, or just by figuring it out yourself by playing around with Milkshape and clicking some buttons you never tried before. ;o)

      I’m sorry I can’t really give you more help than this, but I hope you can use some of these tips to help you find an answer to your problems so you can go on with your project yourself!

      Good luck and have fun!

      greetz ninjatoes

      • oK, thanks for your tips, and don’t worry, I’ll search tutorials, can you tell me some page where I can see a Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D models or something?
        Thanks again and keep going with your papercrafts.

        • The best place to see Ocarina of Time models is in the game of course! ;o)

          But with the Zelda series being so popular, I’m sure you can also find some models from the game that you could use for reference online if you do a little searching. ;o)

  119. Hey hello,

    I just wanna say that I like your Advance Wars models very much. I just started papercrafting a month ago or so.
    However, some of your Advance Wars models involving small moving parts and people are hard to put together (especially the head and helmet) because they (and the glue tabs) are rather small. It would be great if you could make your models on a larger scale for ease of construction and for a better end result (I believe that larger papercrafts are easier and quicker to make and look better when they’re done).

    Not to be pedantic, but I notice that not all of the Advance Wars units are available for download yet, such as an Orange Star tank or any helicopters. I understand that you might be busy but it would be nice to have a full range to choose from.


    • Thanks, I’m glad you like my Advance Wars models! When I first started making them, I didn’t want to make them very big, and I chose a scale that I was comfortable with and of course now I want to make all of them in the same scale! ;o)

      I often use tools like a toothpick to pre-shape small parts, which makes them much easier to build. But if you want to print the parts bigger, you are of course free to do so! ;o)

      My papercraft Advance Wars series is an ongoing project, and I regularly make new units. But you’re right, because this is just a hobby of mine (I can’t exactly work on it 24/7… ;o) and making a new paper model is a lot of work, it will take some time before all the units are paperfied. ;o)

  120. Moin Moin!
    Hey..i just wanted to aks, if you have an advice for me about the glue…cuz it has to stick fast but not too fast…i havent found anything like this until now….

    • The glue I use myself is called “Tesa hobbylijm” (or “Tesa All-Purpose Glue” in English).

      It works great for me, but everybody has their own favourite glue, a lot of people use Elmer brand glue (a white PVA glue) or even wood glue, and all kinds of other glues.

      I think the most important thing, is not to use too much glue! Don’t smear on a big puddle of glue, but only a little, and spread it out until it is just tacky/sticky.

      Then when you put on the other part, you will still be able to move it a bit if you need to, but when you press the parts firmly between your fingers, the parts will almost instantly be stuck together.

      Try it with your own glue, and if it really doesn’t work, see what other glues they have at your local stores: most of the times, the glue that they made you use in kindergarten works surprisingly well!

      I hope you’ll find a good glue that works for you, good luck and have fun building!

  121. Hello. I would first like to say that your models are some of the best I have seen on the web, and that the attention to detail is second to none.

    I am a huge fan, and have built most of the Legend of Zelda models my self, my favorite being the SSBM version of link.

    Secondly, I would like to make a request, if possible. I would absolutely love it if you could make a version of link with the magic armor from Twilight Princess. With the amount of detail in your models, this armor would look outstanding in papercraft form.

    Thanks, and keep up the superior work.

    • Thank you for the compliments! I might make a Magic armour Link in the future, but with all the other papercraft ideas I also have, I can’t promise you when, sorry! ;o)

  122. Hi, I think your model are AMAZING. I recently finished American Mcgees Alice and it is, so far, the best and most complicated model I have ever assembled ( I’ll send some pictures later). I had some minnor troubles with it: I took it to a special shot to print it and asked for 160gr paper. The model holds real good, but sometimes the ink falled apart (I guess they used some kind of photo-like ink….is there any other kind of kin I should ask for ? )
    Well, I have a simple request to make: i’ve been searching for a while and I still can’t find a decent Batman Papercraft ! What the hell, the Dark Knight doesn’t have a cool papecraft model (just some cartoonish crap) !?!? I would really appreciate if you can make one ( with fingers and all the pretty details, just like Alice has :D )

    Cheers and keep up the good work ! For the moment I’ll havo satisfy my papercraft-hunger with a nice 23cm Goku papercraft :P

    • Where it says shot you should read shoP
      There are also others misspells, but I can live with them xD

    • It might be the kind of ink that was used, or the paper itself that has a special top layer.

      Basically, there are two kinds of printers: inkjet printers and laserjet printers. Laserjet printers work by basically “melting” miniscule particles of plastic powder (toner) onto the paper (instead of just “spraying” on the ink as a inkjet printer would).

      So if you print an image, you basically end up with a very thin layer of plastic on top of your paper. And you can imagine that when you try to fold and bend it like you need to do when building a papercraft model, it can crack…

      People using laserprints have told me sometimes that that happens to their prints, so if that’s the case, then maybe you could ask them to print it on a regular inkjet printer next time and see if helps?

      It may also be the paper. Some types of paper, like glossy paper, or photo paper, have a laminated glossy or photographic top layer. And again, if you need to bend or fold it, you can imagine that sometimes that top layer lets go of the bottom layers that it’s joined to.

      Although some people say it’s not a problem for them, others say it is, so if they used special glossy or photo paper, maybe you can ask them to use normal paper, that’s thicker than regular paper but doesn’t have a special finish and see if it helps?

      Of course the model won’t have a “shiny finish” after it’s built, but if you like that, you can try spraying it with a thin layer of varnish or lacquer or some similar finish. If you want to try this though, I recommend you test it out on a quick and sloppy “replaceable” build first to avoid ruining one of your good models…! ;o)

      I hope this helps!

      • It was a laserjet printer indeed. I doub’t they have a regular inkjet printer, but I’ll ask. Anyways, I easely solved that problem by simply painting with a regular marker and using some makeup for the skin parts.
        The “shiny finish” is not the only benefit, the most important ones are moist and dust resistance….but thats what the varnish layer is for :) I’ve also read that hair spray fixative should do the trick.
        Thanks for the tips !

        As for the Batman model ? If you don’t like Batman, what about Superman, Green Arrow, Shazam, Zatanna , Green Lantern or Darkseid ? LOL, I want my DC characters papercraft collection :)
        Are you working on any other model …or is it s surprise ?

        • Sorry I forgot all about your Batman question…! ;o)

          But it’s safe to say that I’m a big Batman fan (hence my Batmobile ;o) and a model of the Dark Knight himself is an obvious choice for a new future model of course… ;o)

          Right now I’m working on finishing Twilight Link, and I can’t promise you any dates when I’ll make a Batman model though, sorry…

          I happen to know there’s a very detailed Batman model over at Zealot, made by Kezn, although it doesn’t have any colour and is very difficult to make…! ;o)

          • WOW…that Batman model is superb…and far too complicated. That WAY out of my league.
            I can wait, I dont have any problems. Goku’s model is the next in line. Maybe I’ll try your batmobile next :)
            I’ll keep up checking your site for new awsome models !

  123. what type of paper do you use for your models? These models are AMAZING!!! and i would love to try to make some of them!!!

    • I normally use 200 gsm paper (I think in the US it’s about equivalent to 110 lbs index paper) but no glossy or photo paper.

      But many people use different thicknesses (sometimes normal paper which is about 80 gsm, but most people seem to use 120-160 gsm paper).

      Some people even use different thicknesses for different parts on the same model, and some people do use glossy or photgraphic paper, but I never do.

      So it’s really a matter of finding your own preference. And don’t worry if you can’t find 200 gsm or 110 lbs anywhere near you. If the store where you buy your regular paper doesn’t have it, I’m sure they can order it for you, but if they do have a slightly less thicker paper than that, then try it out and see if you like it! ;o)

      greetz ninjatoes

  124. Hi
    Have u ever plaed MGS?
    Can you make Solid Snake from MGS Twin Snakes?
    That would be awesome <.<
    Love your work keep going!


    • Snake is such an iconic game character, that I’d love to make a model of him, but I can’t promise anything…!

      • Aww, oK, Thanks
        But how did you get the images of the characters?
        Did u use Proj64 or something like that?
        Where can I downloa it?
        I love your work, hope you made more

        • Project64 is a Nintendo 64 emulator, so it only plays N64 games.

          For PC CD-ROM games that use DirectX9 technology, 3D Ripper DX often works pretty well, but not always… ;o)

          And sometimes fans of a particular game (which the Metal Gear series has plenty of ;o) make special model viewers that sometimes lets you convert the 3D model from the game format to a more usuable format for 3D applications. For those you’d have to scour the fansites and forums of the game to find them (if they exist of course).

  125. Hey!
    I love your works, specially the Zelda ones, and I would like that u make a papercraft about that spooky guy in Ocarina of Time, hes name in Majora’s Mask is Grog, is the same in OOT and MM, except that he hair in MM.

    Thank u and sorry for my bad spelling :P

  126. Matthew Zanier

    You rock! I love your mix!

  127. I need a life-sized Keyblade(Keyblade Key) .pdo

    Do you know where I can possibly get one?

    • There is a Keyblade at Chamoo232’s Papercraft Archive but it’s not life-sized I think but you could make it life sized of course.

      I’m not sure if it’s a *.pdo file though, so it might take some extra work, and I think it’s a bit short, so you would have to extend the shaft section a bit, but it should be doable. ;o)

      Good luck and have fun building!

  128. Now I’m proyecting a model onto big cardboards and you can get bigger proportions without any distortion. Only some problems on big flat surfaces… but not serious problems…

    If the piece you want to model exceed the cardboard size.. you can use your own common sense to divide it in some parts..

  129. Hey great work.

    Any ideas or tips on how to enlarge a model without distorting or squishing it in anyway.

    • Thanks for the compliment! ;o)

      I’m not sure what you mean by your question, though… Do you mean when printing the templates how to prevent the printer from stretching the image vertically, but not horizontally (or the other way around?) ?

      On most (if not all) printer software, there is an option that lets you “lock the proportions” of the page you want to print: so that if you change the height, the width automatically changes accordingly as well.

      I’m sure there is such an option on your printer as well (usually the default for that option is “on” so the prints won’t get distorted). But if this wasn’t what you meant, just let me know!

  130. Could you possibly design a Megatank from Advance Wars DS?

    Your models are awesome. Keep it up!

  131. ok i think your awsome ive seen some of your papercrafts but when i try to open um up with my pepakura viewer it dosent do anything same with pepakura designer do know what’s wrong

    • Ah, that’s because the files on my website are not Pepakura PDO files, but PDF files! ;o)

      You will need a free PDF Reader to view and print them, like Adobe Reader.

      Other files on my website may be compressed into ZIP files, which you can open with a free file archiver like 7-Zip. Inside are usually jpeg image files, which you can view and print with almost any image viewer.

      Have fun building!

  132. Austin House

    Can I request a good sized keyblade? ^_^

    BTW, I finished up the zapper!! Here’s a link to my DA pic:

    Thanks again!! YOU ROCK, NINJA GUY!!!

    • I’m not sure what you consider “a good size” of course, but Chamoo232 made a Keyblade earlier: link

      It’s not life-sized though (I think; I don’t know what the size is… ;o) and I think you need to lengthen the shaft a bit because the proportions don’t look quite right.

      Your NES Zapper looks great! Only yesterday you were working on the trigger and now you already completed it, you’re a pretty fast builder (or I’m just a very slow one… ;o)

  133. Austin House

    Having some trouble with parts 29-31 and 36 of your Zapper model. The parts are so small and the instructions are kinda unclear on exactly how the little “screwhole” goes… Please help!

    • Haha yeah it was a long time ago already, but seeing the instructions, I think I forgot to take a picture when I assembled the “screwhole” parts 29 and 30 and only found out about it after the gun was finished…….. ;o)

      Part 29 needs to be made into a cylinder, with the red color in the inside. Then you need to valleyfold all the small glueing tabs on part 30 (so that they are pointing up) so that you can glue part 30 to the straight end of part 29.

      The screwhole will now have a top half that has a roundish “flap”, and a bottom half that is more or less straight.

      That bottom half with the flap will need to be glued on the inside of the gunbarrel; that’s what step 14 was all about. You can (kinda…) see that the screwhole is sticking halfway underneath the gunbarrel. Step 16 is a difficult step, so take your time for that one!

      After that, you can assemble part 36 and you will see it has half a hole, where the bottom half of the screwhole fits.

      It’s very difficult to explain in words, so I made a picture of the screwhole and a small schematic (cross-section) that I hope will help!

      Good luck and have fun building!

  134. Anyone know where to find a “Captain N belt-buckle” size NES controller? Workin’ on a Cap costume, and after I build the Zapper from here… yeah X3

  135. no.. not all i want to know how you make a 3d model in Metasequoia (from your drawing to 3d)thax.

    • Oh, you mean making a 3D model from scratch? I usually start with an existing model from a game or something like that, when I need to make a model from scratch (like my NES Zapper) I actually don’t use Metasequoia, but SketchUp… ;o)

      SketchUp is very intuitive to use (much easier than Metasequoia I think) and there are alot of very good (video) tutorials for SketchUp on the official site ( but the best ones are probably on YouTube or elsewhere on personal websites or blogs from people that use it themselves.

      It’s probably very hard to make *great* 3D models with SketchUp *because* it’s so easy, but if it’s only basic 3D modelling you need, SketchUp is very fast and easy to use! ;o)

  136. can you send me a video how to design papercraft from begining and finishing send me at thax before or you can upload it in youtube.

    • A whole video from start to finish would be *a lot* of work (and I think it would also be very boring for you to watch… ;o)

      A lot of people ask me about the way I make my papercraft models, and you can read a bit about it in the comments here and on my weblog ( and DeviantArt account ( already.

      On my weblog, you can also see a lot of my “works in progress”.

      From time to time, I try to give a little insight on the way I make my papercraft models and I will try to make a few more specific tutorials in the future, but I’ll need to find sufficient time to do so first. ;o)

      So all I can say for now, is stay tuned!

  137. what the program you use to design papercraft model.please help me.

  138. Hey, a little question, are you Dutch? Because of the ‘Hobbylijm’ on the pics, I have the same glue. And of the green plate, my sister has the same one… And because of the name in the link: saarloos. ^^

    I have made two papercrafts from you right now and they are SO great!! see the pics on my site ^^ (yes, I’m Dutch ;-) ) greets

  139. Thanks dude and more power! hope i could see one in the future

  140. Please make a model for squall base on his FF8 form please. thank you.

  141. Hi my name is Ravi. i also love making paper crafts. I found out about your site from my dad who helps me find websites that let’s you make paper crafts. i made all the army related stuff and my romm is like an army base. thanks for making this grest stuff, and I’am waiting for new paper crafts to come. thanks and do reply

    • I’m glad you like my models! My goal is to make all the units from Advance Wars, so you might have to find somewhere else to sleep as your room will probably become too crowded with all the models to come… ;o)

  142. I have done almost all of the zelda papercraft. Some turned out great others eh. I’m sure that my beginners level is getting better and will be able to really do well with others.

    I would really like to see a Fierce Diety’s mask to go along with the Majora’s mask. I really liked the game and the papercraft of them. I tried to do fierce diety link but it turned out just ok.

    Thanks and keep up the good work

    • I have so many Zelda models that I’d like to some day, that it’s not funny anymore… ;o)

      I would love to do the masks from Majora’s Mask, but I don’t know when I will have the time… After Ganondorf I think I will do a more complex one again (as if Ganondorf isn’t taking me long enough already… ;o) so maybe I’ll do a few as side projects then.

      No promises though! ;o)

  143. Last week, I found out about your website from the forum of Sprite Stitch. I caught the eye on The King of Red Lions model. I thought that I should give it try.

    I printed on the premium cardstock (Wausau paper 65 lb or 176 g/m square). I can’t remember where, why, how, what I bought for. I had this bunch around in my room. As printing in the backward order, the red color ran low.

    I begun with the hull. While I was building this model, I read some of Hall of Famers about this very same model. Sound like there is more common problem on the lack of weight support.

    Back to building, I notice some uncut pieces that look lack of the support. I mean, look at piece #76 (a platform above boat floor) and piece #87 (black mast base). Both are shallow and no support inside. Also too many “stacking blocks” to glue together. That is why the mast would be lean off. I decided to modify few pieces. The areas that is “stack-glue” are cut into tabs. I created new support open box to put under piece #76 (of course, I measure carefully). When I glued #76, #87, and new support, #87 turned out look like it is a block. I will send you some images when I get this model done. I did not mount #76 to the hull until I got the mast done. I did not realize that “sail canvas” got too heavy because of double paper together. After the complete mast, I mounted to the hull. I glued on the floor of the boat first then I glued rest. I had to hold this platform and the hull for a while. I had used 3 different “super” glues.

    After holding, I placed on the stand to see how it go. I left it overnight. I checked this today. The mast did not bend like others. Only bend slightly on piece #90 (black “joint”). I am starting on the head now. Give me few more days before I will send you some images.

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