Master model list

The first three digits (123xxx) indicate the model’s follow up number in my entire collection.

The last three digits (xxx456) indicate the model’s follow up number in that particular category.

An orange listing means it’s from my Advance Wars series.
A purple listing means it’s from my Battlestar Galactica series.
dark blue listing means it’s from my Final Fantasy series.
brown listing means it’s from my Kingdom Hearts series.
A green listing means it’s from my Legend of Zelda series.
red listing means it’s from my LEGO series.
dark grey listing means it’s from my Star Trek series.
A light green listing means it’s from my Star Wars series.
A pink listing means it’s from my Tomb Raider series.
A light grey listing is for the miscellaneous series with video game, movie and other papercrafts that don’t fit in any of the other categories.

 001001 Samurai Pizza Cats pizza parlour HQ (August 24, 2002) 
 002001 Star Trek Type-10 Shuttlecraft “Chaffee” (July 23, 2003)
 003002 Star Trek “Delta Flyer” (July 28, 2003) 
 004003 Star Trek U.S.S. Defiant NX-74205 (August 13, 2003) 
 005004 Star Trek Danube-class runabout “Rubicon” (September 05, 2003) 
 006005 Star Trek Deep Space Nine (March 29, 2004) 
 007002 One Piece “Going Merry” (August 6, 2004)
 008003 Batman Returns Batmobile (May 18, 2005) 
 009001 Orange Star MD Tank (June 28, 2005) 
 010002 Green Earth MD Tank (July 2, 2005) 
 011003 Yellow Comet MD Tank (July 7, 2005) 
 012004 Blue Moon MD Tank (July 14, 2005) 
 013005 Orange Star Recon (July 18, 2005) 
 014006 Blue Moon APC (July 21, 2005) 
 015007 Green Earth Artillery (July 26, 2005) 
 016008 Yellow Comet Recon (August 2, 2005) 
 017009 Orange Star APC (August 17, 2005) 
 018010 Yellow Comet Tank (August 20, 2005) 
 019011 Blue Moon Artillery (September 2, 2005) 
 020012 Green Earth APC (September 10, 2005) 
 021013 Green Earth Fighter (October 13, 2005) 
 022001 Venetian motorboat (December 24, 2005) 
 023002 Snowmobile (December 28, 2005) 
 024003 Great White shark (January 1, 2006) 
 025001 Young princess Zelda (July 9, 2006) 
 026002 Majora’s Mask (July 11, 2006) 
 027003 Young Link (July 19, 2006) 
 028004 King of Red Lions (August 21, 2006) 
 029004 Nintendo NES Zapper (October 20, 2006) 
 030005 Wolf Link (February 2, 2007) 
 031006 Super Smash Bros. Melee Link (June 12, 2007) 
 032004 Legend Lara Croft (July 23, 2007) 
 033014 Orange Star Bomber (July 30, 2007) 
 034015 Orange Star Artillery (August 11, 2007) 
 035016 Green Earth Recon (August 11, 2007) 
 036001 Rikku (August 28, 2007) 
 037017 Yellow Comet Fighter (September 24, 2007) 
 038018 Blue Moon Anti-Air (September 24, 2007) 
 039002 Auron (October 2, 2007) 
 040005 Indiana Jones (October 31, 2007) 
 041006 X-Men Sword of the Phoenix (November 6, 2007) 
 042007 Disney’s Kim Possible (December 5, 2007) 
 043019 Yellow Comet APC (March 2, 2008) 
 044020 Blue Moon Rockets (March 2, 2008) 
 045021 Blue Moon Missiles (March 2, 2008) 
 046022 Black Hole Neotank (March 9, 2008) 
 047023 Yellow Comet Neotank (March 9, -2008) 
 048024 Green Earth Neotank (March 9, 2008) 
 049025 Orange Star Neotank (March 9, 2008) 
 050026 Blue Moon Neotank (March 9, 2008) 
 051027 Black Hole APC (March 9, 2008) 
 052006 Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D (April 26, 2008) 
 053007 Link & Epona (June 5, 2008) 
 054007 Star Trek U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656 (July 29, 2008) 
 055008  Midna (August 4, 2008) 
 056005 Lara + quad bike (August 15, 2008) 
 057006 T-Rex trophy (August 17, 2008) 
 058003 Yuna (gunner dressphere) (September 6, 2008) 
 059009 Fierce Deity Link (September 21, 2008) 
 060028 Orange Star Rockets (october 26, 2008) 
 061008 American McGee’s Alice (November 21, 2008) 
 062010 Clock Town schnauzer (December 12, 2008) 
 063029 Green Earth Cruiser (December 24, 2008) 
 064030 Orange Star Stealth (December 29, 2008) 
 065031 Blue Moon Stealth (December 30, 2008) 
 066032 Green Earth Stealth (December 30, 2008) 
 067033 Yellow Comet Stealth (January 1, 2009) 
 068034 Black Hole Stealth (January 1, 2009) 
 069011 Great King of Evil Ganondorf (Janaury 11, 2009) 
 070001 Kurt Zisa (January 31, 2009) 
 071002 Cloud Strife (March 28, 2009) 
 072035 Black Hole MD Tank (April 5, 2009) 
 073009 Buffy Summers, the Vampire Slayer (April 30, 2009) 
 074012 Romani Ranch mule (May 13, 2009) 
 075013 Cremia’s wagon (May 23, 2009) 
 076014 Zora armor Link (June 6, 2009) 
 077036 Orange Star Missiles (July 12, 2009) 
 078007 Extreme Depth Suit (July 25, 2009) 
 079010 Homer Simpson (August 9, 2009) 
 080008 T-Rexes (August 22, 2009) 
 081004 Lulu’s Moomba doll (September 27, 2009) 
 082037 Yellow Comet Artillery (October 10, 2009) 
 083003 Oogie Boogie (October 30, 2009) 
 084015 Hero of Twilight (December 12, 2009) 
 085038 Black Hole Missiles (December 21, 2009) 
 086039 Black Hole Rockets (December 21, 2009) 
 087009 Underworld wetsuit (December 30, 2009) 
 088001 Viper Mark II (January 23, 2010) 
 089040 Black Hole Tank (February 4, 2010) 
 090005 Lulu’s Cait Sith doll (February 24, 2010) 
 091011 Pokémon #319 Sharpedo (March 5, 2010) 
 092016 Kotake & Koume (April 4, 2010) 
 093041 Blue Moon Recon (April 17, 2010) 
 094004 Sora (may 31, 2010) 
 095002 Cylon Raider (July 20, 2010) 
 096042 Black Hole Recon (August 11, 2010) 
 097017 Clocktown Postman (September 25, 2010) 
 098043 Green Earth Tank (October 16, 2010) 
 099012 WarCraft III Undead Graveyard (October 29, 2010) 
 100013 Paper Mario 3D (December 24, 2010) 
 101001 LEGO Kapitein Knoest (Captain Redbeard) (March 11, 2011) 
 102044 Orange Star Fighter (March 18, 2011) 
 103006 Lulu (June 4, 2011) 
 104002 LEGO M:Tron astronaut (July 23, 2011) 
 105045 Yellow Comet Megatank (August 6, 2011) 
 106046 Orange Star Megatank (August 6, 2011) 
 107047 Blue Moon Megatank (August 12, 2011) 
 108048 Green Earth Megatank (August 12, 2011) 
 109049 Black Hole Megatank (August 12, 2011) 
 110003 LEGO Ghost (August 19, 2011) 
 111018 Captain Linebeck (September 26, 2011) 
 112004 LEGO Blacktron II astronaut (October 8, 2011) 
 113010 Young Lara Croft vignette (December 21, 2011) 
 114050 Yellow Comet Rockets (January 10, 2012) 
 115051 Yellow Comet Missiles (January 10, 2012) 
 116014 The Animated Series Batman (February 5, 2012) 
 117015 The New Batman Adventures Batman (February 10, 2012) 
 118005 LEGO Forestman (black) (March 15, 2012) 
 119006 LEGO Forestman (red) (March 15, 2012) 
 120007 LEGO Forestman (blue) (march 15, 2012) 
 121008 LEGO Forestmen leader (March 15, 2012) 
 122052 Orange Star Tank (April 2, 2012) 
 123019 Young Skyward Impa (May 19, 2012) 
 124001 Star Wars TIE-fighter (August 5, 2012) 
 125009 LEGO 6009 Black Knight (August 28, 2012) 
 126053 Orange Star Lander (September 7, 2012) 
 127016 World of WarCraft Harvest Golem (October 31, 2012) 
 128020 Adult/Menu Link (November 10, 2012) 
 129054 Black Hole Pipeline (December 9, 2012) 
 130055 Black Hole Pipeseam (December 9, 2012) 
 131056 Blue Moon Piperunner (December 9, 2012) 
 132057 Orange Star Piperunner (December 9, 2012) 
 133058 Yellow Comet Piperunner (December 9, 2012) 
 134059 Green Earth Piperunner (December 9, 2012) 
 135060 Black Hole Piperunner (December 9, 2012) 
 136010 LEGO 7140 Luke Skywalker (rebel pilot) (January 20, 2013) 
 137061 Black Hole Anti-Air (February 9, 2013) 
 138017 South Park Chef (March 4, 2013) 
 139062 Blue Moon Fighter (April 7, 2013) 
 140021 Octoroks (April 26, 2013) 
 141063 Blue Moon Lander (May 18, 2013) 
 142011 40 Fathoms Lara vignette (May 26, 2013) 
 143064 Black Hole Pipebend (June 15, 2013) 
 144011 LEGO Gouverneur Grootzeil (Governor Broadside) (July 20, 2013) 
 145065 Orange Star Anti-Air (August 10, 2013) 
 146007 Yuffie (October 20, 2013) 
 147012 Mummy Attack vignette (October 31, 2013) 
 148066 Orange Star Infantry (November 30, 2013) 
 149067 Blue Moon Infantry (December 7, 2013) 
 150068 Green Earth Infantry (December 14, 2013) 
 151069 Yellow Comet Infantry (December 20, 2013) 
 152070 Black Hole Infantry (December 28, 2013) 
 153018 Royal Netherlands Navy Walrus-class submarine (March 2, 2014) 
 154071 Yellow Comet Mech (April 12, 2014) 
 155072 Orange Star Mech (April 12, 2014) 
 156073 Blue Moon Mech (April 12, 2014) 
 157074 Green Earth Mech (April 12, 2014) 
 158075 Black Hole Mech (April 12, 2014) 
 159012 LEGO C-3PO (2012) (June 28, 2014) 
 160013 LEGO 14k Gold C-3PO (June 28, 2014) 
 161076 Blue Moon Tank (August 23, 2014) 
 162013 Thames Wharf Lara vignette (October 26, 2014) 
 163022 Skull Keeta (October 31, 2014) 
 164077 Blue Moon Cruiser (December 13, 2014) 
 165023 Chancellor Cole (June 13, 2015) 
 166078 Green Earth Rockets (July 19, 2015) 
 167079 Green Earth Missiles (August 8, 2015) 
 168014 LEGO Pirates treasure map ( September 9, 2015) 
 169080 Yellow Comet Sub (October 17, 2015) 
 170081 Blue Moon Sub (October 25, 2015) 
 171014 Atlantean Double vignette (October 31, 2015) 
 172082 Green Earth Sub (November 15, 2015) 
 173083 Black Hole Sub (November 28, 2015) 
 174084 Orange Star Sub (December 5, 2015) 
 175015 LEGO MOC Indiana Jones (April 24, 2016) 
 176085 Black Hole Cruiser (July 3, 2016) 
 177086 Orange Star Headquarters (November 19, 2016) 
 178087 Yellow Comet Headquarters (July 7, 2017) 
 179088 Black Hole Pipeseam (broken) (October 8, 2017) 
 180089 Green Earth Lander (January 1, 2018) 
 181090 Advance Wars Neutral Base (January 28, 2019) 
 182091 Advance Wars Orange Star Base (January 28, 2019) 
 183092 Advance Wars Blue Moon Base (January 28, 2019) 
 184093 Advance Wars Green Earth (January 28, 2019) 
 185094 Advance Wars Yellow Comet Base (January 28, 2019) 
 186095 Advance Wars Black Hole Base (January 28, 2019) 

 187015 Home Sweet Home vignette (July 9, 2019) 
 188016 LEGO Pirates Monkey Spinoza (August 24, 2019) 
 189024 Ganon’s Puppet Zelda (October 1, 2019) 
 190019 Dungeon Keeper 2 Horned Reaper (October 31, 2019) 
 191008 Iron Giant (November 16, 2019) 
 192008 Star Trek Galileo 5 transport shuttle (December 9, 2019) 
 193096 Advance Wars Black Hole Artillery (December 31, 2019) 
 194016 Angel of Darkness save icon vignette (January 12, 2020) 
 195005 Kingdom Hearts Leon / Final Fantasy Squall Leonhart (February 22, 2020) 
 196020 Grim Fandango Manny Calavera (March 24, 2020) 
 197021 Escape From Monkey Island Guybrush Threepwood (April 19, 2020) 
 198017 LEGO 10188 Darth Vader (Death Star torso) (May 4, 2020) 
 199097 Advance Wars Black Hole Black Bomb (June 3, 2020) 
 200098 Advance Wars Yellow Comet Black Bomb (June 3, 2020) 
 201099 Advance Wars Green Earth Black Bomb (June 3, 2020) 
 202100 Advance Wars Blue Moon Black Bomb (June 3, 2020) 
 203101 Advance Wars Orange Star Black Bomb (June 3, 2020) 
 204017 Tomb Raider 3 Lara Dinosaur Hunter vignette (July 11, 2020) 
 205009 Final Fantasy IX Beatrix (August 15, 2020) 
 206022 Warcraft III Spiders (October 31, 2020) 
 207025 The Legend of Zelda Tetra (November 29, 2020) 
 208018 LEGO Wind-up Toy Soldier (December 25, 2020) 
 209102 Advance Wars Yellow Comet Anti-Air (February 28, 2021) 
 210018 Tomb Raider 3 RX-Tech Mines vignette (May 22, 2021) 
 211019 LEGO 6592 Vacation Hideaway (July 10, 2021) 
 212023 “Quakeguy” (1996) (August 6, 2021) 
 213024 Unreal “Prisoner 849” (1998) (September 25, 2021) 

  1. TY very much , i just foud your site .Its great .Again ty !!!

  2. nice work! i´m a papercraft fan and your job is amazing;
    i prefer lego papercraft, wish you work more on them!

    • Thank you for the compliments, I’m happy to hear you like my papercraft works!

      I really like making the papercraft LEGO minifigs, so I definitely want to make more of them in the future too. I can’t promise you when exactly or which ones, but when I make a new one, I will put it with the others on my papercraft webpage here of course, so stay tuned! ;o)

  3. What kind of paper is the best paper that i can use for printout ?

    • That’s really a personal choice, I always use 200 gsm (“grams per square meter”) paper, which is about 2.5x as thick as regular printer paper (regular printer paper is usually about 75-80 gsm).

      The thicker the paper you use, the stronger your finished paper model will be, but lots of other people like to use 120 gsm paper, or 160 gsm, and other people do like to use regular printer paper.

      Some people also like to use glossy/photo paper, which is usually a bit thicker than regular paper too, and that has a nice “shine”.

      Sometimes if you ask nicely in the store, they can let you try out a few sheets, because usually you have to buy a whole pack of course. But trying it out is really the best way to find out if you like the paper, so you can try anything from 120-160-(200) gsm paper (most people use 160 gsm I think).

      I’m sorry I can’t give you a definitive answer, but I’m sure once you’ve built a few models, you will have a good idea which kind you like best! ;o)

      Have fun building!

  4. how about some battalion wars :D

    • Papercraft is only a hobby of mine, so I really can’t promise which paper models I’ll end up making in the future (because I don’t even know yet myself ;o)

      I do plan on making all the units from the Advance Wars 1, 2 and Dual Strike games, but even that is an ongoing project for many years already, and I still have a lot of them to do…! ;o)

  5. Hi I was wondering who the women next to wolf link is on the top photo thanks :D

  6. could you make an Uncharted papercraft character?

  7. When you get around to it, could you make the different forms of link from majoras Mask? Like deku link, Goron link, and zora link. Thank you!

  8. Do Twilight series charaters. I’m realy big Twilight saga fan !

  9. Please do all the Happy Mask shop masks from Ocarina of Time! And some monsters would be cool! A wolfo!

    • I’m a big Zelda fan and making all the masks is a neat idea, but papercraft is just a hobby of mine, so I can’t promise you that I’ll make all the masks…

      There are already quite a few papercraft Zelda masks made by other people that you can make though:

      And maybe you can find some more paper Zelda masks if you look around on other papercraft websites, because there are a lot of Zelda fans that also like papercraft! ;o)

      The same goes for the Wolfos: I’d definitely like to make some papercraft Zelda monsters in the future, but I can’t promise you which ones…

      Paperzelda made a white Wolfos before:

      They made a regular, brown one too if I’m correct, but I think they removed it from their weblog… :o( But maybe you can ask them about it?

      I’m sorry that I can’t promise you to make the paper models you want, but I hope you can find some papercraft Zelda models to keep you busy, but I’m sure you can! ;o)

      Have fun building!

  10. Please make more zelda,and can you do xiaolin showdon?how do you do them?what programas do you use,i want to do my own but i dont know hoe :( btw nice fierce deity,i have made it :)

    • I’m afraid I never watched Xiaolin Showdown, so I don’t know if I’ll make paper models from that series, but I’ll definitely make more Zelda models! (but I can’t promise you when or which ones yet…)

      Sometimes I make my paper models by hand (like my Star Trek and Advance Wars series, my Star Wars TIE-fighter and several of my “miscellaneous” models), but most game models were made using the original game models a basis (sometimes very smart fan makes a 3D extractor for his favourite game) and then re-building them in a 3D program (you can really use any 3D program you like or that you’re familiar with for that step, I often use Metasequoia and sometimes Sketchup for making models from scratch) so you can unfold them into 2D papercraft parts using a program like Pepakura Designer (several popular 3D programs like Blender and Sketchup have fanmade “unfold” plugins too).

      Although I simply don’t have the time to write a full tutorial I’m afraid, you can see my process regarding how I make my papercraft models (both handmade and made with Pepakura Designer) in the “works in progress” section on my papercraft weblog:

  11. I seriously want to know how you make paper models hand drawn

    • That’s really just a matter of breaking down the model you want to make into separate parts in your head, unfolding the separate parts in your head, and then drawing the unfolded shapes onto a piece of paper.

      For simple shapes like boxes, pyramids, cylinders etc. that’s easy of course, and for more complex shapes it just takes a little bit experience to imagine what they look like flat.

      I always test build my papercraft models, so I can see which parts need to be trimmed, adjusted and fixed. Especially on my hand drawn models of course, it’s often a lot of work to make everything fit properly.

      On my papercraft weblog, you can see the “work in progress” for my hand drawn papercraft models like my Advance Wars models (link) or the Star Wars TIE-fighter I made a little while ago: link

      So in short: it’s often really just a matter of trial and error, keeping adjusting everything until it fits! ;o)

  12. Can’t you do more Zelda Costumes? like his gold armor and fire armor, and maybe Sheik and some Gorons and Zoras

  13. couldnt you du some weapons please i need becuse my brother wants some ps i really like thiss site its awesome!

    • The only life-sized “weapon” I made so far is the Nintendo NES Zapper lightgun so far: link (not counting the swords etc. that some of my papercraft video game characters are holding of course, because those are just small versions).

      But to be honest, with all the ideas I already have, I’m afraid the chance that I’ll make more life-sized weapons is very small, sorry…

      There are really a lot of other people that do make (life-sized) weapons though, like some science fiction ones from Jan Rükr (link, in the Aliens and Bonus section), World of Warcraft (link), some medievial weapons (link), or lots of contemporary guns (but difficult to make!) from this archived version of Kamikuzu’s site: link (the site is gone now, but many links still work on this archived version, and you can also find Kamikuzu’s papercraft guns on lots of other sites if you like them).

      And of course like I said, there many more sites with papercraft weapons, way too many to mention them all here! ;o)

  14. Do you use pepakura designer?

    • Not for all my models (many of them are just drawn by hand) but for the ones I make using the computer, I use Pepakura Designer to unfold a digital 3D model, yes. ;o)

      • ninjatoes coolest fan, abdul

        whatch xiaolin showdown and mke a model please

        • I’m sorry to have to disappoint my coolest fan ;o) but I’m afraid I really don’t have the spare time to do specific requests for people… :o(

          Papercraft is only a hobby of mine that I can only do in my spare time, and I have so many ideas that I’ve been wanting for such a long time already but couldn’t find the time for yet, that I really can’t promise you that I will also make all the models that other people would like… :o(

          Nowadays there are a lot of people that like to make papercraft models though, and although I don’t remember seeing any Xiaolin Showdown models myself unfortunately, maybe somebody will make them in the future!

          I’m sorry I can’t help you better than this…!

  15. Hi Ninjatoes!!
    Love you models and great instructions. Will you be doing an Constitution class Refit Enterprise and an A model of the original? would love to see those!!

    ps sorry if this question was asked already

    Neil Dean

    • Although it’s been a long time since I made a Star Trek model, I’d definately like to make some more some time!

      I can’t promise you which ones, sorry, but for a papercrafting Star Trek fan, there are a lot great papercraft models to be found already:

      The SF Papercraft Gallery has some really nice models including a TOS era NCC-1701-A, and the The Lower Hudson Valley E-Gift Shop has an original NCC-1701.

      There are a lot of TOS models out there, too many to mention here: sites like Paper Hollywood and Zealot have done a good job of compiling lists of papercraft Star Trek sites, but even they are not complete, so keep looking for the one you want and maybe you’ll find it!

      Have fun building!

  16. very nice models, i like the adwanced wars ones…
    i want to use them for playing advanced wars like a board game
    could u make some more? maybe the Tanks for al the races?
    or the infantry?

    would be nice to build them and let them fight till death XD

    • I’m planning on making all the units from Advance Wars, Black Hole Rising and Dual Strike, so that will definately include all the tanks and infantry!

      It’s an ongoing project, though, because papercraft is just a hobby of mine and I have so many ideas for other paper models as well of course! ;o)

      I actually have an Orange Star Fighter in the works right now, but I can’t promise you when I’ll get to make all the other units…

      • For the moment i use spotter from the Orange Star Rocket Launcher as Infatry unit.
        i put his arms in a diffrent position and gave him a little gun XD

        • Several other people actually did the same thing! I still have a long way to go before I can finish all the units from the first three Advance Wars games, but slowly but surely I’ll get there! ;o)

  17. hola kisiera k m mandaran los pasos para armar la tripulacion de luffy de one piece m super urge kiero k mi esposo termine su tripulacion es super fan plis ayudenme
    los felicito por los modelos k manejan stan super padres

    • Although I’d love to make some more One Piece models in the future, for now I only made the “Going Merry” yet.

      Papercraft Museum has several links to One Piece paper models here, and there are even more to be found online! ;o)

      Have fun building!

  18. TY for the Twinrova I was the one who first suggested.
    Thx for ending the wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Yeah, I have so many ideas for paper models, that it often takes a long time before I get around to it… ;o)

      I’m glad you like Koume and Kotake, have fun building!

  19. I think you’re cool for being able to make these and I think you’re awesome for making it free. I’d ask you to marry me, but gosh darn it, I’m already married.

    I’m trying to make a 3d paper model of a corset and a dressmaker’s mannequin. I can’t seem to make it work. Would you be able to look at my design and tell me what’s wrong?

    • Well, you’re always welcome to ask me for some tips if you think I can help, but I’m always pretty busy, so I can’t promise you I will have much time to look at your files to be of much help! ;o)

      It also depends on what you’re planning to do with the papercraft files and the model in the end; will it be life sized, or just a small scale model like 30 cm tall or something like that?

      Are you using Pepakura Designer and a 3D model? If so, did you find it somewhere online, or did you make it yourself? Especially if you want to make it pretty small, a lot of work has to be done in the 3D editing stage, simplifying the 3D model in preparation for Pepakura Designer (see this link for an example of what I mean) so make sure you know some basic 3D modelling if this is the case! ;o)

      If you want to send me your work, please give some information about your project too (and don’t be discouraged if it takes a few days for me to answer… ;o)

      greetz ninjatoes

      • Hi I’m surprised you responded. No one has ever responded to me!

        What I am wanting to make is like a little table top dress mannequin like the one here:

        But out of paper -obviously. It’s just something pretty I’d like to sit on my desk. I prefer that to a blonde secretary -HA HA HA!

        I\m quite partial to the look of this one here:

        Pepa-who-ha? I\m not familiar with that one. I’m just using inkscape. That sounds pretty intimidating. Is it a free program offered on the web?

        I’ll send you my design through your contact button thingy. I’m just afraid right now, I’ll lose this message if I click on that “contact” button.

        Thank you!!!

  20. exact. it´s that dante model. i was that day so excitet about it (and happy, that it is not from DMC3, becouse dante looked gay in it) and i always wanted a real-life-size figure (that kind, that are always in the big game shops as for decoration) it is gonna be some sort of my own boyfriend (that is, that i am telling my friends, just for fun ^^ )
    well, he probably will not cary my heavy bags from the supermarket up to the 4th floor, but he wont go on my nerves eather ^^

    *wondering how many mistakes are in these sentenses XD *

  21. long time ago… i started a really stupid thing… T_T omg
    *narf* to do that pieces is taking so much time, it is killing me X.x
    only the legs and the coat (and the “finish”) are missing =)
    (oh, and his sword and pistols. ((actually the pistols are just rectangles, but nevermind =D )) )

    just wanted to give a little update.
    if you interested, i can mail you a mail.. i mean… a pic in a mail o.Ô

    and when i finished it, i am gonna get the world domination *muaha*

    ps: it looks a little bit crap. the face, the hair, the glue… (:

  22. Haha, I already thought you meant 180 cm, but I wasn’t sure, it just made more sense if your goal was to make it lifesized (280 cm would be over-lifesized ;o)

    Good luck with the scaling up, reinforcing it from the inside will probably need to be done, but at 180 cm, maybe the reinforcing is going to need reinforcing, so make sure you have a good plan! ;o)

    Good luck and have fun!

    greetz ninjatoes

  23. omg…oooh, i´m so stupid. just finished the head and measured it and after all the calculating (wanted to see how big it will get in the end, becouse i just scaled everything by x4) i remembered something about 280 in my head… and i wondered ^^ (wtf? 280??? )
    sorry, i was talking about 280, but thinking all the time about 180cm

    280 wouldn´t fit in my room too :)
    and it would look really scary. even now it is some kind of scary. (i mean this white, so far textureless, head)
    but the idea with the stabilisation from inside is really good. absolutely forgot about that o.O

  24. At 2.80 m, I’m sure it’s a pretty impressive figure indeed! And of course if you want to and have the means to do it, you should just try it. ;o)

    A 2.80 m paper model scaled up from a small model will need serious reinforcing on the inside I think (and you might get some enironmentalists on your tail because of the trees that need to be cut down to make the amount of paper it would require… ;o)

    I never tried something like that, but then again, at 2.80 m, it wouldn’t even fit in my room…

  25. okay. i understand ;)
    so than do what you want.
    i know the problem with the request, becouse sometimes people ask me “hey, paint this or that for me” and i say “aaaaah…yeah…..erhm… some…time….in a while… in the next 10 months i will probably do it….. if a have the feeling to do it” ^^
    by the way, don´t think that i´m a pinky 13 teeny girly. its more like 23 (with thy mind of 17)
    and second thing: i get since yesterday so adicted to this real life 2,80 figure that i actually really do it ^^
    my prob is, that i love to do stupid things the more, the more stupid they are (unless the are not too expesive)

  26. No, the jokes are OK ^^

    About the almost 3m… i don´t know eather XD
    this way or the other i would make the figures in theyr normal sice (~30cm)
    and after that try to scale up the pages, glue them together (of course i don´t have a DinA2 Printer) and all this on harder paper. Maybe even all in White, and after the build coloring it by my self. And than I would dance around and adore them (( nurse… coud you please give this girl her pills?! hurry! 2xdosis ))

    ehm… yeah… i don´t know ^^
    but for a vergil (ingame style) i would even pay you! nobody has it oO (okay, in a weak i nowhere found it)

    as for Ifrit. I like the style from ff8 the most. that´s becouse i asked espacially for this one. but it was just an idea. i thout it would be a nice model.
    same goes for anubis and jehuty from zone of the enders, but i have already seen, that some guy is working (more or less) on them. so i just wait.

    ok, enough text. ^^

    [submit comment]

    • Hm, you do sound like you’re a little… mental like that…

      But aren’t we all? ;o)

      If I ever make a Vergil model, you won’t have to pay me for it. ;o) But I’m afraid I don’t really want to work on commission/request… It would take away much of the fun for me…

      But it’s no secret that I’m a big Final Fantasy fan, so an Ifrit is not so unlikely. And who knows what Final Fantasy version I might choose to make it from? It probably depends which one I’ll be playing then. ;o)

  27. Hi

    first of all: your models are great! and your instructions: *lol*
    they are verry detailed. thats good! (and funny somehow ^^ you need something to cut and something to be cut )

    But i am searching for a dante or vergil model too (in 280cm high ^^ ).

    On i havent found this dante, what you have written about. (and i could buy them cous its… korea(?) )

    I also would be happy about Ifrit from FF8

    I would make these models by my own, but i dont have any experience with the 3d program :/

    Maybe, if you have some time and nothing else to doo… … :)

    • Haha yeah, sometimes when it’s late, I start making bad jokes haha…

      Are you sure about the 280 cm model…? That’s almost 3 meters! Were you planning on scaling up the existing model?

      The one from was a commercial model, I think at first as a bonus with a special edition from the Devil May Cry 2 game, but also sold seperately.

      You can still find it sometimes on online shops, or on Ebay, but it is quite rare now.

      The Ifrit I was planning is from FFX, but it might be a while before I get around to making it… A FF8 version is also a possibility, if I get in a FF8 mood. ;o)

  28. Hi there. Nice site, great collection. I’ll build some and will send you the pic. It will be cool if you have Dante from DMC. I’ve seen it somewhere….. …..

    • I think the Dante paper model you’re talking about is the one from That was a pre-printed kit, I think it may have been a bonus with one of the games at some time, but I think it was also sold seperately at one point.

      No doubt somebody had the idea to scan it before cutting it to pieces. ;o)

  29. Just found your site and downloaded everything! Can’t wait to start building. Thank you so very much for taking the time and putting in the effort of doing this. you are both a gifted genius to know how, and a generous benefactor for letting us “lessers” enjoy the fruits of our mutual labours, although the labours are primarily yours!.
    Paper cuttingly yours…

    Thank You


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