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rotating Kurt Zisa by Dan Hilse

17-07-2010: Dan made this animated gif to show off his Kurt Zisa from all angles! He did the same for his Zora armor Link, but to see that one, you will have to visit his DeviantArt gallery: link

18-04-2010: Dan did a great job building Kotake and Koume! Using a barely visible piece of string, he made it look like they’re really flying around in his room!

At least that’s what I think he did; for his sake, I hope they’re not real witches…!

17-12-2009: This is Dan showing off his freshly mown lawn. ;o) He didn’t say though whether he did it himself, or that Link has a bag full of Rupees, Potions and Hearts right now…! ;o)

22-11-2009: Zora armor Link is Dan’s first build from Twilight Princess. He said he took extra care building that one and it really paid off, because it looks “really good!”

20-11-2009: By now, Dan has plenty of papercrafting practice! ;o) Printed off and assembled in just two days, Dan’s other models don’t seem to be scared by his new Oogie Boogie (maybe they know it’s just a paper one…?)

05-09-2009: Speaking of Dan’s other models, this Kurt Zisa really is a great build: it looks wonderful, but that’s not surprising because he had a lot of practice! ;o)

23-08-2009: And let’s not forget Homer Simpson as part of Dan’s paper model collection as well!

06-06-2009: Taking a break fom building Final Fantasy models, Dan also built not on, not two, but several of my Zelda models! In the picture he sent me, you can recognize young Link, princess Zelda herself, Majora’s Mask and the Clock Town Schnauzer of course.

I know you’ve never seen the darker dog, because that’s Dan’s own recolor of the Clock Town Schnauzer to make it look like the common ones found at night at Hyrule Castle in Ocarina of Time!

02-06-2009: And here’s another one for Dan to be proud of: it’s Cloud Strife Kingdom Hearts style! It’s looking at least as good as Auron, maybe it has something to do with the motivation he got from watching his brother play Final Fantasy 7 while he built it? ;o)

23-05-2009: This is Auron, built by Dan Hilse. Dan says he had “a lot of fun building it!” and he’s “really proud of the results!” and really, who wouldn’t be? ;o)

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Zelda models by Francesco de Renzio

04-07-2010: More papercraft Zelda goodness from Francesco, this time it’s Koume and Kotake, the two witches!

05-06-2010: Francesco sent me new pictures of Fierce Deity Link, Wolf Link, and Link & Epona!

04-01-2010: I was right in assuming Francesco not being done with papercraft yet, because as you can see now he has also built Link, the Hero of Twilight!

31-08-2009: Francesco is a big Zelda fan and here’s the proof: he built all these papercraft models!

Zora armor LinkGanondorf, the King of Red Lions (including Josh Darrah’s Great Sea stand!) Majora’s Mask, Midna, young Link and young princess Zelda as well!

And I have a feeling he’s not done yet… ;o)

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora by Kupo

01-07-2010: building this Sora was a lot more time consuming for Kupo than building chibi Sora (second picture from the bottom in this post) but judging from the pictures, it was worth it! ;o)

22-05-2010: Kupo has been really busy papercrafting all kinds of models since last time, besides building American McGee’s Alice, he also expanded his Blue Moon army with a Stealth Fighter and APC: picture

And that’s only a fraction of the new models that he built! You can see many more of them of them on his own weblog here, including some close-ups of Alice, and some papercraft projects of his own; be sure to check it out! ;o)

08-02-2010: When you’re done gazing at the two robots and Kupo’s hand-made Pokéball in this picture, what do you think of his Neotank build? I think it looks pretty good!

He even made a video showing how the legs move with the mechanism inside: link

Kupo also built several of my Zelda models (picture 1 | picture 2) and as you can see, he likes building all kind of models from other people as well, so check out his weblog (and works-in-progress-blog) to see all his other builds!

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Epona, wolf Link & “Going Merry” by Nizier

16-06-2010: Today, I received a whole bunch of pictures from 18 year old Nizier from France!

He made several papercraft models as gifts for friends, and the first one was wolf Link. It was difficult to make, but Nizier tells me he really liked it, so I’m glad to hear that! ;o)

I think Nizier’s second papercraft gift was to either a Zelda fan or to a horse lover (or both, of course ;o) because it is Link’s trusty horse Epona: picture 1| picture 2picture 3

And the third one was the “Going Merry”, which is also a pretty difficult model because it has many small parts: picture 1 | picture 2 | picture 3

It’s easy to see that Nizier spent a lot of time and care on these gifts, and his friends were very happy to recieve them!

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Sora by Carlos Gomez

04-06-2010: only a few days after I released it, Carlos already sends me a picture of Sora!

08-04-2009: Carlos strikes again! This time not with a Zelda model, but with his favourite character from his favourite RPG, Cloud Strife! You can see the picture here: picture 2

18-09-2007: the first picture that Carlos “Charly” Gomez (“MasteR”) from Mexicali (Baja California) in Mexico sent me, shows you what a big Legend of Zelda fan he is!

He built not one, not two, but all of my Zelda models, which include some of the most challenging ones I have to offer.

It took him something like three months, but from what I can see, it was definately worth the effort!

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Zelda models by randomzeldafan

26-05-2010: Randomzeldafan from Scotland, UK, sent me this picture of Super Smash Bros: Melee Link, one of the most challenging models on my papercraft webpage!

But some of you might not even be that surprised to see what a great job she did with some of those really tiny parts, because you might know randomzeldafan from when she made the made the smallest Hero of Twilight I’ve ever seen: link ;o)

As you can see in this picture though, she also went on to build the regular sized version. ;o)

And she didn’t stop there: she also built Zora armor Link, Link riding Epona, and those are just my models!

On her own weblog, fittingly called FoldFingers, you can see many more models from other papercraft creators built by randomzeldafan, so be sure to check it out!

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Zelda models by Jen

11-04-2010: Jen had built several of my paper models before (Link & Epona, young princess Zelda and young Link as seen in the back row) but the front row shows her latest additions!

Instead of choosing which version with which head to build, after a whole week of witch making, Jen has built not one, not two, not even three, but four Koume/Kotake models!

I hope the “normal” ones are from Majora’s Mask, so they even out the evil from their Ocarina of Time Twinrova boss form…

Thank you for building these a Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Majora’s Mask & princess Zelda by Jalhalla

07-04-2010: This dangerous looking Majora’s Mask is actually a life-size version from my original smaller version.

It was built by Jalhalla, who also made young princess Zelda! If you want to see bigger pictures of these two paper models, or the other models he built, you can check out his DeviantArt gallery here.

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

The Legend of Zelda Kotake & Koume

092016 The Legend of Zelda Kotake & Koume (04-04-2010)
from: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time / Majora’s Mask video games / size: ± 18,5 cm x 19,5 cm (each)

Kotake parts (1,12 MB PDF file)
Kotake replacement head (373 kB PDF file)

Koume parts (1,16 MB PDF file)
Koume replacement head (376 kB PDF file)

instructions (1,20 MB PDF file)

Google Photos

Epona by Hunter Turner

18-03-2010: Hunter built another one of my Zelda models! Of course you already recognized Link’s trusty horse Epona (who apparantly really wants to play the Nintendo Wii… ;o)

27-01-2010: Hunter Turner proves once again that age doesn’t matter in papercraft, only patience and determination to finish what you started! ;o)

He’s only ten years old and already made my Kingdom Hearts version of Cloud Strife, in just three and a half days!

Hunter also built a very fierce looking Oni Link! He says it’s the flash from the camera that makes it look so intimidating, but maybe it’s just the mysterious powers in the mask…

Excellent work!

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Link & Epona by London Reinhard

31-01-2010: London Reinhard built this Link and Epona, and I think it looks mighty fine! But don’t take my word for it, here’s a picture of the other side, so you can judge by yourself. ;o)

Although not the first, it was London’s most time consuming papercraft model to date, taking at least 12 hours to build. But if you ask me, it was time well spent!

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

Link & Epona by Adam Kozlowski

28-09-2009: Looking ready to ride right onto your desk from the computer screen are Link and Epona, built by Adam Kozlowski!

They’re on a shelf in Adam’s bedroom now, after he built them during the summer. He used 160 gsm paper and I don’t know if they were the first papercraft models he made, but I think they look really good: picture 2 | picture 3

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Zora armor Link by Andrew

23-08-2009: The picture of Zora armor Link that you can see above was sent to me by Andrew.

He’s a really big Zelda fan, as this picture proves: besides ZaL, he also built Ganondorf (that was the first one he made) young Link, Oni Link, the Clock Town Schnauzer and Epona.

He’s getting the hang of it more and more, so it’s nice to hear he’s having so much fun building them!

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Zelda models by Eileena

04-07-2009: Eileena sends me this wonderful group shot of several of my Zelda models!

Of course you recognize young Link and princess Zelda, and adult Link and Epona, posing nicely for the picture.

I wonder what’s got the little Clock Town Schnauzer so interested though; maybe there’s some fish hidden in that Twilight Princess pot over there? ;o)

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Link & Epona by Trarsheise

15-06-2009: Link looks very intimidating from this angle! Trarsheise from Spain was actually looking for some information about the anime One Piece, and when he found the papercraft “Going Merry”  boat on my site, he also discovered my Zelda section!

Being a big Ocarina of Time fan, he decided to build my Link & Epona models: picture

It was his first papercraft model, and I think he did a fantastic job! Of course everyone has the right to their own opinion, but jumping off a cliff on horseback is a bit exaggerated…! ;o)

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Oni Link by vert092

07-06-2009: This time, I received a whole lot of pictures from vert092, and a lot of them weren’t even from one of my models! ;o)

You recognize my Oni Link of course, but vert092 also built Icthus7’s Sheik model and he tells me it’s about the same scale as my Oni Link. And here is a picture of Sheik admiring Oni Link’s double helix sword! ;o)

Two other models vert092 built are Ike (made by RedYoshi over here) and Lyn (made by Haywan Chiu from PaperCraft Museum) from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

SSB:M Link by Abscissa

10-05-2009: I came across her Majora’s Mask, princess Zelda, and young Link on DeviantArt, but Abscissa now sent me a picture of the SSB:M Link she built as well!

SSB:M Link is definately one of my more difficult models, but I think she did a great job! She used regular paper, a pair of scissors, toothpicks and regular glue for her earlier models, but decided to try out cardstock and an X-Acto knife for this one.

Besides papercraft, Abscissa also loves origami and drawing. In her own words: “if I have paper, I’ll never be bored!” ;o)

Be sure to check out her DeviantArt gallery!

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Ganondorf & wolf Link by Travis

13-01-2009: I only uploaded my new Ganondorf papercraft model the day before yesterday, but here’s the first finished build for the hall of fame already!

Travis from London (the one in Ontario, Canada) only just finished Ganondorf, and there’s still some tape on his shoulders to hold the robe in place while it dries.

He built several other of my models before, but some of them “suffered a television related accident” (I found it wise not to ask… ;o) He did send me a picture of his wolf Link though, which has a lot more difficult parts than Ganondorf but I’m glad to hear he’s still happy with how it turned out! ;o)

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

The Legend of Zelda Great King of Evil Ganondorf

069011 Great King of Evil (11-01-2009)
from: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time video game / size: ± 26,5 cm

parts (2,00 MB PDF file)
optional robe (967 kB PDF file)
instructions (1,72 MB PDF file)

some extra help on Ganondorf’s head: 1 | 2
some extra help on Ganondorf’s hands: 1

Google Photos

Link & Epona by Kristelle

17-09-2008: A little while ago, Pierre Janin sent me some pictures and links to build threads of the Final Fantasy models he built.

The papercraft fever must be contagious, because his girlfriend Kristelle also finished one of my paper models now: Epona & Link. And just like for Pierre’s builds, there is a build thread for Kristelle’s one as well at the French speaking Forum en Papier.

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

Zelda models by alikakadri

16-01-2009: of course alikakadri just *had* to build my Schnauzer as well, but somewhere she made a mistake and somehow it ended it up in a sitting position, looking up at the ceiling: picture

She thought others might like to build a sitting Schnauzer as, so she tried to re-create what went wrong: picture 1 | picture 2picture 3

19-09-2008: by now, alikakadri has built almost all my Zelda models! ;o) Here’s Midna on a Rubik’s Cube, Midna Riding wolf Link (nice job painting wolf Link’s “beard”! ;o), Fierce Deity Link (repainted from another papercraft model) and here’s a group shot.

07-09-2008: alikakadri’s latest build is of Epona & Link, and she did a great job painting them again I think! ;o)

28-08-2008: Super Smash Bros. Melee Link is probably the most difficult model I made, and for alikakadri, it was even more difficult!

She could only access the internet at the public library and print a few pages in black and white, so printing the 100+ pictures of my instructions wasn’t really an option, so she decided she would try it without them!

I already added a lot of guides on the template, and it was a big help for her, but I can imagine it must still have been very difficult! But she did a great job building it, and she even painted it by hand to give the black and white prints these nice colours!

A really great job! ;o)

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Link & Epona by Rose M.

14-08-2008: Rose M. from Pueblo (Colorado) was looking for some Triforce earrings online when she found my website and thought it might be fun to try one of my papercraft models.

She built my young princess Zelda model first, but wasn’t satisfied with the result. But I think she can be proud of this Link & Epona; even her cat thinks so too! ;o)

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Link & Epona by Quetzal

07-07-2008: Spending a whole week building a Link & Epona papercraft model as a gift for a dear friend and then discovering you took the pictures with a camera for which you don’t have the cable to connect it to the computer anymore… ;o)

That’s what happened to Quetzal from Queens, New York. These pictures were taken with a different camera while viewing the pictures on a television screen.

The other picture is just as fuzzy, but his friend liked the gift so we know the model turned out really nice!

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

The Legend of Zelda Link & Epona

053007 Link & Epona (05-06-2008)
from: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time video game / size: ± 35 cm x 8 cm x 22 cm (Link ± 15 cm)

parts (3,39 MB PDF file)
instructions (2,21 MB ZIP file)

some extra help on Epona’s knee: 1

Google Photos

King of Red Lions by Drummyralf & Annemieke

06-04-2008: Ralf (who is now also the administrator of the Nintendo Papercraft blog!) also made young princess Zelda !

14-01-2008: For me personally, papercraft is really quite a solo hobby, but Ralf and Annemieke from the Netherlands prove that it doesn’t necessarily has to be that way!

Together they built my King of Red Lions model; not the easiest model, especially since it was only their third papercraft after ChokipetaKOBO’s Four Swords Link and GotOrioN’s Goomba: picture 2 | picture 3

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Zelda models by Roy Kroes

13-12-2007: after making his N64 papercraft zelda models, Roy now also made adult Link from Super Smash Bros. Melee! You can see a picture of it here.

Roy’s very proud of his paper models, and I think he has every right to be!

27-08-2007: here’s a new picture of young princess Zelda that Roy also made now!

20-08-2007: Young Link still is one of my most popular models, so here’s another one!

This time it’s by Roy Kroes from my own country, the Netherlands, which slowly seems to be discovering that all paper models needn’t be of canal houses. ;o)

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Zelda models & NES Zapper by Charles French

19-06-2007: Charles French from Arkansas, USA, assures me he did eat and sleep every once in a while building my models, but his build times really are amazingly fast!

He built the Zapper in 2 weeks, but adult Link in just 5 days, and young Link and the King of Red Lions in this picture in just 4 and 8 days, Majora’s Mask in only 30-45 minutes and Princess Zelda in 2 days.

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Zelda models by Stephanie Loitz

12-06-2007: Evil masks are now turning up all over the world, even in Denmark at the home of Stephanie Loitz!

Luckily for us, she is working hard on building Link and Zelda to take care of this threat. And with ChokipetaKOBO’s Four Swords Link as back-up, we *should* be safe I think.  ;o)

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Zelda models by Toni Allen

26-05-2007: Toni Allen built my young princess Zelda, Majora’s Mask and Link models, as you can see. But wait, there’s more!

Not only did she make some nice display stands, she also made a Navi (the little fairy that guides Link in Ocarina of Time) out of a blue pom-pom, a little copperwire and some shiny fabric.

Here’s a close-up of Link and one of Navi, and here’s one of Princess Zelda.

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Zelda models by Angelo D. Person

15-04-2007: Angelo made me aware that in step 73 on King’s instructions, it says to “cut slits in part 90” but that should be part 91 (it’s not the only mistake in the numbering I made, but you’ll find that out yourself when you build it. ;o)

He managed to build wolf Link in just two days and the King of Red Lions in one week! And just to prove to you that I’m not the only paper model designer out there: here’s a picture of the many other paper models that Angelo built.

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

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