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The Legend of Zelda Ganon’s Puppet Zelda

189024 The Legend of Zelda Ganon’s Puppet Zelda (October 1, 2019)
from: The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess video game / size: ± 25 cm

parts (1,97 MB PDF file)
instructions (4,10 MB PDF file)

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Wolf Link by Sarah

16-04-2015: Sarah from Australia sent me these two pictures (here’s the other one: picture) of my papercraft wolf Link and Midna that she built!

Wolf  link is a *very* challenging model with a lot of small parts like the teeth, so it took Sarah 2 months to build it.

And if you look at the pictures, you can see by not folding most of the parts, Sarah made her wolf Link very round and smooth.

Midna is a lot easier to build, but Sarah did have to scale her down a little bit. It didn’t cause much trouble though as you can see in the pictures! ;o)

Wolf Link and Midna weren’t the first two paper models of mine that Sarah built, and if they’re any indication, the rest must look really good too! ;o)

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’papercraft models!

Zelda, Kingdom Hearts and Mario models by Kevin

(click for a bigger picture)

29-10-2014: Kevin built quite a few papercraft models before, but he’s extra proud of his new one: the “King of Red Lions”, from “The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker”!

It’s a very challenging model to build, but Kevin spent a lot of time on it, and he even made the special “sea base” and the customized “Chokipeta Link” that Josh Darrah made (link).

And as you can see, the end result looks great! ;o)
picture 2 | picture 3 | picture 4

05-10-2014: Kevin already built quite a few papercraft models, and here are some new ones!

The first one is adult Link, from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: picture

But actually, he built two versions of Ocarina of Time’s adult Link, the other one is the one riding Epona: picture

The next one is from another Legend of Zelda game, namely Twilight Princess, and it’s Link in the Zora armor: picture!

The other two papercraft models are from the Kingdom Hearts series, and they are the main character Sora and his Keyblade and a character featured from the Final Fantasy series, Cloud Strife:

picture | picture | picture

Building so many papercraft models shows that Kevin really likes papercraft, and with the experience he gained, he’s thinking about tackling more complex papercraft models too! ;o)

05-04-2014: Kevin sent me bunch of new pictures of the new papercraft models he built since last time! One of them is another Legend of Zelda model, Fierce Deity Link: picture

But this time he also made some Mario models: in this picture, you can see the Paper Mario 3D that I made, but Kevin also built Paperlegend’s Mario 64 (picture) and PaperJuke’s Luigi (picture)!

And because paper models don’t really care who made them of course, PaperJuke’s Luigi and my Paper Mario are getting along quite well: picture ! ;o)

31-01-2014: Kevin is a big time fan of the Legend of Zelda series, and since he liked Twilight Princess, he decided to build my papercraft Twilight Link, and he did a great job too: picture ! ;o)

Where my own paper Twilight Link has his Master Sword and Hylian Shield in his hands, Kevin made it so they are on his back, and it really looks very good: picture 2

Here are two more pictures from the sides: picture 3 | picture 4

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ (andother people’s ;o) papercraft models!

Twilight Link by drawwithme15

02-02-2014: drawwithme15 built my papercraft “Twilight Link” as a present for her boyfriend on his birthday, which is very cool as a self-made gift of course! ;o)

drawwithme15 made a lot of paper models before already, usually in one continuous go, but Twilight Link is a bit more complex with more parts and just took more time than usual, so she took lots of breaks.

To make her papercraft Twilight Link gift look extra good, she touched it up in some places with paint, but not everywhere, because she wanted to keep the details on some of the parts too. ;o)

drawwithme15 also follows photography classes, and as you can see, she took Link outside to apply what she learned there: picture 2 | picture 3

I wonder where Link is thinking about going next…? ;o)

Who knows, maybe he’s thinking about visiting drawwithme15’s DeviantArt gallery: link? ;o) Not only can you see the other papercraft models that drawwithme15 built, but lots of her drawings and other art work as well!

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

Twilight Link by eaglechild

2013-09-05: From the looks of this picture, it seems like Twilight Link has finally found a path into the Kokiri Forest! (or maybe he cut an opening himself with his Master Sword? ;o)

He was built by “eaglechild”, a 46 year old mother of two from Switzerland, who are all huge fans of the Legend of Zelda video games: her 10 year old son handles the controller when they play the games, and she helps him solve the tougher puzzles. ;o)

But eaglechild is practicing playing the games herself too, and she says it’s quite challenging to start playing video games at her age: at first she was too afraid that Link would loose all of his life energy before she even got the chance to hit the enemy, but now she proudly says she can challenge them without fear! ;o)

She found the confidence she needed in reasoning that she can play the recorder too (they actually found my papercraft webpage by accident while looking for Zelda sheet music for the recorder ;o) so she would also be able to handle the Wii remote control to play the games, and she was right! ;o)

And in true Legend of Zelda-spirit, even though they had never done a papercraft project before, she and her 10 year old son rose to the challenge to build their own papercraft Twilight Link together too, after buying good 200 gsm paper and scalpel knives to cut out the parts.

Because it was only their first, beginner project and papercraft Twilight has quite a few small and tricky pieces, they decided to scale him up to 150% (and they are even planning one scaled up to 200%! ;o)

For the glue, they poured all of it from the tube into a small, lockable jar, so they could use thin paint brushes to apply it to the glueing tabs.

All in all it took eaglechild and her son just 3 days to build Twilight Link as their first papercraft model ever: they had some problems with the (very tricky!) fingers not being able to bend the right way to hold the Master Sword, and the handle of the Master Sword wouldn’t stick, but together they were able to find a solution for those problems! ;o)

So together they already learned a lot about papercraft from their first project, and they are very pleased with their achievement; the message they sent me was very enthustiastic, so I think this is one family that will continue to have a lot of fun with the Legend of Zelda series! ;o)

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

Paper Mario 3D by Beav3rboy

2013-08-10: Here’s an excellent build of my Paper(craft) Mario 3D again, by Beav3rboy! ;o)

“Paper Mario 3D” is actually only Beav3rboy’s latest addition to his papercraft collection though, he has a whole cabinet filled with papercraft models he built!

And it’s a really broad collection too, ranging from a Star Wars scout trooper on a speederbike to Santa and his sleigh and even a Skyrim Frost Dragon, and lots more cartoon and video game characters!

Don’t believe me? Then check out his DeviantArt gallery and see for yourself: link

I just hope he can still find a spot for his new Paper Mario…! ;o)

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

American McGee’s Alice and more by Bruno

2013-07-16: Everybody knows the story of the cute, young Alice that falls down a rabbit hole and ends up in a wondrous and magical place called “Wonderland”!

But Bruno likes American McGee’s version of the story of “Alice” better, where she is a bit older and Wonderland is much darker and more… evil…

So that’s why he decided to build my papercraft version of American McGee’s Alice as you can see! ;o)

He was a little bit dreading having to do the hands and the fingers because they looked so difficult, but then he was able to focus himself on the job and he managed to finish them!

If you’re impressed by Bruno’s build of American McGee’s Alice, have a look at his DeviantArt gallery, where you can see many other papercraft models he built already, including my own Kingdom Hearts Sora and the Koume and Kotake witches and Midna from the Zelda series: link

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Zelda models by Jose Vazquez

15-02-2013: Jose built my papercraft Twilight Link before, but as you can see, this time he made some changes so he could put his arm in a different position!

This way, Link can be in a more relaxed stance (maybe a bit too relaxed even…? ;o)

Jose also opened up the top of the sheath on Link’s back, so the Master Sword can be put inside: picture

Why he needed to do that? Well, it’s so that Link can also use other weapons like this Ball and Chain from the Paper Zelda website: picture

It’s a good thing it’s only made from paper, because otherwise getting hit by that thing would cause some serious headaches…! ;o)

18-11-2012: Here’s another Ocarina of Time adult/Menu Link), this time built by Jose Vazquez: picture

As you can see, Jose even made it so that he can put the Hylian Shield on Link’s back and the Master Sword into the scabbard.

Adult/Menu Link is not the first paper model that Jose built: some other papercraft models of mine that he built include Epona and Link, Twilight Link, Zora armor Link (which he modified a bit just like Toni Müller did) and even Super Smash Bros. Melee Link!

Jose also built lots of paper models from other people too, like another Ocarina of Time Link (from Icthus7), a Hylian Knight (from Nintendo Papercraft) and a recoloured Twilight Princess > Skyward Sword Link (from Paper Zelda): group picture

You can also see a few videos of Jose’s builds on his YouTube channel, so be sure to check it out: link

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Wolf Link by DestinyShirshuXD

16-12-2012: Wanting wolf Link‘s colours to be a bit brighter, DestinyShirshuXD decided to paint over the original textures after building it!

I think the new paintjob looks fantastic, so the extra work DestinyShirshuXD put into it was well worth it! ;o)

To see a much bigger picture and more of DestinyShirshuXD’s papercraft models and other artworks, you can visit her DeviantArt gallery here: link

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

Oni Link versus Twilight Link by Samuel Herrera

02-10-2012: Samuel Herrera made an absolutely amazing stop-motion video of Fierce Deity Link battling Twilight Hero Link: video link

It turns out, Fierce Deity Link en Twilight Hero Link are both after the same treasure, and when they finally meet in the final room of the Sacred Living Room Dungeon, they fight to decided who gets the “ultimate” prize… ;o)

Of course paper models are no action figures, so it’s not so easy to make a stop-motion video of them, but Samuel did a great job!

For Zelda fans, there are lots of recognizable sound effects and visual effects, and although it must have taken Samuel a lot of time, you can really see he must have had a lot of fun making it! ;o)

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models! (and making a video out of them! ;o)

Zelda models and more by Azeral

19-08-2012: In this new picture that Azeral sent me, you can recognize some of my Legend of Zelda models, and some other papercraft models as well!

Of course you can recognize Fierce Deity Link, and not one but two Twilight Princess Zora armor Links (according to Azeral, one of them is a little old and needs a stick:  ZaL 1ZaL 2 ;o)

His friends at school were very impressed with the paper models he built, so he likes to keep building them!

There are lots of other papercraft websites on the internet nowadays of course, and as you can see in the group picture, Azeral also built the boxing robot Noisy Boy from the Real Steel movie and a paper toy of Soul Eater Evans from the Soul Eater anime: Noisy Boy | Soul Eater Evans

I think Azarel did a great job on his paper models so far, and he’s already planning on building new models! ;o)

23-10-2011: Azeral sent me this picture of Twilight Princess’ Zora armor Link fighting a mechanical chick! (an evil cucco bomb perhaps…?)

ZaL isn’t the only paper model that Azeral built, though!

In this picture, you can see his Fierce Deity Link, and here is ZaL‘s brother! (and isn’t that Midna‘s helmet in the background in this picture…? ;o)

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

wolf Link by Ancaleon

05-07-2012: Wolf Link is one of the most challenging papercraft models I made so far, especially the head.

Not only can wolf Link’s “hair” be quite confusing if you don’t take your time, but some of the parts (like the teeth) are *really* small!

Ancaleon totally agrees (in her words, “the teeth were INSANE!”)

Nonetheless, she persevered, and in three weeks time, she built her own papercraft wolf Link, and it looks great! (even the teeth ;o)

She used 176 gsm paper, but she’s kinda sorry she used a laser printer to print the templates, because some of the ink rubbed off at the creases, which she then had to touch up with a marker.

But all in all, she’s satisfied with the result, and who wouldn’t be? ;o)

If you want to see a bigger picture of Ancaleon’s papercraft wolf Link, or want to see her wonderful Pokémon drawings, head over quickly to her DeviantArt account here: link

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

Zelda models by AseraRose

11-05-2012: AseraRose hadn’t been able to do much papercrafting because of school and work, but now she finally finished a new one: Super Smash Bros. Melee Link!

I think it’s the most challenging model I made so far because it has so many tiny parts, but AseraRose found it “relatively easy” and only the fingers were “a bit finicky”! ;o)

I guess building all those other Zelda models gave her lots of experience to build this one: Aserarose says building the hands on her other Link made it a lot easier to make Melee Link’s hands too!

In fact, the most difficult parts she found were the guard and pommel on the Master Sword, but all in all, she enjoyed building Super smash Bros Melee Link and the base for him to stand on, and I think she can be really proud of the result!

13-07-2010: AseraRose sent me a couple of pictures of the papercraft Zelda models that she built.

She found the head and hair of wolf Link pretty difficult to make because the parts kept coming apart, but she solved that by taping the glueing tabs inside the body.

And to prevent Midna’s head falling off, she stuck a toothpick down her neck (it’s a good thing paper models feel no pain I guess… ;o)

But AseraRose built more models! From Twilight Princess, she also made Zora armor Link, and from Majora’s Mask, she built Fierce Deity Link.

And last but not least, she also made Link’s nemesis, Ganondorf, from Ocarina of Time. Here’s a picture of these three models together.

AseraRose is already thinking about building another model, so maybe we’ll see more of her builds in the future!

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Wolf Link by Tatsuya-Amaterasu

08-05-2012: This impressive wolf Link build was done by Tatsuya-Amaterasu (a.k.a. Paula-san).

All in all, it took her one month to build it, and the hardest part was the mouth, because of the tiny teeth and the tongue.

But she did it, and the end result looks great!

And talking about things that look great, be sure to check out Paula’s DeviantArt gallery for some of her drawings: link

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

Captain Linebeck by EldeTabernas

25-12-2011: You didn’t think Eldetabernas stopped building paper models, did you? ;o)

Last time he build a LEGO Pirate captain, this time it’s another sea captain, from The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass: the fearless (or so he keeps telling others…) Captain Linebeck!

As captain of the S.S. Linebeck, he ferries Link from island to island over the Great Sea, and from the looks of it they’ll be visiting Madagascar soon! (watch out for penguins! ;o)

Great job building Linebeck!

12-05-2011: This time Eldetabernas built a paper model that’s not from a video game (well, if you don’t count the 1998 video game LEGO Racers… ;o)

It’s the coolest pirate LEGO ever made, captain Redbeard! Although he’s missing a leg, a hand and an eye, he’s still smiling: picture

Like all LEGO products, minifigs can be disassembled and assembled again in seperate parts, and Eldetabernas made a video showing that this papercraft version is no different: link ;o)

08-03-2011: With the problems with the mast and sail solved, Eldetabernas still wasn’t done with the King of Red Lions! ;o)

This time, he built the special sea base and the Chokipeta Wind Waker Link that Josh Darrah made (link).

I think they look very good, and fit perfectly with my King of Red Lions model! Here are two pictures: picture 1 | picture 2

To see a video of Eldetabernas’ King of Red Lions with the new sea base and some videos from the game (Eldetabernas didn’t want to cut the catchy music short ;o) go here!

25-02-2011: We already saw that Eldetabernas built the King of Red Lions again using stronger paper than the first time, but the sail was still causing the mast to bend because it was so heavy

Now, he also solved that problem, by rebuilding the mast and sail and using two, long toothpicks and a Chinese chopstick to reinforce the parts from the inside!

So now, the mast is no longer bent: picture 1! He even made a schematic to show you how he did it: picture 2

He also didn’t glue on the backside of the sail this time to reduce the weight (because like he says: “it’s heavy and you can’t see that part!” ;o)

And as you can see it was well worth going back and re-building the mast and sail again: now the mast is perfectly straight!

Great work again!

16-02-2011: Eldetabernas sent me a message that together with two of his friends, he started a papercraft weblog of his own: Papercrafteros!

On their new weblog, they will showcase the paper models they built, so if his friends are just as big a papercraft enthustiacs as himself, I’m sure we will be seeing *a lot* of pictures there! ;o)

The blog is in Spanish, but you can use a tool to translate it or just look at the pictures! ;o)

29-01-2011: Besides sending me this picture and video of the papercraft Wind Waker Fishman (made by the Papercraft Couple) that he built, Eldetabernas also made a video tour of the artwork in his house – including all the paper models he built of course! ;o)

Here’s the link if you want to watch it too!

13-01-2011: You recognize this guy of course, it’s-a Mario! ;o) Built by Eldetabernas, and this time he also made a video!

You can see it on YouTube here: video

19-12-2010: Like so many papercrafters, Eldetabernas ran out of room to put his paper models… ;o)

His dad made two new shelves for him, but I think he will need even more shelves if he keeps building so fast: shelves icture ;o)

28-11-2010: More paper models by Eldetabernas! Besides remaking his Clocktown Schnauzer in less than 2 hours (here’s a picture of it together with young Link) he also built some other models since last time:

06-11-2010 EldeTabernas made another paper model; this time it’s Cloud Strife from my Final Fantasy / Kingdom Hearts series!

The hair and the boots were the most challenging parts he says, but I think he did a great job on those: picture 2 | picture 3

30-10-2010: This time EldeTabernas didn´t make a Legend of Zelda model, but the Nintendo Zapper light gun! picture 1 | picture 2

17-10-2010: EldeTabernas worked pretty fast, and he already finished the rest of the King of Red Lions! Unfortunately the mast still wasn’t strong enough for the sail, but I think it looks great nonetheless: picture 1 | picture 2

14-10-2010: In the first picture that he sent me, you can see that EldeTabernas already built the King of Red Lions once, but now he is building a new version out of stronger paper!

Because there are a lot of small parts on the figurehead, the King of Red Lions is definately one of my most challenging models, but that isn’t stopping EldeTabernas: picture 1 | picture 2

09-10-2010: Here’s another Legend of Zelda model built by EldeTabernas: Twilight Link!

He used regular printer paper, and except for the hands that required some extra patience, he didn’t find it very difficult and enjoyed making it. ;o)

02-10-2010: EldeTabernas from Spain sends me this picture of the Zelda models he made so far to show his progress:

The Clocktown Schnauzer dog, Majora’s Mask (center) and the King of Red Lions (right) were the first paper models he made, and his latest ones are wolf Link and the Postman! (both on the left)

Here are some more pictures, of one of his first builds, and one of his latest build:
King of Red Lions | Clock Town Postman

He is rightfully proud of his latest two builds I think, and even though he feels his first models aren’t as good, I hope he enjoyed making them! ;o)

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

God of Frost wolf Link by Misaki

20-11-2011: Do you recognize this paper model? It’s wolf Link of course, from the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Or is it? Misaki (a.k.a. littlesquirrel on DeviantArt) has repainted it (quite literally, with acrylic paint ;o) to make it into the God of Frost.

The shades of white and blue with the golden accents look really great I think, and give the God of Frost a very appropriate, chilly look!

It’s an amazing piece of work, not just building the papercraft model, but also the new paintjob!

Misaki uploaded a bigger version of the picture to here DeviantArt gallery, so if you’re a DeviantArt member yourself, be sure to give her some feedback on her work: link

Thank you for building (and repainting ;o) a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

Wolf Link and other models by Esther

19-10-2011: Esther from Australia has been doing papercraft for nearly two years now and she really enjoys it!

In this picture, you can see she has made quite a few models already: there’s Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants, a Deku Scrub and a Zora from the Legend of Zelda and several Cubees and other papercraft toys.

And in the back, you can also see a Final Fantasy Moomba doll and the Legend of Zelda Twilight Link! But the one that was the most difficult to build for her, was wolf Link.

Wolf Link definitely is one of the most challenging models I made so far, and Esther did a great job on all the difficult parts, but in the end, she was having a lot of trouble with the final step to glue the backside of the body to the front portion.

But she never even thought of giving up, and she was so determined to finish it, that with a lot of trying and hard work, she finally managed to finish her papercraft wolf Link!

And I bet that if I wouldn’t have told you about her troubles just now, you wouldn’t even have known, because the final result looks fantastic!

Esther can be really proud of herself I think! ;o)

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ (and others’ ;o) papercraft models!

Oogie Boogie, Homer and Zelda models by Khalid

30-05-2011: Another picture of Khalid; he has built quite a few paper models already! From left to right, they are:

Who knows what he may built next! ;o)

20-05-2011: Khalid is a fast builder! While he was waiting for me to post his pictures of Twilight Link, he already made another paper model: Oogie Boogie!

Here are two pictures of both of them together: picture 1 | picture 2

And here’s also one of Oogie Boogie alone: picture

Although I did make Oogie Boogie a bit easier to build than Twilight Link, Khalid must still have worked pretty fast to finish it so quickly! ;o)

18-05-2011: This papercraft Link from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was built by Khalid.

Khalid had some trouble to get the small fingers right at first, but as you can see in the picture, in the end he really did to do a very good job on them, so that Link can hold his Master Sword and Hylian Shield!

He showed me several more pictures, including these close-ups of Link’s upper body and head: picture 2 | picture 3

So luckily, Khalid didn’t give up on making the fingers, and I think he can be very proud of his papercraft Twilight Link! ;o)

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

Paper Mario by Aaron Mears

16-05-2011: Aaron found some time again to do some more papercrafting this weekend, and he decided to build my 3D Paper Mario!

The picture was taken in computer class: Aaron’s classmates (and his teacher ;o) are always very impressed whenever he brings with him another one of his builds! ;o)

09-05-2011: After all the Zelda models that Aaron built earlier, this time he made an Advance Wars unit!

Although he never played the game, he liked the look of the Orange Star Fighter I made recently, so he decided to printed it off and and build it! ;o)

His pictures really show the scale of my papercraft Advance Wars units, most of them easily fit your hand: picture 1 | picture 2

This has its advantages, of course: for instance, you don’t have to invest in expensive Anti-Air units and Missiles anymore, since you can just pluck enemy Fighters from the sky should they be foolish enough to attack you: picture ;o)

04-08-2010: We had already seen Aaron’s wolf Link, but now he also built Midna: picture

Although I really made her to fit on the back of wolf Link, Aaron tells me she is also quite comfortable on the armrest of the chair that he made himself: picture

20-12-2009: Aaron’s thirst for Zelda models is far from satisfied yet, as he also built Hero outfit Link now! Here he is together with Zora armor Link, and here’s a picture of it alone.

22-10-2009: Two new models by Aaron Mears! The first one is princess Zelda, and the second one is wolf Link. Aaron has been working on them off and on all during summer break, and a month into school. So that’s how many Zelda models already? Well, you can see in this groupshot!

01-07-2009 Aaron promised me he’d send some new pictures, and here they are! The first one is a rebuild of young Link that he did earlier. I guess he just wanted to make it *perfect* (and now he also repainted the sheeth to make it look like the blade of the sword! ;o)

The second one is Fierce Deity Link. You can see another Fierce Deity Link in super deformed style in the picture, it’s a repaint of ChokiPETA’s Four Swords Link and can be downloaded from here.

The final one in this update is my newest model, Zora armor Link. I’m very glad to see that most people find it relatively easy to build, and the results like this one are usually great as well! ;o)

09-06-2009: More paper Zelda models from Aaron! This time it’s the King of Red Lions. And Aaron also built Josh Darrah’s Great Sea Base! (picture)

17-05-2009: I guess Aaron forgot to mention he also built my Epona & Link models! ;o) You can see them here, together with young Link and another Link from a different papercraft creator (which you can download here). If I remember correctly, it was made with Tenkai, the predecessor of Pepakura Designer.

And that concludes the random trivia lesson for today. ;o)

10-05-2009: Aaron sends me a few pictures of the young Link papercraft model he built. The small treasure chest he’s trying to open in this picture, can be found here (but it’s probably just another Small Key again, that you can only use in this dungeon… ;o)

Aaron also built the Clock Town Schnauzer model from my website. When Link is transformed into a Deku Scrub, it growls at you and attacks you, but after Link is transformed back to normal, the both of them get along just fine, as you can see in this picture.

The last picture shows that when Link is not playing with dogs, he likes to play King Arthur and pull swords out of stones. If you want to try yourself, you can download the template for the Master Sword and pedestal here.

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

LEGO Pirate Captain Redbeard by Bruno

14-04-2011: Bruno’s newest papercraft model is my Captain Redbeard and he made this great collage of all the seperate parts!

Here’s what he looks like when all the parts are put together: picture

And if you want to see how that works, just check out Bruno’s YouTube video: link !

If you want to see more of Bruno’s builds (including many paper models made by other people!) then be sure to pay a visit to his Deviantart gallery: link

16-12-2010: Bruno Cambria from Brazil built all these paper models in 26 days during his vacation: picture

He wanted to make my Twilight Princess models, but to be sure he could do it, he practiced on the simpler ones you can see in the foreground.

Here are some close-up pictures of his Twilight Princess models:

  • Midna, sitting on a small box.
  • wolf Link; the original earrings are *very* small and difficult to make, so Bruno made his own: picture. He also coloured the eyes a brighter blue.
  • Zora armor Link; Bruno cut little triangles from the bottom of his armor like he saw in Toni Müller’s build. It looks really great I think! ;o)

If you can’t get enough of Bruno’s papercraft models, you can also watch a video of his Zora armor Link build on his YouTube channel!

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

American McGee’s Alice by JustTerry

08-01-2011: After Midna and ZaL, JustTerry built American McGee’s Alice as his next model!

He did a fine job I think, and he even made a nice display stand for her!

He had some trouble glueing on her feet, which made Alice to lean too far backwards, causing her to fall over…

But JustTerry solved that very simple by glueing several small pieces of cardstock underneath Alice’s already high heels to correct the balance: picture

After colouring them black like Alice’s boots, you can hardly see them!

03-01-2011: JustTerry has been papercrafting for a few weeks now, and he’s really enjoying it! ;o)

The Zora armor Link and Midna you see in this picture, were printed on regular paper with a black and white laser printer, but he also built a second Midna printed in colour on thicker, cardstock paper: picture

On that build, he also used the edge-colouring technique to get rid of the white edges from the paper, and he even coloured the backside of the parts that would normally be left white as well, like the helmet, hands and the hair!

JustTerry’s builds look pretty good I think, and all that with just regular old School Glue: picture ;o)

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Paper Mario by Lauren

26-12-2010: only a couple of days after I released it, Lauren already sent me this picture of the paper Mario she built: a very fast and a very good build! ;o)

13-10-2010: after taking a break for a couple of months, Lauren decided to make a new paper model again, and I’m of course very proud that she chose my Majora’s Mask Postman! ;o)

07-01-2010: I don’t know if it’s the extra practice or just her talent for papercraft, but the Underworld wetsuit Lara from Tomb Raider Lauren made after that turned out very good too: picture 1 | picture 2 !

And not only that, but Lauren also decided to build young Link and princess Zelda a second time and do an even better job!

31-12-2009: Lauren sent me some pictures of her Twilight Princess Link !

Although the thinner cardstock she used made it a bit more difficult using the little slots and tabs on the head, I think it looks great! Here you can see it in anticipation for the New Year’s Day fireworks! ;o)

18-10-2009: Here’s a very nice build of Lara’s Extreme Depth Suit (although Lauren couldn’t find a suited transparant sheet to make the helmet visor, the opaque versions looks pretty neat as well! ;o)

And Lauren must be a Simpsons fan as well, because look who we have here: it’s Homer Simpson himself! ;o) And something totally different, but also a great build: she also made my new Final Fantasy Moomba doll!

21-06-2009: I only just uploaded my newest Zora armor Link model two days ago, and Lauren already sent me some new pictures of her completed ZaL! And I know what you’re thinking, but it doesn’t look rushed at all! picture 1 | picture 2 | picture 3

13-04-2009: another non-Zelda model from Lauren, it’s my newest Cloud model. She glued on the legs last so she could work out a good balance, and although she says the hair and fingers gave her some troubles, you wouldn’t say so from just the picture I think, anyway. ;o)

20-01-2009: Lauren revealed to me that Ganondorf and Epona & Link weren’t the first models she made: she also did Fierce Deity Linkyoung princess Zeldayoung Link and Majora’s Mask, Midna and wolf Link, and (surprise! ;o) a non-Zelda model as well, namely, Lara Croft.

18-01-2009: I think we got Lauren pretty well hooked on papercraft now, because so shortly after Ganondorf, she also made Epona & Link (see the picture here) in just 2 days, and she’s already planning the next one! ;o)

14-01-2009: The first pictures Lauren sent me, were of her Ganondorf model, and it was very good one!

She told me she had a lot of fun building him, but I also think you can also tell by the quality of the build! ;o)

It’ll probably come as no surprise to you that Lauren is pretty creative: if you have time you should check out her Deviantart gallery with lots of nice computer paintings including several from the Legend of Zelda!

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Twilight Link vs Bowser by Christopher David

26-10-2010: Christopher shows us a rare cross-over, showing that our hero Linkpicture 1 | picture 2) doesn’t only keep Hyrule safe from danger, but Mushroom Kingdom as well!

Twilight Link is from my own Legend of Zelda models, and Bowser was made by Brandon and can be found on

Just like in all good fights, Link and Bowser (a.k.a. “King Koopa“) try to stare eachother down first: picture 1 | picture 2

…but the outcome is no surprise of course: picture ;o)

So next time you see a poll on a videogame forum asking “Who would win in a fight between Link and Bowser?”, you know the answer!

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

Twilight Link by Amanda Vasquez

20-09-2010: Papercraft is getting more popular every day, and now they even teach it at school!

Or at least they do at the college for Graphic Design that Amanda goes to.! ;o)

For 3D design class, she had to find and a build papercraft model, and since she is a big fan of the Legend of Zelda, she chose my Twilight Link model.

It took her about five days to build (working on it a couple of hours each day) with the head and hands being the most time consuming / difficult parts.

When it was time to grade everybody’s work, her teacher was very impressed  with Amanda’s Link and she got a straight A!

Time well spent, if you ask me! ;o)

Thank you for building a Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

rotating Kurt Zisa by Dan Hilse

17-07-2010: Dan made this animated gif to show off his Kurt Zisa from all angles! He did the same for his Zora armor Link, but to see that one, you will have to visit his DeviantArt gallery: link

18-04-2010: Dan did a great job building Kotake and Koume! Using a barely visible piece of string, he made it look like they’re really flying around in his room!

At least that’s what I think he did; for his sake, I hope they’re not real witches…!

17-12-2009: This is Dan showing off his freshly mown lawn. ;o) He didn’t say though whether he did it himself, or that Link has a bag full of Rupees, Potions and Hearts right now…! ;o)

22-11-2009: Zora armor Link is Dan’s first build from Twilight Princess. He said he took extra care building that one and it really paid off, because it looks “really good!”

20-11-2009: By now, Dan has plenty of papercrafting practice! ;o) Printed off and assembled in just two days, Dan’s other models don’t seem to be scared by his new Oogie Boogie (maybe they know it’s just a paper one…?)

05-09-2009: Speaking of Dan’s other models, this Kurt Zisa really is a great build: it looks wonderful, but that’s not surprising because he had a lot of practice! ;o)

23-08-2009: And let’s not forget Homer Simpson as part of Dan’s paper model collection as well!

06-06-2009: Taking a break fom building Final Fantasy models, Dan also built not on, not two, but several of my Zelda models! In the picture he sent me, you can recognize young Link, princess Zelda herself, Majora’s Mask and the Clock Town Schnauzer of course.

I know you’ve never seen the darker dog, because that’s Dan’s own recolor of the Clock Town Schnauzer to make it look like the common ones found at night at Hyrule Castle in Ocarina of Time!

02-06-2009: And here’s another one for Dan to be proud of: it’s Cloud Strife Kingdom Hearts style! It’s looking at least as good as Auron, maybe it has something to do with the motivation he got from watching his brother play Final Fantasy 7 while he built it? ;o)

23-05-2009: This is Auron, built by Dan Hilse. Dan says he had “a lot of fun building it!” and he’s “really proud of the results!” and really, who wouldn’t be? ;o)

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Zelda models by Francesco de Renzio

04-07-2010: More papercraft Zelda goodness from Francesco, this time it’s Koume and Kotake, the two witches!

05-06-2010: Francesco sent me new pictures of Fierce Deity Link, Wolf Link, and Link & Epona!

04-01-2010: I was right in assuming Francesco not being done with papercraft yet, because as you can see now he has also built Link, the Hero of Twilight!

31-08-2009: Francesco is a big Zelda fan and here’s the proof: he built all these papercraft models!

Zora armor LinkGanondorf, the King of Red Lions (including Josh Darrah’s Great Sea stand!) Majora’s Mask, Midna, young Link and young princess Zelda as well!

And I have a feeling he’s not done yet… ;o)

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Epona, wolf Link & “Going Merry” by Nizier

16-06-2010: Today, I received a whole bunch of pictures from 18 year old Nizier from France!

He made several papercraft models as gifts for friends, and the first one was wolf Link. It was difficult to make, but Nizier tells me he really liked it, so I’m glad to hear that! ;o)

I think Nizier’s second papercraft gift was to either a Zelda fan or to a horse lover (or both, of course ;o) because it is Link’s trusty horse Epona: picture 1| picture 2picture 3

And the third one was the “Going Merry”, which is also a pretty difficult model because it has many small parts: picture 1 | picture 2 | picture 3

It’s easy to see that Nizier spent a lot of time and care on these gifts, and his friends were very happy to recieve them!

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Sora by Carlos Gomez

04-06-2010: only a few days after I released it, Carlos already sends me a picture of Sora!

08-04-2009: Carlos strikes again! This time not with a Zelda model, but with his favourite character from his favourite RPG, Cloud Strife! You can see the picture here: picture 2

18-09-2007: the first picture that Carlos “Charly” Gomez (“MasteR”) from Mexicali (Baja California) in Mexico sent me, shows you what a big Legend of Zelda fan he is!

He built not one, not two, but all of my Zelda models, which include some of the most challenging ones I have to offer.

It took him something like three months, but from what I can see, it was definately worth the effort!

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Zelda models by randomzeldafan

26-05-2010: Randomzeldafan from Scotland, UK, sent me this picture of Super Smash Bros: Melee Link, one of the most challenging models on my papercraft webpage!

But some of you might not even be that surprised to see what a great job she did with some of those really tiny parts, because you might know randomzeldafan from when she made the made the smallest Hero of Twilight I’ve ever seen: link ;o)

As you can see in this picture though, she also went on to build the regular sized version. ;o)

And she didn’t stop there: she also built Zora armor Link, Link riding Epona, and those are just my models!

On her own weblog, fittingly called FoldFingers, you can see many more models from other papercraft creators built by randomzeldafan, so be sure to check it out!

Thank you for building these Ninjatoes’ papercraft models!

Zora armor Link by Andres Darquea

16-03-2010: Andres decided to build Super Smash Bros. Melee Link’s display stand to ehm… display ZaL on it. ;o) And I have to say, I think it actually looks pretty good! picture 1 | picture 2

14-03-2010: Andres Darquea from Ecuador is a medical student, and he tells me he enjoys papercraft because it is relaxing, but also because it trains his motor skills (which are very important if he wants to become a surgeon some day! ;o)

But I think his motor skills are okay, because his ZaL looks very good! Andres used a laser printer to print the parts, making the colours extra shiny.

Thank you for building this Ninjatoes’ papercraft model!

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