Star Trek Type-10 shuttlecraft “Chaffee”

002001 Type-10 shuttlecraft “Chaffee” (23-07-2003)
from: Star Trek Deep Space Nine television series / size: ± 17 cm x 9,5 cm x 5 cm

parts (778 kB ZIP file)

Repaint by Paul McCool:
Chaffee repaint parts (419 kB ZIP file)

Revamp by Paragon:
Chaffee revamp parts (1,46 MB ZIP file)
mirror host (Paragon Cardmodels)

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  1. Hi! Will you make a model of S.S. Bonaventure – the lost ship from ‘Time Trap’ episode of animated ST series?

    • I must admit that I never really followed TAS, so I’m afraid it’s not very likely that I will make it…

      There are so many starships (and characters ;o) of course, and there are *a lot* of people making Star Trek papercraft models; I have to say, I don’t know if it exists yet…!

      • There is now a Bonaventure model available. It is based on the TOS ships designed by Rawen, and was available through the website

    • Absolutely! I enjoyed all of the Star Trek series, and they all had some very interesting and iconic characters that will make excellent paper models! ;o)

    • Spock is such an icon that I’ll definately make a paper model of him some day, but the first Star Trek character I’ll make (dunno when yet!) will be Picard though! ;o)

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