Star Trek U.S.S. Defiant NX-74205

004003 U.S.S. Defiant NX-74205 (August 13, 2003)
from: Star Trek Deep Space Nine television series / size: ± 34,5 cm x 25 cm x 5,5 cm

parts (1,71 MB ZIP file)

Redraw by Bill Perry:
Defiant redraw parts A4 (1,22 MB ZIP file)
Defiant redraw parts US letter (1,25 MB ZIP file)
Defiant redraw instructions (725 kB ZIP file)
mirror host (Lower Hudson Valley Paper Model Giftshop)

Retextures by Bones McCoy:
Defiant retexture parts (2,07 MB ZIP file)
Monitor retexture parts (3,72 MB ZIP file)

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About ninjatoes

I love papercraft - so I made my own for you to download, print and build! :o)

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  1. I REALLY wish I had read these comments before spending so much time trying to construct the “Defiant”. There isn’t any way to “get” the pieces to line up and fit in a way that produces a decent result. I’m thankful for the free download but PLEASE either place a caveat in the description, correct the discrepancies, or take down the links! I spent several hours working on what started out looking like a very nice model only to become VERY frustrated!

    • My original model was drawn by hand and for me it’s always much easier to build my own paper models myself of course, so I am sorry that it caused you so much frustration…! :o(

      I haven’t built any of the redrawn/repainted versions myself but they are based on my hand drawn versions of course, so I don’t think they changed much of the size and shapes and fit of the parts, only the textures!

      Other people did build the redrawn/repainted versions though, and everything seemed to fit well enough for them to finish it and be happy with the results, so as far as I know all the parts seem to have been redrawn/repainted correctly; but of course I can’t say if maybe those people just didn’t care about small imperfections or did encounter faulty parts, but just fixed it as they went along…?

      There are/were some other papercraft Defiants, on

      Or on

      But they are old models and the one from Zousho is actually an archived link; if it doesn’t work, try contacting him directly to see if he would be willing to send the files directly:

      There are still lots of Star Trek fans that like making papercraft Starships, so be sure to search around and maybe you’ll find other papercraft Defiants that are more to your liking! Most people that make papercraft models use computer software, so with those models, the fit shouldn’t be a problem. ;o)

      I’m sorry I can’t help you better than this, but I hope you can find a new paper model that will be much more fun to build so you won’t stay frustrated too long…! ;o)

    • I have annualized the two files, and I think the redraw version is more precise. I compare to of the same parts, redraw and hand draw, and found the redraw has more precise boarders than the other one. I have yet to build it, but if there is only a very small gap caused by the pieces, I’m sure it can be easily fixed. It is ,after all, free.

  2. Thanks a lot Ninja, as well as bill and bones for their excellent work.. just finished making my defiant and looking forward to showing some of my trekkie friends :D

  3. Several parts of the redraw do not actually work. I am working on this model now and will be providing redrawn redraw parts when I am finished. and know everything works.

    • I’m having great difficulty with the semi circular section (parts 20-29), I’ve had several attempts and can’t do it, I have all the other parts done but I do have questions about some other parts. 21a/b are shorter than 20, and parts 55a/b one f the tabs seems too big for the box to warp around properly.

      Can anyone who has built the redraw post step by step instructions for the semi circle section, I have the instructions from the website but they are’nt much help.

      • The redraw and instructions were made by Bill Perry, and he had to work from my hand-drawn parts, so you can imagine any mistake becomes a little bigger when it gets redrawn… But I hope that the size differences are not *too* big of course!

        How big is the difference between parts 21a/b and part 20? It doesn’t look like they’re really a lot too short. If the difference is not too big, try to “work with the parts” to *get* them to fit. If you really can’t “stretch” parts 21a and 21b, see if trimming part 20 is an option for you: if you cut just a tiny bit of the curved sides, the curve becomes shorter, and you may get the parts to fit. But don’t cut off too much at once, and note that you might have to trim the other parts that glue to part 20 as well!

        I can see what you mean with parts 55a and 55b, the tabs really do seem too big. As you can see on page 14 of the instructions Bill made, parts 55a and 55b need to be assembled “inside out” (like a hollow box with the coloured side in). I’m not sure of course, but maybe Bill made the inside bottom of the box a little bit smaller (because the sides go *around* the bottom, they actually need to be a little bit longer to make the corners) but maybe Bill overdid it. ;o) The tabs are coloured though, and most of the inside of the “hollow box” gets covered up with parts 54a and 54b, so maybe you won’t even notice the bad fit when it’s built? Try it without glue, to see what it looks like and see if it’s okay with you like that.

        The semi circular section can be difficult to assemble (the stiffer the paper you use, the easier it is I think, because part 20 acts as a support that gives that section its shape to glue on the other parts so it’s best if that part holds it shape well). If it is the parts being too small is all that prevents you from building it, trimming them to make them fit could be an option (as long as the difference isn’t too big of course!) and other than that, I’m afraid all I can say is try to be patient, and maybe work on only a few glueing tabs at a time to get them aligned with the edges of the curves.

        I’ll see if I can get Bill’s attention, I’m sure he would be willing to help if he can. ;o)

      • I have the same issue. I’ve done every printer combo I can think of, but each time I try to assemble it, some pieces are too big/too small. It usually isn’t by a lot either (1-2 mm) but that can cause major issues later on in the build. Love the USS Defiant, great ship and Captain. :)

        • Because the original model was drawn by hand, there can be some small differences I think. I haven’t built the redraw myself, but several people have, so the problems shouldn’t be so big that it won’t fit together at all anymore. ;o)

          Try to work with the paper to make everything fit (within tolerance if necessary I guess) but if the differences are too big to your liking and you really want to build a papercraft Defiant, I think there are one or two other ones as well that you could check out:

          Zousho made a small Defiant some years ago and although the link is gone now, it’s still available from an old version of his website here: (you’ll need a password, but it’s not difficult to find)

          Here’s another one, from Skip’s Paper Sci-Fi: href=”

          And of course there may be more!

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