The legend of Zelda Zora armor Link

076014 Zora armor Link (June 20, 2009)
from: The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess video game / size: ± 24 cm

parts (1,91 MB PDF file)
instructions (2,66 MB PDF file)

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About ninjatoes

I love papercraft - so I made my own for you to download, print and build! :o)

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  1. I finished this Link AND HE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL! His legs ended up so he had some really weird posture (so I cut them off and inserted an extra piece in there to give him the right standing-shape) but besides that HE LOOKS AMAZING. Seriously though. I was fangirling over it all morning when I finished him.

    And he only took me about four days! <3 First papercraft is a WIN. <3

    • I’m happy to hear you like your paper Link! And that you didn’t give up when his legs went a bit wonky, but instead came up with your own way to fix it! ;o)

      If it’s only your first paper model, I hope it inspired you to do more in the future! ;o) There are lots of paper models available nowadays, not just from the Zelda series, but really from all kinds of things.

      Have fun building!

  2. IEvilSpartan

    Also, can you release a pdo file please

    • I’m afraid I always end up fixing parts after I test build my paper models, so there never is one Pepakura *.pdo file that has all the correct parts, and I don’t have them anymore…

      But I always copy/paste the fixed parts from all the seperate *.pdo files into the final PDF-file, so that’s the only complete and correct version anyway. ;o)

      If you run into trouble, have a good look at the instructions, and fold and pre-shape the parts the way you think the should be folded/shaped.

      then try without glue first if it fits that way, and if it looks like the pictures in the instructions.

      If it does, then you can apply the glue of course, and if it doesn’t you can check to see if you perhaps missed a fold line, or that you needed to pre-shape a certain part differently.

      Good luck and have fun!

  3. IEvilSpartan

    About how hard is it? My hardest model (which still wasn’t THAT hard, just took a while) was either Riolu or your Ganondorf.

    • Zora armor Link isn’t really hard to build, many parts are basically just paper cylinders. ;o)

      He doesn’t have as many folds as a Nintendo 64 model, so the most important thing is to pre-shape (curve) the parts before you assemble them.

      ZaL does have some small parts, and I think the most difficult parts are the hands, so I made extra instructions for those.

      The fingers are quite small, but if you pre-shape them around a toothpick, they’re not so difficult either (here’s a video: link)

      Have a look at the instructions, to see if you can follow them and if you feel up to it. I think if you take your time, I’m sure you can do it!

      Have fun building!

  4. Just Finished Zora Armor link. Was my first difficult model. and it turned out pretty good. I had a lot of fun putting it together. Even if I just printed it on a laserjet with regular paper, it still turned out good.


  5. This model is amazing. I’ve just built it and sent a video to youtube with credits for you ( Great blog, (:

  6. I try do download this papercraft and it opens a new browser, but nothings appears:(

    please help!

    • Both the parts and instructions for ZaL come in the form of a PDF file, so make sure you have a PDF Reader installed.

      The links appear to be working correctly, but make sure to empty your internet cache and to delete your temporary internet files before trying again.

      With a PDF reader installed, the PDF files should open in your browser automatically after which you can print and/or save them if you like.

      But if you’re still having trouble, you can also try right-clicking the links, saving the files to your computer and then printing the parts offline.

      I hope this helps, good luck and have fun building!

  7. I really want to biuld the Link & Epona paper craft!!!

  8. I don’t understand, why does he use his wooden shield instead of his hylian shield?

    • Well, I was already planning on making Twilight Link, and I didn’t want to make the same shield twice. ;o)

      You can mix and match the swords and shields of those two models if you’d like though.

  9. I loved it! But, how high is it?

  10. The Parts link does not work.

    • The link appears to be working fine, are the other PDF links working for you? If not, do you have a PDF Reader (like Adobe Reader for example) installed on your computer? You will need one to be able to open PDF files.

      If that’s not the problem, try emptying your internet cache and temporary files, closing and restarting your web browser and then try to download the parts again.

      I hope this helps, have fun building!

  11. Great model, thank you for posting it

  12. OMG i thought my computer was going weird but u put snow on! Awsome :D

  13. LongPointyObject


    I’m so trying this. I’ll probably fail, though.

    • ZaL isn’t the most difficult model, but like with all paper models, you do need to take your time. ;o)

      If you get bored and/or frustrated with it, just leave it alone until you feel like picking it up again.

      Good luck and most importantly, have fun building!

  14. hey i was wondering if you could make heros cloths link tp plz reply i built this too awsome…… XD

  15. …..i <3 ur modelz ninjatoes. ur instructions r great on zora link, i have him on my dining table right now. really good graphics too! awesome!!!!!

  16. Just completed this. It was a lot of fun to do. Really well designed, thanks!

  17. Out of curiosity, why do some parts share the same numbers? On top of that, this model is probably your best yet. It’s really easy, but the result is fantastic! It only took me three days(not even full days) to complete! It looks cool if you cut the “skirt” and shirt to look more like scales.

    • If I’m correct, that was simply a numbering mistake. I noticed it too.

      • Maybe it meant something? Like the parts are optional?

        • I doubt the fingers are optional. He’s made plenty of numbering mistakes (sorry, ninjatoes, no offense), like on The King of Red Lions, for example.

          • Not the fingers, but the sword and shield. (but ZAL looks better with them)

            • Some parts could be considered optional (the sword and shield like you said, and the belt across ZaL’s chest and the necklace) that’s not the reason for the double numbers.

              That really is just a simple mistake.

              But I don’t make *that* much numbering mistakes, do I…? ;o)

  18. hello I just finished the Zora armor Link and he looks great next my ssbm Link
    a Question : Why the wooden shield and not the hylian shield

    and why the ordon sword and not the master sord???

  19. I just finished him and he’s perfect. He’s my pride and joy. Thanks for such a great model!!!

  20. I just finished it and it looks great!!! But I did notice one problem. Link only wears the mask when he’s under water, right? So he’s underwater. And in order to use his sword under water, he needs his Iron Boots, right? So why isn’t he wearing his Iron Boots?

    • I’m glad you like it! I often take some artistic liberty when I feel the model will look nicer that way.

      Both the mask and the flippers were aspects that gave ZaL just that little bit of out-of-the-ordinary-extra that I really wanted to try and see how they’d turn out, and I gave him a sword and shield because he looks better with than without them I think. ;o)

  21. This is sah again. I just checked my e-mail and saw you had replied to my previous message. Sorry for the repeat. You can delete my previous post if you wish. And I don’t mind waiting because I have a good bit of school work I should be working on. Thanks for replying!

  22. I am fairly new to papercraft, but I have already created over ten models, my first being N64 link and the last being WW link (not fs version). I have been waiting for a twilight princess model of link and here it is! Great job! I know you have a long to-do list, but sometime in the future could you make one of tp link in his hero clothes? I have a three-d model if you need one. Keep up the good work!

  23. This looks so awesome! Maybe I do that papercraft soon.. But can you do Zant papercraft? I been looking for it, but seems to be that there’s not any Zant papercrafts in internet…

    • Many more Zelda and TP models are on my “to do”-list but I can’t really tell which ones I’ll make yet.

      Right now, I want to make a non-Zelda model next first, though…

  24. I probably won’t finish this week with camp, but I’m almost done. I just have to build the right hand and rest of left arm, then the shield and sword and then I’m done!!! By the way, it’s looking great so far!!

  25. Could you possibly release a lined version, if I’m not asking too much? I like to view lines while I fold…


    • Also, there is one page too many on the instructions ;0)


    • Most parts on ZaL shouldn’t be folded, but curved, kinda like paper cylinders. That’s why there are hardly any fold lines on the model. ;o)

      The parts that really should be folded I think, do have fold lines. They might be difficult to see on the printed sheets, but if you use the digital PDF version as reference, you should be able to see them.

      • Thank you so much, you’re right! I’m building it right now and the smoothed look is fantastic. Creases make N64 models look like N64 models, and no creases makes them look more recent, that’s neat, too.

        • Yes, sharp folds look absolutely great on N64 papercraft models, but on “more modern” games, the curved look looks really nice and it actually saves time building! ;o)

  26. yeah. can you put this in a different pdf or in another file down loader because mine won’t work please.

    • I think on the right-hand side of this website (home page), there is a link labeled “FREE Adobe PDF Reader”. Download that and you can view a lot of the amazing Ninjatoes papercrafts.

      Hope that helps!

    • Was it just a matter of installing a PDF reader?

      Or are you really just having problems downloading the parts to your computer? If so, send me an e-mail at and we’ll work something out!

  27. I just finished the man-skirt last night. It was fun!!!

  28. Writing Wind

    Looks Great Ninjatoes! My only question is about how tall is the finished product?

  29. wow ese modelo de papel es el mejor que he visto hasta ahora
    muchas felicitaciones al creador de este modelo si fuero un juez, ya habría nombrado este modelo como el mejor de todos

    y también lo estoy haciendo yo lo vi y me gustó.
    mucha suerte a los proximos creadores de papercraft
    if you don’t speak spanish , translate the commentary

  30. I’ve already printed it off and built one flipper. Then spent about 10 minutes just considering how dull my life without your papercrafts. I’m going to try to finish it before I turn 13 in August (the 26, to be precise). I’ve got Boy Scout camp next week, so I hope I’ll have enough time!

    • Haha now c’mon, don’t overexaggerate! Boy Scout camp doesn’t exactly sound boring to me! ;o)

      (oh, and happy birthday btw, in case I forget…! ;o)

  31. Wow! I’m totally going to build this! Ever since I started building your models, I haven’t been able to go back to other ones! Thanks!!!

    • You’re making me sound like an addiction…! ;o)

      • Well, I once tried going a day without building your papercrafts after I finished the King of Red Lions, but the pain and agony of not papercrafting was just too much. I couldn’t bear it any longer! Strait away, I went and printed off your Fierce Deity Link (which I finished, I’ll send pictures ASAP).

        So yes it is an addiction, but a very good one!

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