The Nightmare Before Christmas / Kingdom Hearts Oogie Boogie

083003 Oogie Boogie (30-10-2009)
from: The Nightmare Before Christmas movie / Kingdom Hearts video game / size: ± 19,5 cm

parts (743 kB PDF file)
instructions (957 kB PDF file)

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  1. Hello I tried to download but it said there wasn’t enough data for a picture. Can you tell me how I can get the download? Thanks so much. Alisa

    • The parts and instructions for this model are PDF files: so make sure you have a PDF Reader installed (most computers nowadays already have one, but if yours doesn’t, most people use the free Adobe Reader, but there others of course).

      If you have a PDF Reader installed, normally the PDF file should open in your browser window when you click the links. If you’re having trouble, try deleting the cache and temporary internet files from your browser, then close all browser windows, re-start your browser and try again.

      You can also try right-clicking the links, and then choosing “Save as…” to save the PDF files to your computer. Then you can try opening them offline.

      I hope this helps!

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