Advance Wars Blue Moon Cruiser

164077 Advance Wars Blue Moon Cruiser (13-12-2014)
from: Advance Wars video game series / size: ± 7,7 cm x 3,4 cm x 6,8 cm

parts (1,00 MB ZIP file)
instructions (832 kB PDF file)

Google Photos


    • Sometimes I find it easier to make ZIP-files instead of PDF-files, and especially for my Advance Wars models, this way I can be sure new ones will be compatible with the old ones (I don’t have to worry about PDF printer margins and other settings…)

      The ZIP-files aren’t the actual printable models though, those are *inside* the ZIP-files. Most computers already have a tool to open ZIP-files, but if yours doesn’t, you can find many free ones online, like 7-ZIP.

      Simply download the ZIP-file and then double-click it like you would do any file to open it, and then it will automatically create a folder with the actual printable model files. They will be in a simple JPG image files that pretty much every image viewer can open and print.

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