The Legend of Zelda Fierce Deity Link

059009 Fierce Deity Link (21-09-2008)
from: The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask video game / size: ± 18,5 cm

parts (1,75 MB PDF file)
instructions (1,57 MB PDF file)

some extra help on Fierce Deity Link’s hair and cap: 12 | 3 | 4
some extra help on Fierce Deity Link’s right arm: 1

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About ninjatoes

I love papercraft - so I made my own for you to download, print and build! ;o)

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  1. help me i need help attaching the front of part 11

    • To glue on part 11, first glue together the two legs as shown in step 14 of the instructions and as indicated by the arrows between parts 7 and 9.

      Now score and fold all the fold lines on part 11: make sure you don’t forget any! (if you look at the PDF file, you can see all the fold lines much more clearly than on the printed version).

      I found it easiest to start at the front (what is basically Link’s groin): the small triangle part at the bottom of part 11 on the template should be glued between the two links at the front (take your time to properly glue the glueing legs to the inside of the legs).

      Then you can fold back the pentagonal part of part 11: this will become the “top” of the legs. If you look closely at step 15 in the instructions, you should be able to recognize the small triangular part and the pentagonal part of part 11 that are glued to the legs.

      Now step 16 shouldn’t be too difficult anymore: you simply have to glue the rest of part 11 (Link’s buttocks) to the back of the legs. The glueing tab that’s just below the part number 11., should be glued to the opposite edge on the same part.

      It sounds a bit difficult in words, but if you try it without glue first and look carefully at the instructions, I’m sure you can do it! ;o)

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