The Legend of Zelda King of Red Lions

028004 King of Red Lions (August 21, 2006)
from: The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker video game / size: ± 48,5 cm x 16,5 cm x 46,5 cm

parts with fold lines (4,28 MB PDF file)
parts without fold lines (3,68 MB PDF file)
instructions (2,03 MB PDF file)

some extra help on the figurehead: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
extra strengthening of the mast’s base: 1
alternatives for supporting the mast: 1 | 2

display stand (312 kB PDF file)
instructions (194 kB PDF file)

Sea base by Josh Darrah:
parts + instructions (2,20 MB ZIP-file)

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About ninjatoes

I love papercraft - so I made my own for you to download, print and build! :o)

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  1. one Tip I think i could give is to not force the product into shape, I learned the hard way that if you do, the end result will become crappy, so I guess fold it into the shape it needs to be, even if it takes hours.

    • That is a good tip: on papercrafts with a lot of fold lines, you can “score” the fold lines (gently run a tool with a blunt tip along the fold line so it makes an impression in the paper along the fold line) and this will make it much easier to fold even tiny pieces along the correct lines. For papercrafts with curves, you can firmlu roll a round tool like a pen against the parts while you hold them in the palm of your hand. I always call this “pre-shaping”, and it takes the tension out of the paper (the tension makes the paper want to unfold/unroll and become flat again). This way, the pre-shaped parts retain their shape and it is much easier to glue them together in the right shape.

  2. I dont think printing it on cardstock is the best idea, I tried, the ink rubbed off

    • This might be a confusion I think: when I say “cardstock”, I actually mean simply “thicker paper”. Regular printer is usually 80 gsm (Grams per Square Meter), and I usually use 200 gsm paper (“cardstock”) which is 2.5 times as thick. Most people like to use 120 or 160 gsm paper (1.5 or 2 times as thick as regular printer paper). But I don’t mean any glossy paper, or paper with a special coating or anything: just “thicker paper” with all the same properties like how it holds the ink as regular printer paper.

      Sorry for the confusion…!

  3. amigo no me puede dejar un link privado de link saludos

    • The Link figure in Josh Darrah’s “hall of fame” post isn’t my own design, it was made by Josh Darrah himself by customizing another existing paper model created by a commercial designer called Chokipeta for a Japanese gaming magazine.

      So because of that, I can’t offer it as a download on my papercraft webpage and normally, but I’ll see what I can do. Still, you should at least try contacting Josh Darrah about it (you can find his e-mail adress on the second page of the “sea-base stand” PDF, which he also made) if nothing else just to thank him for making it. ;o)


    • The little papercraft Link that you’re a talking about wasn’t made by me, but it was an adaptation made by Josh Darrah of Chokipeta’s “official” papercraft Wind Waker Link (that was made for a publication in the Japanese Dengeki Cube magazine).

      So because the original paper model was intended as a gift for buyers of the magazine and the adaptation isn’t my own work either, I don’t think I should offer it as a download on my own papercraft webpage…

      The original papercraft Wind Waker Link from Chokipeta was scanned from the magazine and can be found on many websites though, and Josh Darrah’s offers to send his adapted version to people who send him an e-mail (his e-mail adress is included in the explanation on the first page for the Sea-base that he made and that you can download from the link above).

  5. What’0s the scale of this papercraft? 1/8,1/72?

    • I didn’t have an exact scale in mind when I made the “King of Red Lions” really; as stated, my own finished version is about 48,5 centimeters (about 19 inches) long x 16,5 cm (6.5 inches) wide x 46,5 cm (18.3 inches) tall, but I really wouldn’t know the “real” size of the King of Red Lions so I don’t know the actual scale of the model, sorry…

  6. hey, do you have a life sized version of the king of red lions?

    • No, sorry; the files on my papercraft webpage here are the only ones I made. I always try to make my papercraft models so that you can easily put them on a desk or on a shelf, and a life-sized “King of Red Lions” would be *huge* of course…! (the only life-sized paper model I made so far is the Nintendo NES Zapper light gun ;o)

  7. It is available papercraft link that match with this model?
    Where can i get it?
    By the way very very! good work congratulations!

    • I’m happy you like my papercraft King of Red Lions boat from the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker! ;o)

      I didn’t make a Link to sail it myself, but somebody named Josh Darrah made an alternative display stand once, and also edited an existing papercraft Wind Waker Link made by Chokipeta for a Japanese video game magazine so that he would fit my papercraft King of Red Lions.

      You can see Josh Darrah’s alternative “sea base” and Wind Waker Link in his “hall of fame” entry here:

      Because the alternative “sea base” is Josh’s original creation, you can download it here from my papercraft webpage (either in the King of Red Lions post here or in his “hall of fame entry”) but because his Link is based on a paper model created by Chokipeta, you will have to e-mail Josh and ask if he could send you the templates; you can find Josh’s e-mail adress on the templates for the “sea base”.

      Have fun building!

      • Oh ok!
        Man I am a huge fan of papercraft models and yours are the best, sure i will enjoy building it, and thanks for the info, i am going to contact Josh right now
        Thank you and keep the awesome work.
        Saludos! :)

  8. Hi,
    if i try to download Sea base by Josh Darrah i get an error page :/

    • I’m very sorry; I fixed the link so now it should be okay again (if you keep getting an error, clear your temporary internet files and browser cache, then close all your browser windows and re-start your browser first before trying again).

      Thanks for letting me know, have fun building!

  9. can you make a pdo file?

    • I’m afraid not, no… Although my Zelda models are made using Pepakura Designer, I always do a lot of extra work on the templates after that before I release the final version, so they’re only available as PDF files, sorry…!

  10. where I can find a small link to put on the boat one of wind waker

    • You can scale any papercraft Link you want to fit on the King of Red Lions of course, but if you’re referring to the one that Josh Darrah made, that’s a modified version of the papercraft Wind Waker Link that Chokipeta made once as a gift in a Japanese gaming magazine (Dengeki Cube).

      I can’t offer it on my website, but if you download the sea-base stand that Josh Darrah made (from this post or from Josh Darrah’s “hall of fame” entry: link) there are instructions on the second page of the PDF file where Josh explains how you can contact him if you want the “Link modified papermodel”.

  11. I’m getting told the pdf files are corrupted and can not be opened. The only one I’ve been able to get is the instruction pdf.

    • All the links were working when I tried them just now, and since you were able to open the isntructions just fine, the rest should work as well; maybe it was a temporary problem, or maybe your PDF reader is acting up…?

      Before you try again, make sure you have the latest update of your PDF reader, and clear your internet cache and temporary internet files (see your webbrowser’s help files if you don’t know how to).

      Then, close all your browser windows, and then restart your internet browser, go to my papercraft webpage and try downloading the files again. Normally, the PDF files will open right there in your browser window so you can preview them after which you can print them directly or save them to your computer, or you can right-click the links instead, and choose “Save as….” (depending on your language setting of course) to download the files to your computer directly, so you can open them offline.

      I hope these tips help, good luck!

  12. damn links wont work >.< plz make a zip file!

    • Are you having trouble opening the PDF files? All the files seem to be there and the links seem to be correct.

      Make sure you have an up to date PDF reader (like Adobe Reader: link but there are many others) andthe PDF files should open directly in your browser, so you can print and/or save the file to your computer.

      Before you try again, clear your internet cache and temporary internet files, close all browser windows and then try again.

      If the files won’t open in your browser, try right-clicking the files, choose “Save as…”, save the file to your computer first, and then open it offline.

      I hope these tips help, e-mail me if you keep having trouble.

  13. i got it it was just a weird part to glue

  14. now i just dont understand how to put on part 24

    • The head and “beard” of King really are quite challenging, I think: the most important part is to pre-shape/fold everything properly before trying to glue the parts together.

      If you are building the version without lines, double-check with the version *with* lines to make sure you scored and folded every fold line there is on the part, and make sure you are folding it the correct way (valley fold or mountain fold).

      The parts are grouped together on the templates next to the parts they should be glue to, so look to how part 24 connects with part 23 (which has several valley folds to create sort of a “hollow cone”. Try connecting the pre-shaped/folded parts without glue first to see if it fits the way you thought looks like it does in the instructions. If it doesn’t, maybe you can see what you did wrong (maybe folded a fold line the wrong way?) and you can correct it without worrying about any glue yet.

      Papercraft is very difficult to explain in words I’m afraid, so be sure toe examine the pictures in the instructions closely: they are quite dark, but maybe you can zoom in and/or change the brightness of your screen or change the brightness of the PDF files directly in a program like Photoshop or Gimp (free) to see them a little bit better.

      The left and right sides of King’s head are symmetrical, so if you can see how to assemble one side, you can do the same on the other side (only mirrored of course. ;o)

      I made some extra diagrams for King here: link, but not on part 24 specifically unfortunately…

      There is another close-up picture of King’s head on my DeviantArt account here (link that might also help see it a bit better.

      Good luck and take your time, the King of Red Lions is one of my most challenging models, especially the parts on the head!

  15. i got it now

  16. for sum reason the neck wont go together in the middle

  17. I really want to do it, but this looks impossible ! Is it really that hard to deal with the Head ?

    • The King of Red Lions is not an easy model I think, so you will need a lot of patience to build it, yes… ;o)

      The head has the smallest parts, and difficult shapes, so you’re right in saying it is the hardest part I think. That’s why I included some extra help on those parts, but it’s still quite difficult: link

      Another issue is the sail: because it is so big, you might need to reinforce the mast if it’s not strong enough to hold the weight of the big sail.

      Other than that, the trick to papercrafting I think is to take a break whenever you need one; it’s no use trying to force yourself to continue papercrafting if you’re getting frustrated because it’s taking so long or because it’s so difficult; there are plenty of other things you can do until you feel like picking up a difficult paper model again! ;o)

      Have fun!

  18. 25 exhausting hours to finish this… but it was worth it! favorite papercraft of all time

  19. hello ninjatoes. I am almost done with the king of red lions but it looks a bit crappy. its my first papercraft though (which probably wasnt the best one to start on) but can i still mail in a pic. for the hall of fame?

    • Yes, the King of Red Lions is very big, but the figurehead has some small parts and is quite challenging to make!

      And because it is so big, the sail is very heavy for a lot of people, so they had to reinforce the mast on the inside to stop it from bending.

      I would love to see a picture when you’re done, and of course I will put it in my “hall of fame” if you would like that! ;o)

      I always enjoy seeing other people’s build, and I think a lot of other people do too! ;o)

      Have fun building!

  20. is it absolutely necessary to use cardstock? just wonderin cause i dont want to spend more money than i have to, to buy the cardstock. also can u tell me what glue you use/ and or what would work?

    • No, it’s not absolutely necessary to use cardstock. ;o)

      People like using cardstock because it is stronger than regular printer paper, and the King of Red Lions is quite a big model with a lot of “hollow space” in the hull, so maybe you can try making the parts inside the hull (parts 66-70) out of cardboard for extra strength?

      For this particular model, the mast has to be very strong because the sail is so heavy, so a lot of people (even those that use cardstock ;o) reinforce the mast inside with anything from chopsticks to tightly rolled up paper.

      As for glue, I use a brand called “Tesa All-purpose Glue”, but everybody uses what they have handy of course. A lot of people use white PVA glue (like Elmer’s brand in the USA, or Aleene’s Tacky glue) and others use wood glue, which also works fine.

      Have fun building!

  21. This is super, just what i needed, but the problem is, i cannot concentrate to do this because of my ADHD :( wish someone would make this for me, anyone interested :P

  22. hey, ill realy apreciate if you put that papercraft in a PDO file, its a better guide, or plz fix the instructions

    • I’m sorry, but because I always do a lot of work after unfolding them, I never release my paper models as Pepakura *.pdo files…

      So I’m afraid you will have to do with the instructions and extra help that are already there. A tip I always give is to fold/pre-shape the parts you are having trouble with the way you think they should be put together, and then check if they fit to the other parts that way, but without glueing them together yet!

      That way, if it doesn’t fit the way you thought, you can fold the part a different way. Of course to be able to fold the parts correctly, it is important to check on the version with lines, if you scored all the fold lines the right way! ;o)

      And when it is really becoming too difficult, don’t try to force yourself to finish it quickly so you can be done with it and start a new project; you really need to take your time.

      In those cases, it’s often better to take a break and save the parts that you already assembled and the rest of the sheets in a safe place, until you have more time again and feel like you have a better idea on how to build the parts that were troubling you first. ;o)

      I’m sorry I can’t be of more help, but I hope you can use the tips!

  23. i can’t access the instructions
    please upload again or send to my email

    • I think my internet provider where I host my files is having some technical difficulties, so please try again in a couple of hours.

      Try clearing your cache and your temporary internet files, restart your browser and then try downloading/opening the PDF again.

      I’m sure they will fix it soon, but if it doesn’t work, please send me an e-mail at

  24. OK, I do have pepakura viewer, so I’ll try that. Thanks

  25. If you ever have spare time, do you think you could build that Toon Link and make instructions for it. You don’t have to, but I would really appreciate it.

    • You mean the one from Haywan? I must admit that I focus more on making my own models now, and only make fairly quick and easy things from other people sometimes.

      Never say never, but chances are slim, sorry… If you have the free Pepakura Viewer (link) you can try to figure out by looking at the 3D rendering and comparing it with the unfolded part how you should fold the parts as sort of instructions. ;o)

      Good luck and have fun!

  26. That Link looks ok, but just doesn’t fit to well with your KoRL. I think you could do a lot better! I also saw the new Toon Link model on nintendopapercraft but it was about 40cm tall! Oh well.

  27. just browsing through your papercrafts, saw this, and said to myself “hey, ninjatoes might be able to make a wind waker link to ride in the king of red lions, and it could be sort of round like the final fantasy models. It would be the best papercraft he’s ever made!” Yes, I am a huge fan of WW Kid Link!

    • Yeah, I want to make many more WW models, but I don’t know yet whether I’ll make them to scale with my KoRL model. ;o)

      Chokipeta once made a WW Link for the japanese Dengeki Cube magazine, which apparantly is just about same scale as my KoRL: Chokipeta gallery

      The style is different, but it still looks great!

  28. I have used chokipeta ww link to keep it, in addition, after it’s more cool

  29. Print the sail on regular paper instead of thicker cardstock and/or reinforce the mast with chopsticks, cardboard, a couple of rolled up sheets of paper or whatever else you might have handy.

    You can also tie a piece of string from the top of the mast to King’s neck to keep the mast upright.

    Have fun building!

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