LEGO 7140 Luke Skywalker (rebel pilot)

136010 LEGO 7140 Luke Skywalker (rebel pilot) (20-01-2013)
from: LEGO Star Wars theme / size: ± 26 cm

parts (3,67 MB PDF file)
instructions (2,42 MB PDF file)

alternative grey lightsaber parts (262 kB PDF file)

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  1. Hello,

    I would to thank you about this fantastic template.
    I have use it to make a 60cm tall model et it’s a really pleasure to fold and glue all the even if I scale by 3 from the original one.

    you can see some pictures here

    It was a christmas give to my nephew, whom was very happy !!

    thank you again.


  2. Can you please release pdo file also?
    If u do not want to release pdo file, then please make your pdf file from bitmap to vector; otherwise,I can not use my cutting machine :(. Please think it over and decide to release :p

    • Because of the way I make the 3D model, Pepakura PDO version is not the finished version: after I test build the models, I usually only fix the things that need fixing, test again, etc. so in the end, I usually have multiple files that all have some good parts and some wrong parts.

      Then I export the good parts as raster images and put them together on sheets in Photoshop, to fix the final things, add new textures and the layout etc., because that’s easier for me in Photoshop than to have to go back to the 3D model each time, unfold it again etc.

      But I’m afraid that means there is no vector version of my papercraft models, sorry… :o( I think most cutting machines come with software that let you trace the fold lines and the cut lines of a raster image manually (see the manual and/or help files of your cutting machine software!) so you can still use it with the cutting machines. It’s a lot more work, but for my paper models it’s the only way if you want to use a cutting machine… :o(

      I’m sorry I can’t help you better…! :o(

    • Altough I did use the Pepakura Designer program to unfold the 3D model for this papercraft model, the parts are not releases in Pepakura Designer’s *.PDO format, only in the standard “Portable Document Format” (*.PDF)

      To open those types of files, you will need a “PDF Reader”; most computers nowadays already have one installed, but if your computer doesn’t, you can download and install the free Adobe Reader (link) or one of the many others you can find online.

      Then you can click the download links for the “parts” and “instructions” in the post above, and normally, the PDF files will open directly in your browser window, so you can view them before saving them to your computer (you can also right-click the download links and choose “Save as…” to download the files directly to your computer).

      Then you can print the parts, preferably on thicker paper for extra strength (you don’t have to print the first page of course, and the light saber hilt can be printed on metallic paper and the blade on transparant sheets if you want to so make sure you choose the right pages to print!)

      Then you can cut out the parts your printed, and fold and shape and glue them together as shown in the instructions! ;o)

    • I know the Paper Robots site well, they made several neat papercraft robots like Transformers, but also Spider-Man and other characters with rubber bands as joints so you can move the arms and legs in all kinds of positions! ;o)

      The papercraft LEGO minifigs I made don’t use rubber bands, but the separate parts are held in place by “pins” with friction: one part will have a pin, and the other part will have a hole.

      So just like real LEGO minifigs, you can take them apart into separate pieces, and turn and twist the separate parts into different positions (but they’re not as articulated as real people of course, only as much as real LEGO minifigs ;o)

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