LEGO 10188 Darth Vader (Death Star torso)

198017 LEGO 10188 Darth Vader (Death Star torso) (May 4, 2020)
from: LEGO Star Wars theme / size: ± 26,5 cm

parts (3,83 MB PDF file)
instructions (4,50 MB PDF file)

alternative grey lightsaber parts (259 kB PDF file)

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About ninjatoes

I love papercraft - so I made my own for you to download, print and build! :o)

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  1. Nice job! Thanks! Any chance to see the lego of the Beatles members from the Yellow Submarine series?

    • Although I definitely plan to make more papercraft LEGO minifigs, I just have so many ideas and not enough time to do them all already that I can’t promise to do specific ones, sorry…! :o(

  2. It’s crazy. Thanks for sharing it, an excellent job like all you do.

  3. Ohh I might actually want to make this as a first craft in a long time (or at least the helmet). nice

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